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  1. Like many others probably, I don't have time to read 12 pages. Is this the place we ask to be put on a list? Is it even official that there is a waiting list here? I don't remember if I asked to be put on the list (if there even is one) but if there is I would like to be put on the list for one copy of the Xevious game. Thank you.
  2. You should only buy a Pro Controller if you can get it for under $100. Any more than that, and it's really not worth it at all. You will be disappointed.
  3. Probably he got many personal messages. 3 years ago. M2's are extremely rare and I'm sure he had no problem getting rid of it.
  4. lol 3 years later.... system has probably traded hands many times.
  5. bought a jag skunkboard, arrived fast and well packaged.
  6. Brad of Best Electronics is awesome. Just be polite and patient and you will get awesome service.
  7. It was not a normal Lynx, but a special modified one, worth a lot more than a normal Lynx. I am also sure Atari had something in writing stating they were to receive their Lynx back. Atari was very on top of legal matters. I also believe Atari was not happy with EGM's coverage of the Lynx and certain reviews.
  8. Hopefully it's not a mold smell as opposed to smoke.
  9. Most Jaguar games suck you say? Uh, not exactly. Are you even a Jaguar fan? Sounds like you don't know much about the library. I have played every single Jaguar game ever released 1993-2016, I do believe. I had fun playing well over half of those games. I would say I enjoy 75% of the Jaguar's library. And I am not only a Jag Gamer, but I enjoy video games period from all companies. What you said reminds me of the ill-informed Angry Video Game Nerd, James Rolfe. It's sad that there are so many company fanboys out there like him. He grew up with Nintendo, and Nintendo only, and thinks everything else sucks. That is the mindset of a 10 year old. Or the mindset of a gang member (also limited intelligence). Closed-mindedness. The saddest part of the Jaguar story, is that so many people's opinions were formed from reading Nintendo/Sega/Sony biased gaming magazines in the 90's. They were biased because they were paid off by those big, rich companies. Atari didn't have the money to throw around. I know why EGM was blatantly biased against the Jag. During the Lynx days of the early 90s, Atari loaned EGM a special Lynx to do reviews and screen grabs. One day, as the Lynx was fading, Atari asked for their Lynx back. EGM didn't want to give it back as they thought it was a freebie for them, because they got so many freebies from the super successful Nintendo and Sega... Ever since then, EGM hated Atari and never gave the Jaguar a fair shake. This was important, because EGM was the most popular video game magazine in the USA in the 1990's. So that ultimately was a mistake by Atari, to piss off EGM not long before the launch of the Jaguar. EGM saw to it to make sure to shit on the Jaguar at any opportunity. That's what was so awesome about GameFan magazine. They were truly independent and not paid off. They raved about Cybermorph and how great it was (and they were honest and right). For it's time, late 1993, Cybermorph was an amazing game, that is if you had the skills and patience to progress in the game. No easy feat at all. I drank too much coffee today.
  10. I know right, Sega completely screwed up the US launch of the Saturn. Dropping it months early to unsuspecting public, well overpriced at 400 and with a crappy controller. And oh ya, A rushed version of Virtua Fighter. Oops. If sega had done the Saturn launch right, they may have beaten the PS1 in '95-'97, and history would have turned out much differently.
  11. I would also like to add about the regular 3 button Jag controllers. There are several variations of the controller, some being better than others as far as d-pad and button springiness. Do a search on the forums. Same goes for Cybermorph. The 1 mb version is more annoying because Skylar has way fewer sayings, so she repeats herself a lot more than the 2 mb version. Sadly, I think this is a big reason a lot of people new to the Jag thinks it sucks. Because they end up with the worst variation controller and the annoying version of Cybermorph...
  12. the darn Jag cart slots are not well designed and commonly have connection issues between Jag and cart and Jag and Jag CD. It doesn't help theres no dust flap. Actually that is probably the main culprit, as it exposes the Jags connector to dust and tarnished metal connectors. Atari, why so cheap? Should have put a darn dust flap on the thing. Jeez.
  13. 3 or more. The NUON controllers mysteriously dried up around the same time as the Pro Controllers. Could be the same guy bought them all up. Most Jag fans are also NUON fans.
  14. Probably an indoor smoker owned it since 1993, lol.
  15. For all you people paying anything over $150 for a Pro controller, or thinking about it. Just don't. These controllers are severely overrated and severely over priced right now. I think there are a couple few guys hoarding Pro Controllers. Not that long ago, you could get them for $50 on ebay. 3 or 4 years ago or so. Then all of a sudden they dried up and disappeared mysteriously. Its a case of hoarding I believe. For years and years, you could find one for 50 bucks, now all of a sudden in the last 2 years, people are trying to sell them for 200+, even people listing the box only for hundreds. Do not but this crap for that money. You can play all Jaguar games perfectly well with the regular controller. end rant. PS - I have owned a couple pro controllers over the years. On mine, I actually felt the d-pad was worse than regular Jag controller. Being far too stiff. I also don't remember hardly any games where I benefitted from the shoulder buttons or 3 extra face buttons.
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