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  1. Good to hear. Thanks for the update SainT
  2. I still see people asking to be put on the list but I'm pretty sure there is no list anymore. SainT has indicated the new revision will just be put up for sale on a first come first serve basis. I think he mentioned retailers such as Stoneagegamer, etc. He can correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Still haven't received mine. Hope they didn't lose track
  4. Very disappointing. What possible benefit is there to using a custom format? It’s like Sony always using proprietary memory cards. Just a source of frustration for end users
  5. Is it still possible to get in on these games?
  6. I too asked them if v2 includes any bug fixes or new features vs v1. No response as yet. I hope they provide a direct answer
  7. Says a new UI which presumably means different firmware. Hopefully bug fixes and better compatibility. Only Kevtris knows
  8. Is Rebooted actually available? Don’t see it listed on the store
  9. Will sales be first come first serve or will you be following the pre-order list from this thread?
  10. Thank you. So ADAM and Team Pixelboy versions are identical?
  11. I’m a bit confused as to the best Colecovision version of Donkey Kong (and DK Jr). I see there are ADAM versions but also see mention of SGM-enhanced versions by Opcode and also by Team Pixelboy. Thing is, I can’t find any real details nor any purchase links to these enhanced versions. Do they actually exist and, if so, where can you purchase them? Thanks
  12. Add me to the list requesting these games be sold digitally. As it stands now the only benefit to the Jag GD is loading up the official releases. I would much prefer to keep all my games on it rather than have a bunch of separate carts just for homebrew.
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