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  1. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this, not really sure. I have a bunch of Colecovision controllers, 2 of which have been modded with that other Joystick, and on those 2 particularly one of them the joystick doesn't react (like I'll move it around but nothing happens on screen), and on the other one the side buttons don't react when I push them (example in Burgertime I can't shoot pepper). Originally I thought it was an issue with the tv I was using but when I hooked it up to a different one they were working at least for a little while, before they started going bad again. Basically I'm wondering if I can send these out to anybody, they can take a look at them, and refurbish/fix whatever issues the controllers seem be having. I'm at work right now so I can't do pics until I get home tonight, and I'm really not a tech savvy person so I'm not sure I can really discuss technicalities or attempt the repairs on my own. Either way, hope somebody can help....
  2. true, i'm not a tech guy at all ha, i'm sure itll be fine for the bulk of the games, i have one regular 5200 controller that works great, and like 3 that wont go left, have had em rebuilt several times but they still just won't do it ha.....
  3. So long as I can play Pengo and Tempest I'll be fine ha, wonder if could use it for Robotron or Space Dungeon
  4. what games exactly are analog though? like will this be able to play the majority of the games?
  5. if you or anyone else can make me 2 completed ones i'd like them ha
  6. I have 3 that I had rebuilt and the whole thing and they are all currently not working, spent hours today opening them up cleaning fucking around with shit following directions off youtube and have proven frutiless. Throwing in the towel, but would like some new working ones if anybody has em, or a passthrough, masterplay, Wico, anything at all really so long as it will work. It's my fav system and it sucks not being able to play it. Lemme know if anybody has anything......
  7. sign me up as well ha, my controllers are all worthless
  8. would definitely buy one if you ever make more, my controllers are all shot
  9. yeah sell me a set too I need these mine are all shot cant even use it right now
  10. Smart man, I stay home and play games 9/10, and only leave for work or when the band is traveling for gigs in other states haha
  11. HAHAHA, I am from NY originally and have always felt like there is something VERY wrong with the people from this state, though I've met my share of West Coasters who also lack a good deal of common sense (Spent a year in Seattle during my 20's ha)
  12. I am also from NJ, am known at most stores in the state as the "Colecovision guy" (they usualy don't have many customers looking for that stuff, not claiming myself an authority or anything, just a HUGE fan, possibly the biggest in NJ ha), and this whole thing has just left a major bad taste in my mouth. I was SO excited about the convention prior to all of this, Cardillo has seriously ruined this for me (along with fb influx of people who don't actually own the Colecovision but want to post endlessly in all the groups/pages on there about they used to have one or always wanted one, etc.-personal gripe). I will continue to support all homebrewers in all of their endeavors, I will continue to buy second hand games when they are affordable for me (I have most of the commons by now and am just after rarities generally), once you guys come out with the new console I might even sell my Colecovision if I like the new one better, otherwise I am finished with Coleco. The only thing you accomplished with the flashback was making me go buy a real one because the flashback was horribly made (joysticks pop off the controllers?), and you had a seriously BOBO game selection on there, I've even talked friends of mine out of buying it, telling them to get a real Colecovision instead, or get the Intellivision one instead because at they made a bit of an effort with that one to make it as close to the original console as possible. You're a disappointment to us all Mr. Cardillo......
  13. I ended up getting another one from a guy who refurbishes them and it works just fine, so that's all good. Gonna keep the box, power supply, and one good controller from the other one anyway as backups. If anybody wants this screwy console and other controller to take on a project for themselves, I will offer it up for the cost of shipping and nothing more. Also does anyone think you might be able to mod a Colecovision controller for 5200? Have a few extra of those and would be willing to let them be used as guinea pigs ha, seems like it might be a better alternative to the regular 5200 controller if it's actually possible.....
  14. I also need mine fixed up, somebody help or see my post about it ha......
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