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  1. If I CAPITALIZE every third WORD it makes WHAT I’m saying MORE important. Everyone should CAPITALIZE every third WORD so people KNOW you mean BUSINESS!
  2. That super shiny case isn’t cheap looking at all and won’t get scratched to hell in no time. Good job!
  3. I dont get the hype for the Atari VCS. Yeah its a new item by Atari with a bunch of games and fake add ons. I got my Atari 2600 right here, it takes real cartridges. So why bother with the VCS when there is all in one carts and emulators?
  4. “Atari continues to grow in 2019 and beyond.” Thanks to their flagship product, a hat with speakers on it!
  5. Glass houses and stones don’t mix very well.
  6. Would you have a problem with more than one update before December?
  7. I’m excited for this next update. Can’t wait to find out how long it’s delayed again and how little progress they’ve made.
  8. “I prefer to put my actual money into internet money because I’m an idiot.”
  9. Can’t play N64 games on something that doesn’t exist.
  10. Fixed Atari’s problem. Who wouldn’t trust Mayor McCheese?
  11. I can’t believe they haven’t posted an update on how great it was holding Woz hostage on stage and making him look at their design models.
  12. Didn't see that one was there, but now I must watch it. Another classic.
  13. One of my favorite SGCTC episodes. https://binged.it/35zt20o
  14. They could have just said "No, fuck off!"
  15. I'm sorry, what are you trying to say? That a less powerful system that can't handle modern games and won't be focused on entertainment isn't going to be for more than retro games but will be about so much more? Did you grow up under power lines?
  16. I can’t even read most of the comments on the Indiegogo page without furling my brow and thinking to myself “What in the hell are these guys talking about?”.
  17. I was banned from the official subreddit for repeating their words crafting an update back to them but putting it in quotations.
  18. It’s nice to take a break, come back and see that the dumpster fire is still burning.
  19. Does this controller they didn't build have an RJ-11 or RJ-45 port on it?
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