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  1. *Bump* I always imagined an ending to Pitfall! If the space were available somehow, I imagine right before the 20 minute mark there could be a few screens. One could be some flashing skull and crossbones, or at least skulls. I'm thinking something like in DragonStomper...Then maybe a waterfall, and finally, a screen with a rainbow in the background and a big treasure chest. Once you touch the treasure chest a cool sound effect could sound and the game ends.
  2. I see it more as..."Atari" keeps shooting themselves in the **Where the brain should be**
  3. I went Atari, based on the wording. I thought of "kid" more than "College Kid", which would have meant NES/SNES for me,...
  4. Sometimes my cough is Bad,  then it can go to Horrible,  but then sometimes it's worse...Anyone else suffering with this stuff?

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    2. GoldLeader


      A lot of people I've talked to said they got a cough that took a long time to go away...But it usually followed a cold or flu...I wonder if it's that RSV Respiratory Virus that is dangerous for children, but just kind of like a cold for adults?...Regardless, this really sucks...I hope no one else has to worry about it.

    3. BydoEmpire


      Whatever it is, hope you get better soon!

    4. GoldLeader


      Thanks Bydo!

      Damn dj_convoy!  I hope yours gets better!!


      A doctor once told me, for a cold, to take a decongestant/antihistamine AND to take 3 Ibuprofen (As needed) Well + cough syrup I guess...This helps, and then Take 2 Ibuprofen plus 1 aspirin when you're off work, add food and you'll sleep :) (If you're like me)...  Sleeping a ton (and VapoRub)  is also helping I think.  I think the Ibuprofen may help control inflammation or something, but I don't know...

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  5. I had a Great transaction with masschamber! I bought a Vectrex Multicart at a good price and it arrived safely, bubble-wrapped to withstand the Apocalypse!
  6. Best of luck my friend! I understand after your detailed explanation. And you're right! You can't be a jerk to a friend of the family like that. This is just one of those things in life. It'll probably all be sorted before you know it. I sure hope she's careful driving in the future... Again best of luck with the sales
  7. Damnit PlaysWithWolves! My Sarcasm Detector is in the shop and even in the past it didn't work too well....So when I read your earlier post before 2 swigs of coffee with my morning eyes ...Let's just say I was only looking for one speakerhat mention, some kind of Paddle type functionality, or the words Atari Tacos that would tell me I was just being played with...And maybe I prefer to play with myself OK? Wait that didn't come out right! (That's what she said) ... Now...What was I talking about? ummm nevermind...Awww Hell, there's gotta be a meme around here somewhere...
  8. Perhaps the reason they didn't answer the question about how their display was running was because no one asked if it was just a different computer running Atari Vault, with all hardware/software action occurring off screen "For Illustrative Purposes Only". As far as stock values, I don't think Kingston nor Power A are publicly traded companies. They are probably privately owned businesses just making deals. I plugged them into the search engine on my brokerage account and got no hits, though maybe I'd need to know (the names of) their parent companies... Or you may have just meant it would make them look bad, and yes it would...
  9. Sorry to hear this, but I am confused, too. If you're making payments, they don't let you go without insurance, but your wife's friend's insurance should be covering this anyway, right? If not, (and I could be wrong here...Not a fan of insurance or making payments, so I only have liability....Plus I am happily unmarried, but that's a whole separate issue...); Don't they force something on you in case the other person doesn't have insurance (uninsured motorist)? Or are you just getting ready for a deductible? Either way, it sounds like a job for insurance. But if not I wish you the best and ...Well, Good luck with your sale!
  10. If I may back up a hair because I'm new to this thread...Our K-Mart put in a short lived arcade in the mid 80s. It had it's own lower ceiling and was dark like a game arcade should be...I do remember a couple of kids from high school going there sometimes. Suddenly I can't remember if it was kids ditching high school, junior high or college haha, but the K-Mart was just down from the high school...Anyhow they had Pulsar and I thought that game was Awesome! The evil sound effects really sold me on it along with the gameplay...For each arcade I generally remember which weird/obscure/rare games they had, whereas a game like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, or Tempest I won't remember .... K-Mart had Tunnel Runner, Pulsar, and Satan's Hollow along with the usual suspects...
  11. STAR CASTLE was, well IS one of my Favorite games EVER!!!!!! I even have a poorly fitting T-Shirt of the marquee to Star Castle... Time Out in our local mall (Cheyenne Frontier Mall) had it. I was so bummed when they replaced it with something else. I really wish I had a picture of that place when they first opened. They had so many Amazing Classic games,...Many of them very obscure by today's standards...Off the top of my head, they had games like Rip Off, Red Baron, Phoenix, Star Castle, Space Firebird, Astro Blaster, New York, New York, Zero Hour, Armor Attack, Black Knight Pinball (and many others), Omega Race, Space Invaders (and Space Invaders Deluxe), Moon Cresta, Space Panic...Oh, to go back in time!
  12. Unbelievable!!!! I had no idea this was possible on Intellivision.
  13. Very little info out there....These Questars are rare as Hell! But after some looking I also found this: OK...Sorry xucaen...I've highjacked this thread way too much!!! But I can't thank you enough for Robotron at a great price! You're a Gentleman and a Scholar
  14. After many years of on/off searching,  Today, on AA no less...I found a pic of a CV Joystick like the one I used to own!  It was called a QUESTAR!!!  So happy to see this pic!   Thank you MrRetroGamer for posting this pic lo those many years ago!!  May sound crazy, but it's like a piece of my memory has been restored.




