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  1. Found what I remember reading about 20 years ago. Google "Virtual Boy Lamp-o-tron"
  2. Time to tap out, man. Facts will only matter if they fit nicely in the narrative.
  3. ^ That can be done with IR sensors. Think commercial grade Wii sensor bar.
  4. It's not like actual arcade stuff was built to high quality in the States. Most Cabinets are MDF (maybe 3/4 for Cabinets, stuff you get at Walmart is most likely 1/2" or less) with vinyl slapped on, wood screws and glue. Maybe a plywood base. They stopped making cabinets in full plywood sometime in the 80's.
  5. Well it's a given they'll be using roms and emulation. I'd be more surprised if they weren't .
  6. It is a discussion, where people are going to point out misinformation.
  7. You've already established in a few threads that you have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to retro game console video (xrgb mini is slow, ps2 with supposed digital component), so why don't you just stop?
  8. I think a more applicable fundraising campaign title would be something like. "New Raspberry Pi Orange Case Inspired by Maytag!"
  9. If they're using just basic LCD panels, lag shouldn't be an issue. Have you ever used a LCD computer monitor with noticeable lag? I can't say I've ever come across one. Lag with LCDs is usually an HDTV thing, with manufacturers adding in extra processing gizmos. If there is lag with these, I'd be more inclined to look at what they're using to run the games. Probably some sort of emulator rig.
  10. Well, they are meant for home use. If they were being sold as commercial devices to generate revenue on location, I'd agree. Over the years there have already been home cabinets of multicades and Golden Tee, these look about the same build wise.
  11. arrogant because I mention saving money instead of blowing it? oh geeze, what such an awful concept.
  12. I thought the proper way to view the virtual boy was through the display case at Ripley's? I kid. I remember reading a project back in the early days of the interwebs where a guy had taken an articulating work lamp, replaced the springs with some heavier gauge and bolted the VB to it.
  13. I'm sorry if this comes across a bit mean, but you just tossed $40 at something you were unsure of results for. You mentioned prior trying a different scaler and s-video mods and were dissappointed as well. You've essentially been buying lottery tickets instead of investing. Gambling money on numerous cheap items I'm not sure of is what I'd consider not something worth justifying. The OSSC isn't that terribly expensive, if you can wait. That was $40 that could have been put away towards something that's known to work very well.
  14. Getting the job done the way you want often requires investing in the proper tools. This goes for anything in life. If you've got a large yard on a hill, are you going to go get a self propelled gas mower, or one of those cheap manual push mowers and then complain it's taking forever and you're tired. If you're doing maintenance on your own car, are you going to go get a nice socket/ratchet set with an impact, or are you going to Dollar General and grabbing an adjustable crescent wrench and complain it's rounding off the bolts. I don't see how hooking up ancient consoles to flat panels is any different. Are people really surprised when the cheap stuff isn't doing what they want? The tools are out there if you want them.
  15. An actual Genesis with SCART looks fine, you just need the proper tools.
  16. Nullity will make an announcement?
  17. What about the rehab? Track and Field with a Power Pad should be waiting in the wings.
  18. It ain't hard, man. Here's the winning formula if you aren't doing CRTs or emulation. TCL S405 (take your pic of 40", 43", 49", 55", 65") A budget 4K that delivers only 15ms of lag and likes all the OSSC LineX modes + A stock Genesis 1 or 2 with a RGB Scart Cable + OSSC set to Line3X, Line 4X, Line 5X. Tune overscan mask to hide Genesis color borders = You'll stop complaining.
  19. A mod should seriously consider closing this down. People of unverified qualifications openly discussing messing about with high voltage stuff, this is beyond the scope of simple video game discussions.
  20. COD has been around for years at this point. The series is old news. I'd be willing to consider it classic gaming.
  21. I would strongly advise against anyone posting information regarding the modifications of high voltage equipment. This is not like suggesting shelves and posters to decorate a game room. Untrained people reading and following information would be potentially at risk of severe injury or worse, following instructions that may not be correct.
  22. You could just play the single player campaigns and stay offline. That is an option.
  23. You'd risk personal safety futzing about inside a CRT (possibly destroying in the process), then spend $50 on a component encoder that is going to yield the same picture results. No, that doesn't make any sense.
  24. You can't be bothered to figure out analog video terminology, but you're capable of figuring out the inner workings of a CRT to mod in a RGB SCART connection? Riiiight. HD retrovision cables take RGB and turn it into component. They also sell out everytime they get stock in. But this makes zero sense. Got it.
  25. I can see why osgeld tapped out on that other thread. . All that stuff is on Google. GO READ.
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