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  1. Pretty much an absolute tie for me between NES/SNES. I have very fond memories of seeing and playing games like Deadly Towers and Faxanadu BITD, and love them to this day...Plus first memories of Mario, Zelda, Dragon Warrior, Castlevania, etc. And there's a much bigger spread of games for SNES, and each with more potential, just given the graphical and sound capabilities. Instantly I think of Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter II/Mortal Kombat, lots of platformers like Bubsy etc., Mario Kart, cool shmups, Jaki Crush (Pinball for SFC, which I discovered after Alien Crush, Devil's Crush, etc.), ...Plus, the weird music of Cool World, the 3D of Jim Powers, the parallax scrolling, the Mode 7 stuff, etc. To cast a vote, I chose the SNES simply because there were more styles of games I suppose... I also love the handhelds, and the Wii, and now that I have a Wii U, I am digging that...(My current choice to collect for)... I've never owned a Switch, so can't comment, but the stories of warped screens, and controllers that wear out too fast, not to mention look all wrong (IMO) as far as button placement etc., are not making me want one very soon. Then again this is the Internet and every complaint gets overblown it seems; Plus I take care of my stuff, so who knows what my experience would actually be?...
  2. There's 2 Game Stops here....One in the mall and one a few doors down from Target, which is across from The Mall. (FWIW, my town is small enough there's just one mall (which I am referring to as "The Mall" (Technically Frontier Mall, even though we call it "The Mall", Except there is a tiny place downtown with a nice, airy hallway, a sunlight, some plants and maybe 3 or 4 businesses, that has Actually always been called "The Mall", though nobody calls it that now, no matter what the sign says, but I digress)... Anyway, and confusing side anecdotes notwithstanding; I last went to the one in the Mall, once in 2017, then the one by Target in 2019 for a PS1 Classic at $20...And I went back TODAY! The one by Target had used Wii U games and I bought 3 of them! HMMmmm... Who knew they'd be good for anything these days? If I get some more money saved up to spend on games, I may yet have to go to The Frontier Mall location and see what they've got.
  3. Well, Between eBay and Game Stop (of all places) my Wii U collection is coming along. Also, after getting my oil changed, grocery shopping, then a Game Stop (heh), I hauled ass home after stopping by the Shaved Ice food truck across from the liquor store...The secret is to ignore stop signs and traffic lights as they'll only slow ya down haha... The shaved ice is Strawberry Cheesecake and ice cream flavor with the chocolate cheesecake option!
  4. That'd give some people a chance to whip out their joysticks, or maybe show off their paddles... And after that, maybe they'll play some video games!
  5. I wanted one, but didn't get one. I have a feeling,...well, if they're smart, there will be more available or another Pre-Order closer to launch. That will give me time to save up a bit any way. If not, I agree...Maybe they don't want my money and screw'em!
  6. I totally wanted an Analogue Pocket! (But missed out on the Pre-Order,;...D'Oh!) Anyhow, Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 is my Favorite NGPC game. To me it's like an obscure horror (shooter) game that would be at home on the NES or PC Engine. I had a ton of fun with it until a girlfriend overwrote my game save with hers many years ago, and I'd been meaning to get back into it haha... If ya want to see a sample of gameplay, here's a video...I'd skip to about 3:15 to see it being played...Personally I'd just watch a minute or so...But I don't like spoilers so...
  7. Gotta say I Love the game ULTIMATE QIX on SEGA Genesis, AKA Volfied in Arcades/PC Engine, AKA Qix Neo on PS1.  Comparing it to regular Qix;  It's like comparing Arkanoid to Breakout.  IMHO, the game is just more playable, more strategic, more compelling, and more fun.

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    2. SlidellMan


      Taito, one of gaming's unsung, and oft-overlooked, legends.

    3. JacobZu7zu7


      Even more fun then the 5200 version?

    4. GoldLeader


      I've never played the 5200 version of Qix, but if Qix is a 7 (Kinda Generous actually), then Ultimate Qix is a 10 for sure!

  8. So, I gave these both a quick try tonight and both worked just fine, though I have no idea about Turbo Tap compatibility. My first impression was that the Hyperkin was a little smoother...I was playing some Bonk's Revenge. After a few levels with the Hyperkin, I paused it and tried the Old Skool, which felt, just barely mind you, like it needed a tiny microscopic bit more pressure for the presses on the D-Pad. I don't see how you could go wrong with either, but I may have to try a different game (something with diagonals) just to be sure
  9. Wanted to point out a while back...That to me it looks like it says GRITTLE OK As you were...Linux Windows Sandbox She's my Cherry Pi T A C O S !
  10. I tried "Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough" the other day.  Nestle absolutely ruined it!  Way too much sugar.  All they had to do was make the regular kind and remove the salmonella, but they couldn't even do that.   *Sigh*     I'll stick to the stuff you're not supposed to eat.

