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  1. Tons lately...Lessee... Armor Attack II (Atari 7800) Blade Buster (NES) Double Action Blaster Guys (NES)
  2. Or perhaps an album by a progressive metal band.
  3. For comparison, Here's a couple of pics from one of my past eBay auctions: So just think, if this is what I SOLD, Imagine what I KEPT!
  4. Yeah SUCK IT KIDS! Go Outside and Play!!!
  5. That's one to watch for sure! Looks like it will be Great!
  6. Couldn't tell ya the Best... But we all know the WORST... It's called the Amico!
  7. For Christmas, I was in the dorms at University of WY in 1989... The RAs called all of the parents evidently and told them to send gifts....So when we had our 6th Floor Christmas Party, we all had unexpected Christmas Presents! Yay! I'm guessing my parents just went off the list I had given them so I got Faxanadu and Dragon Warrior. (WOO HOOO!) Hmmm the "Worst" of those Amazing, Stellar, Awesome, and Perfect Games? Gun to my head, I guess I loved Dragon Warrior a tiny bit less than Faxanadu...
  8. It also seems to me that any baseball game or console flight sim (excluding really advanced computer stuff here) will always suck...Oh and pachinko games for Famicom! (Pinball they are Not!)
  9. Probably coincidence, Just don't hate me if ya don't like it... LOL! Funny, until I came over here to AtariAge, I thought the only Deadly Towers fans were me and maybe 2 other friends....But here I found 3 others, So we're up to 6 people liking it! Yay! Perhaps it's expectations. I grew up with arcades. I'm used to dying and resetting the game. This seems to be in sharp contrast to the NES Ethos, which is Beat The Game! People get really mad if they can't plug it in and Beat the Game...Don't get me wrong, Deadly Towers is Hard, perhaps needlessly so. Arcade game hard. You have to memorize cheap deaths to avoid them in the future and some enemies take way too many hits to kill; Which means a Turbo joystick is a must. Funny it wasn't a shooter that needed the Turbo for me. But the whole thing is a grand experience! Coming at it after playing Atari and ColecoVision, which I loved; From Graphics and Music, to the Amount of levels; The whole thing seemed mind blowing in comparison! And, from what little I've seen, the people on the internet "Beating" the game seem (to me) like they're not even "Playing" the game...If you ignore the Exploration aspect (by racing from scene to scene, on a specific, linear path) and don't take time to appreciate the atmosphere, the scenery, and the music, that would be missing the point... I'm sure owning it BITD helped form my opinion. Hard to realize now, that even, say, repetitive NES music was, at the time a pretty big deal... Jus my 2 cents...
  10. Yeah, Thanks Trebor! AWESOME!!!
  11. While I was Never disappointed in the NES, There are certainly those who are picking and choosing their memories here...Also it's easy to clump together all of the memories, and choose to remember either the good or the bad. Showing all of the old black label boxes reminds us that the NES didn't just appear with all of the latest and greatest...Those who got in early (and it's much smaller numbers to be sure) would see more of an evolution from Atari to NES... I will still contend however, that the NES didn't really pick up steam until about 1988...Early adopters got in in 1987, with just the tiniest few getting in earlier. Yes, it existed earlier, but a whole lot of us either didn't know about it, or were focusing on other things, (cars, heavy metal, even computers)...And in my case, I barely remember the 7800 at all. I have a vague memory of seeing one on store shelves, then noticing the games. And it all struck me as old...Even having a few newer arcade games might have made me take notice, but instead I forgot about it as soon as I saw it...
  12. Cool! You should try to talk to Netflix. Get it licensed!!
  13. Trailer Park Boys! I love those guys...Anyway worst case Ontario, ya got a free Cindy Margolis pic out of it.
  14. Ninjish Guy in Low Res World (Atari 2600) Fallpit (Atari 2600) Darius Extra (Sega Genesis)
  15. And I'm even later to the party, but better late than never right? I just played this tonight and it's Fantastic! Excellent Job! Love it!
  16. Did we assume they had some IPs and made some money for the Evercade Intellivision releases? Maybe they could use some of that for refunds! Just throwing it out there...
  17. So what you're saying is Don't change a thing.
  18. Well I will buy a loaf of bread at Wal-Mart for $1 because I don't want to buy yeast and wheat and flour and baking (I wanna say powder? ...Something) and crust and beer and God who knows what goes into bread? I sure don't. But if I need hay fer ma horses...and ma starts complaining about all the time spent plowing the field, well I'll just buy her an Atari at the General Store so she can play some vidya gamez when she gets done!
  19. Or maybe try this Ray, Being a big believer in rewards and things to look forward to, (not to mention buying cool new joysticks in general),... Save a little money out of each paycheck (if you can afford to). When you have enough saved up, and you are caught up elsewhere, THEN consider pulling the trigger. Spending money is not the problem. Spending money YOU DON'T HAVE is the problem. Also you'll enjoy anything you buy more when it's actually paid for PS If you knew my financial situation; You'd probably laugh at the idea of me giving advice...Then again, Those who can't do, TEACH!
  20. This is BITING sarcasm over here! Watch your fingers! PS Agreed! Ooooh, or maybe that's the problem A GREED...🤔
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