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  1. I was wondering the same thing, seems a shame they haven't done anything
  2. It never launched, so it's never been alive for it to be dead, the only thing Amico was from the start was hopes and dreams, and visions and missions that went nowhere. The longer Amico keeps going the more it looks bad (targeting investors and not 'the real marketing'), saying that, I hope it goes to market, if it doesn't, I can bet others will come in, to try and fill the 'family friendly "gaping hole" in the video game industry' TT promised us a journey... that's all Amico has been for me... and that's not dead lol
  3. Is it correct you're selling these now? Is there any chance you can share how to make them (not for commercial use obviously). I'm happy to pay for instruction on how to build it, ie like an ebook? etc. Thanks. Mike.
  4. Simon Butler has obliged! Funny stuff man! I love your work man! the Amstrad A-Z one was both a crack up and very educational!
  5. Thanks! shame it's for only one controller... I doubt a multitap would work 😕
  6. Anyone tried looking at a PS1 controller? I have a lot of PS1 digital controllers... and I think they work kind of the same IIRC. Another project on my TODO list! lol
  7. These guys posted very fast! I still have it in the box... too much on my TODO list and this project got bumped down 😕
  8. I got my book yesterday! IMO I didn't think it would be this thick! I posted a video of me flicking through it..
  9. it's a mechanical keyboard, it looks cool, interesting project
  10. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned here! https://next-hack.com/index.php/category/usvc/ https://www.crowdsupply.com/itaca-innovation/usvc I pre ordered one watching the video... Technical Specifications uChip ATSAMD21E18 @ 48 MHz 256 kB of flash (232 kB available for the game) 32 kB of RAM MicroSD: Can store games and game data VGA output: 57 Hz vertical frequency, 30 kHz horizontal frequency Audio: 3.5 mm, 10 bit output jack Controllers: Uses standard USB controllers and keyboards Power Input: 5 V via USB cable, 100 mA (up to 80 mA observed) Dimensions (W x L x H): 48 x 86 x 17 mm (without 1 cm hex standoffs or solder joints) This thing looks cool, very amiga'esk It's open and mostly in plain C thumbsup! The repro: https://github.com/next-hack -- Mike Garcia http://mgarcia.org
  11. To help promote the ChibiAkumas ASM website, and to encourage newcomers to give assembly programming a go, I'm doing a prize draw of three of my custom design T-shirts which will be given totally free... including free shipping! To have the chance to win one of the T-shirts all you have to do is post an entry on your program into the 'Show And Tell' section of the ChibiAkumas forum Check out the forums here: http://www.chibiakumas.com/forum/ PS: It's not me running that competition/site, i'm just a fan.
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