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  1. Maybe I can get a not so rare, cut inside and try to do something on my 3d Printer as a plunger.
  2. Thanks for your reply but this models, and the below too, are not Mitsumi compatible
  3. Hi all. I'm looking for a spare part key complete set for my Atari 800 XL. I need the DELETE key for a Mitsumi keyboard model. Need the keycap, the plastic plunger and the spring. Need too the metal plate from the function key for other XL but this can be from any model as I just need the metal cap. I have the plastic keycap without the metal part. Anyone can help me?? This are the pictures of my 800 XL. Thanks!
  4. I use other Intellivision with same board to test the ICs from mine.
  5. Hi all. Is possible to use an EPROM and burn/programming as the GROM or only get an original IC? Thanks.
  6. This is a NTSC machine and I use on NTSC displays that support PAL too. After the change of the crystal, sabe issue. So, the trimpot/trimmer was changed, cause nothing happens when rotated, and the correct colors are back Thanks all.
  7. Hello all. I got an Atari XE GS from USA/NTSC and the colors are not good. Just wanna confim the crystal value to replace that and see if it can be fixed. What is the crystal value of the XE GS NTSC? Thanks.
  8. I got an Atari 520STfm and a 520STe that are with a strange behavior. I have a pack of games that I use to test the Ataris and some games are crashing the Atari screen. I have some pictures of the crashes: F29 MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE DRAGON SPIRIT This games I have teste on others 1040STf and 520STfm and they ran with no problems. I have tested too, just to know that the game disks are fine, all the games on Hatari with TOS 1.00 UK and 512MB and everything ran fine. Then I converted the disks to .ST and sent to a friend that tested on his 1040STf and it ran with no glitches. Any idea about this????
  9. I think that while I have tried different positions on the DIN 13 > Smart Cable, I did something wrong because the wire position that shows a video without sync, when I tried again the same position I don't get video anymore. And I think this problem on the the disk recognition was after this "short circuit" maybe.
  10. After the 4 inch drop fail, what is the next step? What kind of problem can be fixed if the drop don't fixed?
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