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  1. Oh shoot I missed that. Thank you!
  2. Are these available for purchase digitally? Those of us with JagGD don’t need physical carts. Thanks
  3. I see. Any differences in compatibility and performance?
  4. Hi all, I've been working to setup a RPi 4 emulation station and have a question concerning Lynx. There are two emulators available: Handy and Beetle Lynx. I've searched around and can't seem to find any comparison between them. Which one is the better Lynx emulator? Thanks, mario
  5. Never did see an answer to the question regarding a replacement for the OEM FZ-1 fan. Anyone know of a compatible model? Be nice to have a quiet Noctua fan. Mine is noisy
  6. Polymega’s direct response on Twitter:
  7. Yes. I need to get clarification from them on this. If indeed the game disc is always required I am cancelling my pre-order
  8. Didn’t they say CD games can be installed onto the hard drive so the disc is only required once?
  9. Ok thanks again. That explains why my aftermarket PSU works better. It’s the premium model from retrogamecave.com
  10. Does Lynx GD pull more power than a regular cart?
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