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    2. BydoEmpire


      For what it's worth, vegetarian chili is great if you don't (or don't want to) eat meat.  It's not like there's a lack of meat-chili options, is there? Chili with meat is kind of the standard, with the veggie option being a nice alternative.  Good to have both available.  Agree about the "too much sugar" thing.  The older I get, and the most of a Health Nazi I become, the less I want overly sweet stuff even when I want something sweet and junky.  Too much isn't good.

    3. GoldLeader


      So, Today at the store, I found a new kind of edible chocolate chip cookie dough (called Cookie Dough Cafe)...Glutton for punishment that I am, I bought some (almost $6!)...It's pretty much the same with way too much sugar, though it may taste a little better...*sigh*

    4. GoldLeader


      @BydoEmpire Yeah I usually have to make my own vegetarian chili (Which I love!)...My main point,  The brand names can't seem to do it without it tasting awful...

  11. Now you can buy some Homebrews from the AtariAge store!
  12. Waitaminute! There's a Space Harrier 11 now?? Ooh, Wait that's a 2 huh? a II...OK then... Waitaminute! There's a Space Harrier II Now?? OK OK I kid....Deep in the recesses of my mind I probably realized there's a Space Harrier II out there somewhere, But I'd basically forgotten about it until now, hehe... PS Can't read which Tele Games that is...
  13. The Green emphasis is mine. Wait! I think you just labeled yourself! PS: I agree we weren't supposed to analyze DD's post so much...It was like an old man yelling at a cloud (A Microsoft Cloud perhaps?)...I agree because I had lousy luck the one time I tried "Phone Gaming"...Whadda U kidz call it? Mobile Gaming? I might stir the pot a little from time to time, but... I wouldn't really look down on someone for playing games,... wherever. As long as they're having fun. I have my old original ColecoVision (With a simple AV Mod I did myself (Thanks to Ben Heck's instructions!)) and my ADAM (With an AV cable which was a big deal when I got it) hooked up to an old school CRT, but (unlike some folks here for sure) I do like the sharp clean look of an LCD HDTV... Anyhow...It's like when people on the internet say Records sound Better than CDs! Nope! Never! Not Possible! Sure I like records, too, and it is true that if you spend thousands on nice equipment, turntable, cartridges, amps, speakers etc. You do get to say you probably sound better than a cheap MP3 player that someone wears when they go jogging...Let's see, what was my point? I don't know ...Lot of us dudes yelling at clouds round here
  14. oh, I do Love a Good Rant! PS: I tried playing 1 cell phone game which 2 24-year-old coworkers were playing on their phones....Here's how it went. I got to one screen after a long and painful "setting up an account" situation...Then the account and the game disappeared and I NEVER tried again. Old timers are just not welcome in that club I guess...I need to go back to yelling at clouds or some shit. ^This...Esp. the last couple of sentences... Let me see if I can put into words the way I (personally) feel: If someone asked me if I want to play original Coleco Donkey Kong on an original (unmodded) ColecoVision from 1982, going through (crappy) RF, to a (crappy) CRT, using a (crappy) Coleco Controller, then I'd probably say, "No thank you", which is different than the answer to the same question in August, 1982. However, If someone asked me if I want to play a (new and shiny) CollectorVision Homebrew, through a (new and shiny) Composite modded ColecoVision, or a (new and shiny) CollectorVision Phoenix, through HDMI going to a (new and shiny) LCD TV, using a (new and shiny) Edladdin Arcade Stick, Then the answer is, "Hell Yeah!!" ...likely followed by Woots and Whistles.
  15. Is anyone Pre-Ordering an Analogue Pocket on Aug. 3rd?

    1. Max_Chatsworth


      Didn't know what it was, so I googled it. Not really into those platforms, but I'm sure many people who are more into gaming here will be!

    2. joeatari1


      After pre-ordering the new VCS, I am ruined for pre-orders.

    3. Andromeda Stardust

      Andromeda Stardust

      I planning on doing so. Dock undecided.

  16. Right on. Another idea is you could buy an Old Skool Turbografx controller or a Hyperkin Specialist as both come with an adapter cable to control your PC Engine. Then you'd have the adapter cable to use with any Turbografx controller you might buy, i.e. if you find an Acemore on eBay or something...And given that the prices of original Turbografx/PC Engine controllers have shot to the moon right now,...Well, you'd be supporting a company that is giving the people what they want (Though I do understand some people are cautious and want to make sure the controllers are decent and it's not just a cash grab)... They Both look pretty decent to me, but I haven't plugged them in yet...The cable length is long on the Hyperkin, the adapter cable is longer on the Old Skool...I have TG16 Extension cables anyway. I'll try to let people know what I think after I try them out, even though it may just be a quick first impression, (also I tend to just like what I like, plenty of real reviewers out there if people want to find them...) I usually buy stuff without reading any reviews because I usually know what I'm going to like...But I have been burned before, like a Retro-Bit Sega Genesis controller that was the absolute worst!...Though their new ones are supposed to be good...
  17. So, a while back, I put a home made compilation CD into my iTunes because I was trying to remember a song.  iTunes didn't recognize it (of course), even though I made it in iTunes a long time ago.  So, I searched by Time (just click on Time at the top and it sorts) to find the song.  The song was 4:37 in length.   Hence my earlier Status Update...

