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  1. A month ago we were told it would ship in two weeks. What is going on Rev?
  2. I ended up sending a money order. I don’t trust any of those e-payment options. Shame we couldn’t at least use PayPal gift payment.
  3. Unfortunately it seems that PayPal won't be accepted for payment. Anyone familiar with Chase QuickPay, ClearXchange or Zelle? Do they provide the same level of security as PayPal? Is one better than the others?
  4. Seriously? Man I'm an idiot. Didn't know that. Thank you for the info.
  5. Hi all, Is this game compatible with Intellivision II? I purchased a copy from eBay and it boots to the main screen but does nothing else. It doesn't respond to any button presses so you can't even start a game. Thanks, mario
  6. Anyone had luck finding the Atarivox files for the 2600 core?
  7. I'd just be happy to get Slayer Edition itself. It's starting to seem mythical.
  8. Crossbow, do you offer RGB mods for Intellivision II?
  9. Great thank you. Looking forward to getting some of these new homebrews
  10. It’s been a year Al. Can we get an update on digital purchases?
  11. Has anyone received their copy yet? Are they shipping?
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