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  1. Does this mean the pre-order forum list is N/A or should we still be adding our names to it?
  2. All I am seeing is a Facebook page for Digital Press Videogames. Do they have a website? Thank you
  3. Please add me to the list SainT
  4. It should be noted that with the 32X connected you cannot play ANY disc-based games, neither Sega CD nor 32X CD. You can only play cartridge roms.
  5. Ok thanks for the response. I never did and they're not responding to emails. Should have known better...
  6. To those of you that pre ordered, did you get an order confirmation email? Thanks
  7. Hi all, NT Mini question. I've recently been experiencing issues with my NT Mini where screen resolution, width and scanlines keep reverting to default values upon power off. I prefer to run at 720p with 4x width and original scanlines. I set these values and save. However, when I power off the system and come back later to play again screen resolution has changed to 1080p with 6x width and no scanlines. Anyone else seen this issue? Is there an internal battery in the Mini which may have died? Thanks, Mario
  8. Thanks for the response. Is your cart rev 3 dated Jan 2012? I checked today and mine is. Maybe that's the difference. I would be happy to send you my cart for troubleshooting. Just let me know. The game works perfectly in my CDX but I'd prefer to use MSG+SCD.
  9. Kevtris, if you read this please know that 4.5 does NOT fix the red screen issue with Pier Solar reprint when connected to a model 1 SCD. Just tested. There are multiple revisions of Pier Solar. I wonder if perhaps you tested with the original release not the reprint?
  10. Have you been able to fix Pier Solar when connected to a model 1 Sega CD? I own a genuine Pier Solar cartridge from the reprint run they did. If I boot with the Mega SG connected to my model 1 Sega CD I can’t get past the Watermelon logo screen. It goes straight to a red screen. Pressing the reset button doesn’t help. It does the same thing still. If I disconnect the Sega CD, the game boots normally.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. The Sega CD works fine with other games so I don’t think dirty contacts would be the culprit. It’s just Pier Solar that is giving me issues - only when the SCD is connected
  12. Has anyone had luck getting Pier Solar (the genuine cartridge) to run when connected to a Sega CD model 1? I know enhanced CD soundtrack won't work but I can't even get the game to load. It briefly shows the "ignore Sega license" message then the screen goes solid red and just sits there. If I disconnect the Sega CD it will load correctly. Why would simply having SCD connected break the game? Any ideas?
  13. I have this problem with all my Analogue systems, NT Mini, Super NT and Mega SG
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