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  1. This is my concern as well. I am so excited for this release. I just hope the powers that be don’t step in to screw it up
  2. Great to hear SainT! This would make a great early Christmas present
  3. This is so incredibly exciting! Thanks to all involved. Please put me on the waiting list if there is one
  4. We’ll see. I for one don’t consider a requirement to splice cables as a viable commercial product. Most people won’t have a clue how to do that. If they intend on officially supporting 32x it should be publicly stated, included in the user manual and the necessary cable(s) should be available for purchase.
  5. Yes. If indeed 32x support was intended for this product I would expect it to be at least mentioned if not promoted on the product page and user manual. I would also expect this custom cable to either be included or available for pre order as well. Neither of these has happened so, again, for me 32x support is just vaporware
  6. I don’t see any mention of 32x support on the DAC product page nor any mention of this custom mixing cable so I consider both to be vaporware at this point. However, if indeed 32x support materializes does this mean we have to purchase yet another item in addition to the DAC?
  7. I agree completely! I am absolutely as excited about this release as any upcoming PC or Console title this year. Maybe even more. Cannot wait to play it. I only hope the powers that be don’t try to shut it down immediately upon release as they tend to do
  8. Yes. Mine arrived astonishingly fast to be honest. Maybe a week or so
  9. Thanks. I finally got hold of them but they only accept local jobs.
  10. Anyone know if it’s possible to cancel a pre-order and get a refund? Can you just email them?
  11. Yeah. Need to hear more details on this. Potentially very exciting though
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