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    2. GoldLeader


      Yeah,  mine wore out years ago (leaf switches...) and got thrown away (I know, I know...I feel sick about it)...And I was at a point I couldn't even remember the name, so seeing this really blew my mind!  Plus,   I'm still sick with something, so this was a nice little pick me up.  :)

    3. pacman000


      That actually is a cool looking controller. Wish it was for the 2600. Maybe I should get a ColecoVision...

    4. GoldLeader


      They made a 1 button per side version for 2600, too...And I'm pretty sure this worked for Atari games anyway. :)

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  15. I FOUND IT!!!!!!!! And you'll never guess where! MrRetroGamer River Patroller 2,379 posts Location:NYC, NY Report post #14 Posted February 28, 2009 I don't even like the feel of that joystick, it's got no range of motion and the internal mechanism is garbage. For the true Arcade Experience, I like to use either my Questar 2 button joystick or the 2 button GIM Fire Command. Both are solid (the GIM is made of METAL), and they both use "Old School" leaf spring contacts for the joystick and buttons for just the right feel. A 9 pin Y cable can be used to hook up to a stock controller, but I like the Champ keypad adapter instead - you plug your joystick into that and the adapter goes into the console. Naturally these are extremely rare so not everyone has the opportunity to play on one, but they do exist and are some of the best examples of aftermarket CV controllers out there.
  16. OMG!!! I have been searching for this joystick from my past and my vague memory! QUESTAR!!!!! I had one of these a long time ago....Thanks for the pic and jarring my memory!!!
  17. I think I'll do a quick search too...I'm pretty sure I tried this in the past and failed...But maybe today's my day... (When I do post a meme, it's usually the wrong one
  18. Haha! Awesome! Also it could have been 1983...I mean, my memory is not the best. I'm pretty sure I paid $40 for that controller, which at the time, seemed like a ton of money! I also remember the review talking about how durable it was or wasn't, and saying something to the effect of it might wear out or break if it were impacted from the top, or something like that. I seem to remember it had a very good warranty, on paper at least...But I'm sure the company had gone out of business by the time mine wore out... Be sure to post or PM me if you ever see something similar OK? To me,...Well, this is one of my Holy Grails of memory... from times long past ...Umm.. Is that a thing? (Well, You know what I mean...You get it!)...
  19. Thanks! I had him build it in a similar design to the one I had as a kid for my ColecoVision (Which I'd ordered out of a magazine). That one did not have a keypad, but had 2 buttons next to each other on each side, and an aracde style ball-top stick in the middle. The buttons on my old one were arcade parts, the stick was plastic (not arcade parts) and went to leaf switches, not Awesome MicroSwitches (which I quite prefer). It was black plastic with I want to say red, white, and blue striping and when it wore out...Like a retarded idiot, I did the unthinkable and threw it out!! God! I could kick myself (OK I am Kicking myself...HARD! LOL)...Especially, when I consider how cool the sloping case was and that I could probably (Now) retro-fit it with Sanwa parts...TBH, I get almost sick thinking about it...The real kicker is I've absolutely Never seen another one like my old one on eBay or anywhere else...and I have no idea which magazine from 1982 had that joystick in the back...There was even a review of it in the magazine! Someday I'll figure out what it was or at least find an old picture of it...(*sigh*)
  20. I also had a Great thought on the controller...I have a very cool PS2 controller that has 2 sticks....(Like so...It's exactly this one).... And with an adapter, I'm pretty sure it will control an Atari 7800...I need to double check this, as the adapter is technically for a Sega Mega Drive, but I seem to recall it working in the past...But at the moment, I only have 1 adapter and I'll need 2...They've gone up in price (of course) to $22 each, but the company has some other stuff I might want so maybe after I save up some dough (which is extremely tight as of late) I'll place an order and then I can enjoy the veritable masterpiece that is Robotron!
  21. Hi xucaen! I got the game already (Either yesterday or the day before)!! Just finally plugged it in (awesome!!) and set up a user feedback for you. I can't believe how fast it shipped!!!! You did a great job! No idea how it got here in ...Was it 1 day??? Damn!
  22. I had a wonderful experience buying a 7800 game from xucaen! It was absolutely beyond perfect!! It was cheap, looks like he cleaned it, and he spent half the money on shipping! It was well packaged and it arrived so fast, we were still in the middle of talking about it in the forums when it showed up! I saw a package in my mailbox and thought that can't be it, I mean, he just sent it...How did it get here so fast?? Very Highly Recommended!
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