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  1. I'm not really following this thread.. but I haven't heard of a GPU being mentioned, that's not to say it will or wont have one. But, IMO I'd be surprised if it DOESN'T, as most commercial engines work with polygons, and not pixels. 8 cores is pretty beefy enough to do software 3D, think Wolf, Doom and Quake and Quake II. I would be impressed if it actually didn't have a GPU and to see software 3D commercial games agian Yeah there's nothing wrong with mobile 3D, even NGage did 3D with some kind of success!
  2. From Andre' LaMothe's latest update on his electronic course (it's good BTW!) https://www.udemy.com/crash-course-electronics-and-pcb-design/ Additionally, I have been hammered working on the new Intellivision Amico Controllers for the past months and had to get a prototype ready for E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) 16 months ahead of schedule, just a bit of stress I did it though -- delivered working hardware, wrote demos, firmware, a training guide and videos, for the programmers, so E3 went as planned. Alas, I can get back into neutral and try "sleeping" again
  3. New logo from: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amico/comments/c007nz/amicos_new_logo/ These were my comments on seeing it:
  4. oh good.. a crank handheld system for hipsters and now one for the rest lol
  5. I guess they're talking about the STM32F7 in the podcast, lol, the same SoC that 32Blit uses. I find all consoles and tech interesting.. especially their development! Thanks for the info.
  6. Apart from price, there's really no other comparison.. By 1989, Nintendo had a load of great games and studios ready to port. And the GB did 4 colours grey scale FFS This wouldn't be a thing.. if it wasn't for Teenage Engineering's crank IMO I'm a fan of Teenage Engineering.. they make cool & clever gadgets that's practical, with some interesting design, this isn't it tho! It could have been $250, and still have a market... think the iphone/iwatch hipsters in major cities, that have no idea what to do with their money.. To look culturally aware?? watch Is the Edge article available or a scan online? Interested in reading it. https://play.date/edge/ "We didn’t see it coming either. As Panic Inc. co-founder Cabel Sasser leads us through the streets of San Francisco" xD lol I'm not hating on it, like I said.. it has it's market.. its just not me... peaze!
  7. Has anyone been able to sign up to the mailing list? at http://evercade.co.uk I've used two emails, it says it's sent correctly, I checked spam, adverts, social folders... but I haven't gotten any emails from them. Anyone else?
  8. is this device 8bit or 16bit? edit: Earthworm Jim 2, is on 16bit Sega systems and 32bit PS1
  9. Pachter talking about Tommy and Amico https://youtu.be/9XQfyeWM648?t=691 Sorry, I don't know how to embed video
  10. Don't take it like that, it's hard to feel the tone of a message via text.
  11. Not sure if you're a programmer/hacker, what do you think of this one, the 32blit? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291809-32blit-the-open-retro-inspired-handheld-console-for-creators GameShell, looks like an emulation beast though!.. these low powered handhelds are something completely different, each having their own niche I guess.
  12. @Yak,That's playdate, but what do you think of this one Jeff?
  13. Hi, I hope I posted this in the right forum. Just wondering if other homebrew/hackers have seen this project? https://32blit.com/ It's currently being kickstarted here, by the reputable pimoroni: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimoroni/32blit-retro-inspired-handheld-with-open-source-fi You don't just get hardware and a SDK, looks like they'll be providing lectures (twitch.tv videos tutorials) and dev support (via discord). Which I think is pretty cool for learners (Lua) or pro's (C++) a like. I was a Net Yaroze member (Sony's programmable playstation for hobbyist) in the 90's, and a program like this which provides education, support, community and custom hardware, to make video games is pretty rare! And this is also English (UK based) which again, is also nostalgic for me! It's powered by a micro-controller, with 1MB of RAM. Brilliant 3.5” IPS screen 400MHz ARM Cortex-M7 Analog thumbstick and D-pad Built-in speaker 4+ hour battery life It's very under powered (by today's standards) but it's heart is 'real' retro (blitting pixels), yet powerful enough to do some interesting gameplay! And as good console manufactures, they're also developing tools: * Sprite editor- prepare spritesheets, palettes, and animations * Map editor- layout levels, define dungeons, and become a map master! * SFX editor- create those essential bleeps, bloops, and crashes * Music editor- compose a four-channel 8-bit masterpiece for your project It's all opensourced (firmware/sdk), toolchain is win/linux compatible, and they also have royalty free assets (pixel art, SF BG audio) They also have a few interesting blog post too: Tilt Particle effects Anyway, I'm not affiliated with the project, I'm an excited backed, beta tester! For me it's interesting seeing hardware and software coming together, pre gamedev! Seeing as there's talk about playdate and Intellivision Amico already here, I thought I would put it this here also What you guys think? Mike. http://mgarcia.org
  14. Ha that's good to hear.. it must be hard to deal with both licensed developers and hobbyists at the same time, but it's been done before.. Sony's Net Yaroze was a good example and experience for me (dev kit, but no GPU direct access, and no distribution) and Microsoft indie live arcade/[email protected] (no dev kit, no hardware access). Having two different programs is a pretty old concept, I think anyway and would require a bit of extra work, Nintendo has been 100% open to indie/hobbyist for the past 5ish years. I'd say give the hobbyist access to the high level script engines (no hardware access) and the pro's the NDK (similar to xbox's two dev programs)... but these days most "gamedev's" wouldn't know what NDK is, let alone program it.. which is sad :/
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