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  1. I'm a bit sad... My second 1050 floppy drive came in today but It's DOA. It was sold as tested working with psu and manual, but while the drive turns on, the motor doesn't spin. There was supposed, also, to come with the manual but it isn't in the box. So I've filed for a return/refund with ebay. oh well... This isn't my first experience like this.
  2. Hi, I'm interested in getting one for a 65XE, going for a 16:9 or 16:10 config as it's easier to source such display. Are they still available and how do we order one and at what price?
  3. My first c64 PSU back in the day was bad. It only worked while it was cold. I had to put it between the windows during christmas season to be able to play during my days off. One of my friend took pitty on me, he was a electronics student at the time so he built me one from parts he had laying around.
  4. I received my best-electronics order today. The replacement mylar is installed and works perfectly. I did make an error in my order though. I thought I had placed an order for the Macro Assembler, but I ordered the Assembler/Editor instead. The box is a bit crushed, but that was something I was aware of since he's down to the last few of those. I don't really collect boxes so I don't really care anyway. Now I'm waiting for my U1Mb and I'll order the VBXL in a couple of weeks.
  5. I've bought a second 1050 in a crappy box, but complete and tested. Now my setup is really complete. Well minus the 1010 but that isn't a priority. The drive isn't too yellowed but since I just spray painted the first one (it was beyond yellow, it had turned orange), I think I'll give it the same treatment. I use Canadian Tire bought Rust-Oleum 2X "rustic white". The color is really close to the original and at least now it's uniform. I also did the 800XL but while reassembling the cart flaps, I over tightened two screws and ended up with two small dimple, barely visible but I know they're there, on the top.
  6. Yeah the loading time with the 1541 were a pain... but 33 years to load Pascal? 🙂
  7. Zoomfloppy with the db15 parallel cable. Sold to @OLD CS1
  8. I've ordered an svideo cable and a U1mb upgrade from Lotharek. The U1mb will go into the 800xl since it's socketed. The svideo cable is for the 65XE since I'll be getting a VBXL for the 800xl next month.
  9. @eightbit : package sent. Tracking added to paypal transaction. @davidcalgary29 : package sent. Tracking will be sent via PM tonight.
  10. Ordered the new membrane today. Best answered my email at 00:34 last night I also ordered a new Atari Macro Assembler kit while I was there. I didn't go with the cheapest "gift" option since I wanted tracking.
  11. They din't sell that many as it was late in the life of the A8 line. Many have also been canibalized for 3.5" drive and other mods. In my neck of the wood, they're pretty much unobtainium at this point.
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