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  1. Since my Peb is all scratched up and the top cover broken, i'm tempted of making myself a beige "version"...
  2. Silly question... was there a beige peb or was it always the original silver available?
  3. I'm presently looking for a nice condition, and reasonnably priced, Atari 130XE and either one or two 1050 FDD with PSUs and composite video cable. Must be willing to ship to Canada.
  4. My unicorn: An Amiga 4000T at a price I can afford :-)
  5. I have a burned out 520STFm that I use as a part donor system. I could send you those keys if you pay for the shipping.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-1040STE/264090681682?hash=item3d7d080152:g:pB4AAOSwjMtcFm-L Work perfectly and will be shipped quickly.
  7. Dear Santa, I've been a very good boy this year. Please add me to the list for one of those when they're ready. I have a stack of pata IDE drives in the closet that could be used.
  8. As the title says... Must be willing to ship to Canada. Payment will be "gifted" via paypal.
  9. As the title says... Must be willing to ship to Canada. Payment will be "gifted" via paypal.
  10. As long as I get a shipping confirmation and a tracking number I don't care how long it takes to get to me. All I want is a confirmation that the package is on it's way and that I wasn't taken advantage off (not saying that lotharek ever did that, quite the contrary).
  11. More like last couple of week but I got the following: Atari 1040STE with mono monitor. $150Cdn really nice condition with almost no yellowing. Boxed games lot for Atari ST including Police Quest 2 in really nice condition. A cheap Dell pc with 3.5" running Windows XP so I can transfer floppies to the ST as it can read dos disk. $30Cdn shipped. Color and mono ST->VGA cable for the ST with a VGA to HDMI converter that works with the ST frequencies. $50Cdn 50 DSDD 3.5" floppies (NOS) $60Cdn Amiga 500 (PAL) with Joystick and about 100 floppies + boxed softwares $250Cdn Amiga RGB to Scart and Scart to HDMI converter box. $30Cdn
  12. I offer what I'm ready to pay for it. It that isn't enough then I pass. I never try to take advantage of someone so if you think I'm lowballing you I apologize but I did offer what it's worth to me.
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