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  1. The Amiga failed because of very poor customer service in North America. Somehow they thought they did not have to service customers after the sale. There was alot of bickering within Commodore and the Amiga corporation in the direction they wanted to go during and after the A4000 (T) came out and sales were slipping. Commodore wanted to push into the business market but by that time the Amiga was really known just as a gaming machine and a great option for small TV studios.


    In the late 80s early 90s the Amiga was only second to the Macitosh in sales in Europe but like has been said IBM took the North American market and Commodore lost ground fast.

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    Would say (and said it then) that a tiny 9" b/w computer was hardly "modern" at the time. ;)


    No number pad, single button mouse, mono sound, single task environment, no built in speech etc., etc., etc. Original and overpriced Mac underwhelmed big time back then, especially compared to the Amiga. And some would (and did) even argue, the ][gs and ST.

    I agree, the Macintosh was underwhelming in so many ways after working on an Amiga 4000 for years it was a step back not forward.

  3. There are only a handful of games made for the expanded GS maybe 20 games?

    The Amiga did not have built in MIDI but it's audio capabilities wer better than the ST because it can do 4 channels of 8bit audio simultaneously (8channes with software like Octamed) where the ST could only do 3 channels if memory serves.

  4. With the Apple IIGS being fairly much backward compatible with older versions of the Apple it had alot going for it. I love the games that were made for that era of Apples. The Amiga did support alot more graphics intensive games and had a large fan base. Comparing the Apple to the ST or Amiga may not be a fair comparison.

  5. Yes, thats an option or you can go to www.amigakit.com they sell new install floppy discs for OS 3.1 that has all the new files.


    Ideally you want to do a clean install of the OS in order to do it right. You want to patch over to Either SFS or PFS as the harddrive format as well to eliminate issues caused by using FFS.


    You can find many of these patches on aminet.net

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  6. How large a drive is it? anything over 4gb runs a high probability of writing over other partitions or going corrupt giving the full drive situation. The system drive should be no larger than 800mb. Transferring large files will also corrupt the drive in the older workbench OS as the transfer file size is limited.

    There are no good fixes other than copying the files to another drive that is formatted and partitioned properly or formatting and reinstalling everything to the existing drive.

  7. The big plus to the 4000 was the ability to run the Video Toaster Flyer that is somewhat mute at this point but if you wanted to use the full video editing capabilities of the Amiga the 4000 was it. The 2000 and the 3000 also had toaster capabilities but lacked the AGA support and thus lost a fair bit of the functionality of the Toaster in the 4000

  8. Within the Commodore Amiga line the company Newtek who makes the Video Toaster Flyer along with Lightwave 3D is an amazing company. Up until about 3 years ago when they ran out of parts they were still doing repairs for free on all there Amiga based hardware. They are still in business making video editing hardware and software and Lightwave 3D for the PC. My Video toaster Flyer system is still working today after 25 years later.

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  9. The Amiga 1200 is very upgradable, amigakit.com is the place to get all sorts of things for it. Getting a flash drive is the first thing I would do and then an Indovision (so you can use any standard LCD monitor with it)

    Once you have the flas drive you will be able to install workbench and WHDload and that iliminates the need to keep all the games handy on floppy around.

  10. Amiga Joysticks aren't going to work on an Apple II unless you build/buy an adapter. Also, personally, that price tag is way higher than I'd consider.


    I think the CH joysticks are probably some of the best joysticks for the Apple II... They're not super large and fit in your hand relatively easily. They're definetly popular.


    If you want to buy a NOS joystick that isn't analog for an Apple II,I'd check out this arcade style one here. http://www.amazon.com/Apple-II-Joystick-Ideal-Vintage-Arcade/dp/B00PNPID60/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=atariage&linkId=6214515cef7d278248058dec3fbc002d


    I bought one of those.. Half the price than that one you linked, significantly less plastic. weightier. uses the external game port on back rather than the internal one. Nice coiled cord. If parts on it break, I bet it'd be easy enough to replace with new arcade parts


    I appologize for the HUGE pictures... I'm in a bit of a hurry.

    Well, it seems the joystick is lost by Fedex and the seller is trying to find out what happened to it. I did not leave the Michigan Fedex location. It sucks because it was the last one he had :(


    So my search continues for a good Apple joystick.

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