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  1. Thank You! I'll be on the lookout for one. Do both fire buttons work?
  2. So was I! I'm on the lookout for an Atari 7800 Gamepad. I also wouldn't mind converting one of my old NES controllers into a compatible gamepad if need be.
  3. KevinMos3, Thanks for trying that out! Much appreciated. So, it looks like it's official.. No Sega branded 3 button or 6 button Genesis controllers and the Champ aftermarket Genesis controllers will not work on the wireless Flashback 8 Activision Edition. I wonder if they would work on the Wired non Activision edition.. If you have a moment and you own one or both, would you please try out an original Atari branded CX-10 and/or CX-40 controller(s) and see if they work? Thanks!
  4. Thanks MrBeefy. Do you think an original Atari joystick controller from a VCS/2600 would work, or maybe it would it have to be an AtGames repro 2600 Controller like the ones that come with the wired flashback 8?
  5. Hello All, Santa brought me an Atari FB 8 Gold Activision edition this past Christmas. I've been thoroughly enjoying it. I decided to hook up one of my old wired aftermarket Genesis controllers to play with as my hands were getting tired using one of the the included wireless joysticks. The flashback seems to recognize it, but only up and down seem to be working on the Gamepad. If I press up or down on the directional pad, It moves up and down in the menu or a selected game, but If I press left or right on the D-pad, it goes up and down, not left or right. Also, no fire buttons work. I have tried with the slow motion switch on the back of the controller set to off and then tried with it set to on. I don't have access to my original Sega branded 3 button or 6 button Genesis controllers right now nor do I have a wired Atari Joystick currently to try out. I'm wondering if anyone has an aftermarket Champ JS-303 model Genesis Controller and can attempt to duplicate the above issue. I have 2 of these Champ controllers and they both work fine on My Sega Genesis but both display the above issue when used on the Flashback 8 Gold Activision Edition. I'll be able to grab my Sega Branded 3 button and 6 button controllers next month. I'm just hoping this is a compatibility issue with the aftermarket gamepads and not a defective Flashback itself. Edit: I forgot to mention the above behavior occurs on both controllers ports with both identical controllers. Thanks for any advice! XT
  6. Nice score on the Nomad! I've never ONCE seen one of those in the wild.
  7. The older eMac's, such as the 700 Mhz flavor, have amazing quality harman/kardon speakers. The newer models such as the 1.25ghz variety do not sound half as good as I believe they use some generic speakers. If you turn up the volume on the 1.25ghz model, you get waves/distortion on the screen from the speakers. Not sure if It's a shielding problem or not, but the 700Mhz model did not have those issues at high volume.
  8. I'd like to find a source for black keyboards too! Tex*In Treasures, when the website was up, used to sell the beige keyboards brand new for $5. They were packaged in either Tandy or Radio Shack Branded bags like S1500 was talking about. I believe Tandy bought the keyboard overstock when TI gave up on the home computer business. I don't remember them referencing they were made for the 4A on the packaging, as they were packed as a hobbyist keyboard that could be used on anything, but they were indeed 4A keyboards. I remember only seeing them in beige, not black. TI must of used up all their black keyboards as the beige one was the last model of the 4A to be built.
  9. I'm near buffalo. I just saw this thread.
  10. Or just be like most of us older video game fans and simply get a Wii, PS3, and 360 and thus render all rants moot LOL, exactly
  11. I remember Hunt the Wumpus! I also played the heck out of Star Trek and programmed in basic all the time I also used the add on speech synth to make it say some choice things, lol
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