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  1. Yeah, I can use those power bricks they sell for external drives etc.. and just use the 12v output. James
  2. OK, and If I dont have a 5200 supply? what are the specs of the 5200 supply? James
  3. Does the Indus GT use the same PS as the 1050 ( I have lots of those) Also anyone know any troubleshooting steps to follow for a GT not reading? I have a chance to get 2.. one does not read. James
  4. Yes I am buying and programming the eproms myself.. because even though B&C were $30US for the chips they also wanted $30US to ship.. SO that is almost a $100 tos upgrade for me. I just bought the chips for $9 for 10.. and I can download the TOS file ( I need 6 chip TOS) SO what I do need is the program to spit the TOS file into the 6 chips? Anyone know a programming tutorial? James
  5. Not sure whats going on here, but this is what I am getting...
  6. Thanks for posting.. I will get one, and most likely one more for a friend, nothing worse than a buddy who programs on error riddled basic.. tisk tisk
  7. Ahhh I need my U1mb so I can run the gemo of the gui I want!!! I cannot get the xex to run on a 64mb 800xl.. bummer. I have my KTM mouse adapter, interesting thing I found out.. it will work on the 8-bit.. with the gui.. as was discussed above.. but I cannot get it to work with a TOS 1.0 STFM.. It will work with TOS 1.04.. I was not aware that the mouse driver was affected by TOS. Flashjazzcat, can you verify that the driver used in the gui comes from a later TOS code? James
  8. Ok Chris.. give me the link? I dont find any thread for a new batch of incognitos! James
  9. That is awesome that you were able to get that.. Our goodwills around here will not accept any old computer equipment anymore.. Everything in S. Ontario now just goes for electronics recycling.. its nasty.. you just have to hope that people put it up on Kijiji or something.. Or you find it in a garage sale.. but I dont have time to visit garage sales.. James
  10. yes I had already considered the transkey idea... and most other mods fit the 800xl better. I will be using the not so working 800xl and start desoldering chips so I can have sockets for upgrades. But was wondering .. what upgrades are 800 compatible? maybe that would be a good info file.. what upgrades are what machine friendly. James
  11. Hello all, I have 3 machines now that I can tinker with. 2 x Taiwan 800xl (not all chips are socketed) 1 of which has at least bad ram. maybe more wrong.. 1 x 800 - which has 48K and otherwise is bone stock. I would like to do some modding.. Originally I was looking to do the mods on the 800xl most generic, and easy to work with. I HATE the keyboard on the 800xl.. I love the keyboard on the original 800. I really wanted to do the U1mb upgrade on the 800xl.. but I am not wondering what does using the older 800 limit me?? Incognito is the best upgrade for it.. but none are available anymore. So what can I do? or should I continue to think about the XLs James
  12. Doctor X.. the xf551.. you mentioned converting it to 3.5? or can you get replacement drive units for it? I just did a buy on a lot tonight.. and got burned on everything!!! Not one hardware item worked.. sucky luck on this one. I will ask in the ST forum, but I picked up a couple ST items.. and dont even get power to either. James
  13. Is there a past thread to get a better description of this? This would have a version of Sparta that could be updated in the future? I have an original Sparta cart.. and I assume because the battery is there.. I dont need to use my RT8 anymore? is it just RT8 built in? or something else? James
  14. What current and available ways are there to 1. upgrade the memory on an 800 2. upgrade the OS on the 800 I know the incognito would be best.. but its not available.. so not an option. What other options are there? James
  15. IS there an atari dial up still left about?? James
  16. Well back on topic! I got my S-video cable made.. not as pretty as my composite .. lots of shielding on this cable.. made it tough to slide my din cover over it. IT looks great!! I think I will still do the UAV.. but I am very happy with what I have at the moment. James
  17. OK, so.. PR: works.. sort of. The modem works fine with a PC.. I used a couple of different term programs on the PC.. On the atari so far I have been playing with Bobterm. I can get it to work SOMETIMES.. and the one local BBS I can call does answer, but I cannot connect. I do notice that the Atari really does not care if there is a modem on the PR: or not.. just that the PR: itself is there. When I plug the modem into the pr: MR and CTS light up. Usually the first time after the modem has been turned on and I load Bobterm I can get 1 dialout.. but thats it? I think maybe the modem is expecting more from the atari? maybe the atari does not support the full Hayes command set? Anyone still use their modem? or direct me somewhere where I might do some trouble shooting? James
  18. OK, modem works fine on the PC.. so I will test by just connecting the SIO first.. so.. I should hear a little loading tone, with nothing else connected correct? I have a 4.19 SDX cart.. I put that in.. type rs232 and I should get a load? or a error not found?? Will try this stuff.. I have all the drivers etc.. As for the printer cable.. yep.. best bet is to spend the $15 plus $25 shipping.. nope.. I will just use the printer through the APE software to my windows driver on the slave T40laptop. Sorry PR: connect.. not worth the cable. James
  19. Hey Bryan, what is the deal with more boards? getting this thing back out there!!! I dont mind if I buy it through the store here, but @ what cost and WHEN! James
  20. Hey People, Couple of things. Looking at using my PR: connection. 1 - have a hardware external modem. 9pin bd.. on the PR: i use R1: full handshaking. But on the atari end what driver file etc.. do I need to load? I have images of the ICD PR: utility disks. But so far I cannot get any communications with the modem. It is hayes compatible, serial, external, I have tried Bobterm and 850 express.. they dont give errors, but I cant get it to pickup the phone etc.. so Im pretty sure I need a driver loaded. So do I create a new image and put certain files, dos.sys, rs232.sys?? etc? 2 - the printer output on this thing is a 2line DB15 connector.. OUCH.. rare.. all cables use DB25 to m36centronics. SO how do I get a printer running off of this.. I only find a serial db15 to db25.. and I am not sure the pinout is correct. James
  21. Still some of these available for anyone who is wondering.. Contact Fuji-Man. James
  22. yes they are still available it would seem. I am waiting on a response from Wolfgang. I used the contact form from tf_hh post above. James
  23. Toronto Atari Federation - touted as North America's largest atari user group. http://www.pcmuseum.ca/taf.asp I was in Burlington .. down the street.. we topped out at about 100 members I think. James
  24. Aluminum Joe, your bit should be fine, though I would suggest using a smaller bit as a pilot and working up to your 1/2" This does bring up a question, not sure if this thread is the right spot.. but is the shielding on these computers to prevent RF getting out? or RF getting in and messing with it? Makes me wonder in the modern world if there is not more Ghz, and mhz and BT and wifi signals out and about that there would be more worry about RF getting in than out?? I know people have just removed MB and mounted them in a PC case.. if you do a UAV, and just remove the RF signal generator, should that not be fine.. and you could even ditch the Shields? James
  25. Mclaneinc, is the latest files for download updated in the first post of this thread? Or how or where can we go to make sure we have the lastest. My last attempt at this did not work on my machine, and I think it had to do with the files/updates I downloaded. James
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