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  1. Circus Convoyers,  I'm not switching browsers!  Raisin Bran, More Raisins Please!  WalMart, Price your paper plates already, and get in some shredded Sharp cheddar cheese, not Finely shredded!  And quit running out of Coffee Mate.  Shoelace guys,  Make'em shorter!  Don't want'em flopping down on some men's room floor.  Toilets,  How 'bout a sensor that turns off the water before it crests over the rim?  YouTube, your Ads are full of lies! save2600 you delete too much.  Yanny,  it's pronounced Laurel.  Adobe, Stop with the updates already and (Oh wait..Ignore that one)... Christ!  We can put a Rover on Mars, but I can't order an Atari game!

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    2. GoldLeader


      *oh I see you've heard our demo.  :rolling:

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      the countdown appears stuck to me, so no circus convoy for me.... I keep missing all the deals and projects on AA and I can't seem to get the orders for stuff like this audacity game site offers either... maybe it's time to sh*t can all this stuff and lead a life ignorant of all I somehow miss...

    4. GoldLeader


      You may be in luck Doc!  Circus Convoy got moved to tomorrow...But it seems like (maybe) those of us who use Firefox are not seeing countdowns.  I don't have Chrome anymore on my desktop...Oh there it is on my laptop, but IDK...We'll see if I'm in the bathroom tomorrow when this thing goes live and if I feel like using Chrome when it should work on Firefox numsaying?

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