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    2. GoldLeader


      Definitely if you Never update it, it looks, and works like it should.  Why they messed it up over and over again with updates, and without even fixing the actual issues, I'll never understand.  I'll bet even now, if ya make a CD with CD Text, it can't read the text...unless your computer is exactly the same as when you made it.

    3. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      itunes updates get worse each time IMO

    4. Giles N

      Giles N

      As for me I’ve bought into the Apple Music deal. I find almost everything there that I want to listen to and can - within the monthly cost - look for related music, hidden gems. 

      And more and more of the obscure releases I bought on CD back in ‘00 get released on Apple Music.



  18. Also I have one of these, but mine's not wireless...And it is Great! (It's a Microswitched joystick)... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Acemore-Freedom-16-TurboGrafx-Cordless-Wireless-Arcade-Stick-Joystick-Rare/183863991867?hash=item2acf25de3b:g:baAAAOSwPMpdFhAL
  19. I def need to break out my Turbografx or PC Engine Duo R and give some new controllers a go. Admittedly, I haven't had my Turbo Tap in use for long time...Last time we played 4 or 5 player Bomberman and it was an absolute blast! Maybe next time I have some friends over or after life gets more back to normal... Anyhow I need to check out the Old Skool and I also have a brand new Hyperkin Specialist. Both come with the adapter to work on PC Engine or Turbografx. And unlike a lot of others it appears, I have never had a problem with anything by Hyperkin. My RetroN 5 plays ROMs, I have a clone Genesis/NES by them that works fine, and their Sega Genesis controllers are Awesome (Just like real SEGAs!)...
  20. PS No disrespect Keatah! I often love your choice of words...Even if I get Smart Assy sometimes...Heh
  21. Thank you for asking! I bought some games and stuff... Check it out here my friend: Also: It was a day off which is usually a nice thing
  22. I probably should have said, How has your guys' day been?
  23. So, I bought a Wii U at the pawn shop a while back (represented here by the gamepad), controllers off of ebay (1 came in just today), and some games from trips to 3 pawn shops, 2 of them today...I needed some Wii U games to test my Wii U but there's not much of a selection in town (lots of Skylanders, which doesn't seem fun to me, but maybe someone knows...Those games are everywhere)...And as much as I've mostly hated modern gaming for doing everything wrong*. I've decided to lower my expectations, like way lower, and buy PS3 games while they're dirt cheap. Most were $4, or 3 for $11...FWIW, PS2 games at the pawn shop were buy 2 get 2 free, but alas, I found only 1 game I was even curious about, despite a huge selection. I think it's because I bought most of my PS2 games a long time ago and have lots of good ones I also found a light up Frisbee @ Big Lots!, which will go nicely with the TRON light up Frisbee I already have. It was only $4 on clearance and they give me an extra 15% off for being a delivery driver so, Heck I may buy another one of a different color...Then me and some friends can go play Frisbee at night! And the GBA Advance SP up top is a 101 so I snagged that for rebuild in a cool color shell later ($30 which is a deal despite being scratched to hell)...Also some various other games (Wordtris for SNES, Geometry Wars: Galaxies for DS, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 for GB, and Automobili Lamborghini for N64)...I was kind of happy one pawn shop even had Atari games! But also the usual problem, which is way too many sports games. I told him he needs to start selling his sports games by the pound so nobody will get excited when they see Genesis, SNES, NES, and even Game Boy games only to discover they are all sports (hummmpph!)...For the record he agreed with me and said at least they no longer take in any sports games... PS That copy of Splatoon is brand new, still sealed! (I paid $10)... *Quick rant (ignore if you want haha). Aside from indie games and pinball, I've been disappointed time and time again by modern games (PS3 and up), so I'd basically quit even trying. 2 quick examples: I had a game where you play soccer but with cars (it was called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars and the tutorial was so long I got burned out, after mastering one of the special moves necessary to make your car go faster off the line(which is a dumb idea right there) I tried playing against some teenagers online and their cars seemed faster than mine unless it was some trick...Long story short, they took a good idea and ruined it (Special Moves, complicated control) for no reason, then Twisted Metal came out for PS3, and I was sure it would save modern gaming for me. I Love all the other Twisted Metal Games, so I took extra days off, pre-ordered the game, and popped it in and was immediately disappointed since you could no longer control the car with the D_PAD LIKE IN EVERY OTHER TWISTED METAL GAME ! To this day I've never played it because I can't control the car...I'm So Pissed! Good Idea RUINED! So,...Even though Atari and NES games are more fun than any modern system game 9 times out of 10, I jumped in again...Who knows?, maybe with some booze and low expectations...
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