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  1. SWEET!!! I just saw this NOW!! NICE.. all my multi voting and ballot box lining paid off!!!! James - I learned everything I know from the State of Florida!!!
  2. So on your Pi are you just running Raspbian and then TCPser on it?? is there any config you could share? James
  3. Well.. something is messed up.. not sure how or why.. I cannot get deviceinstaller to see anything.. the UDS the MSS.. but if I open Bobterm with the UDS connected I can issue and get responses from it.
  4. ok.. got 5.34v from the 5v 2a adaptor.. looks good.. boots looks like its ready.. all green lower light flashing slow not going through the cycling.. but I cannot connect with it.. DAMM James
  5. I have a couple of 5v 2amp cables.. but I would have to cut and change the end. But yeah.. nothing I could do.. the guy said came with PS.. and it powered up .. and flashes the lights.. so he thought it was good. Not sure if the 6v I was doing was over 1amp.. and not really wanting to hack up a good ps for a TRY at something that seems no good. Chalk this one up to experience I guess. Might try this retro wifi modem.. full AT command set.. should work turn run a BBS and emulate a modem. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Simple-Wifi-RS232-Modem-for-Commodore-Apple-MSX-Sinclair-Atari/ James
  6. OK put in a good effort last night. I managed to find device installer 2.3 which runs on 32bit xp. Here is the real interesting part. The mss-100 case is marked 5vdc .8amp I looked at the adapter supplied 12v. I found a bunch of 5v adapters but none had the proper size end. I found one I could set for 6v so I used it. It would power but never power the ethernet side - the link light would not come on.. no normal startup. Back to 12v.. same old reboot. Set the one I have for 8v it would seem to do everything but I never can find it on the network. 12v does the reboots but I do occasionally find and communicate with it..... James
  7. Ok.. I will play a little more.. I have been building my 1088xel .. so have not been putting serious effort into this the last few days James
  8. I was a member of that group in the later years.. for ST. James
  9. Same cycling.. same everything.. I have also tried to reset it again a few times. But the windows programs can see it.. for the short windows between resets.. James (yes ascII and half duplex or echo on etc.. )
  10. No joy on the 8-bit terminal.. It does not see the mss.. I cannot enter any AT commmands.. Nothing on the boot shows up in the terminal window. James
  11. HMMMMMMM.. we got distracted again.. this is the BBS.. or calling BBS topic?? James
  12. OK, tried it on the xp box.. I get the older Ezwebcon - give it a chance.. it finds it.. ok.. everything seems good.. use the command reload config.. it dies.. says receiving no requests from deivce.. do you wish to quit.. if I dont.. just sits there.. and the devices continues it cycle as it did before. I have not tried using the 850 cable and PR:connection to view the startup on the atari.. I can try and see what it says. SO.. I seem to be booting ok... but then it seems to loose everything and reboot.. does it happen all the time.. no idea.. but no matter what I do I cannot seem to get it "live" long enough to flash new config. Lucky for me I have not curropted anything yet as far as I am aware. OH sigh....... James
  13. OMG Russ, dont listen to a word Andrew says.... He is so ego inflated, self centred(note the canadian spelling) and believes himself the Atari Guru... . OH CRAP .. am I typing this out loud????? LMAO.. honestly.. I laughed my ass off when the Jackie Chan came up.. and YES I do beleive you are trying to make a Mountain out of a mole hill Russ.. IF you get it all up and running like you want.. before you end up punch the equipment out of frustration.. Have you seen all my msgs.. just to get a MSS-100 up and running??? no software yet.. just the hardware.. Then as Tillek says.. find more things to frustrate you.. Until then.. get a good bbs up and running.. and try your hand at some other stuff.. I think you have a few machines etc.. right??? James.. Hugs and Kisses Tillek
  14. my plan is to use the computer on a monitor with S-video. James
  15. So build without it for now then? Ok dokie James
  16. Sorry I need to ask again since no one answered me.. Where do I do the vsync mod.. since I read it is on the solder side of the board.. and my 1.1 board has no markings on the solder side for any components. James
  17. I appreciate everything said. I had the mss100.sys and device installer. . I could not keep it "alive" aka not rebooting long enough to flashare. According to the manual I do the reset button as it's booting.. done it several times. Not sure how to know it works. But that does not prevent the reboot cycle. I will try on xp box. James
  18. Well.. I offically do not like disk caps.. phew.. they are done! Getting there.. off to do stuff outside.. can't be a celler dweller all the time. James
  19. Well tried it on my home network ( earlier was at work) and I am having the same issue.. though device installer at home did see it. I have a xp machine.. and linux laptop.. so those could be tried as well. mss.sys seems to be the firmware file .. but deviceinstaller did not like it. James
  20. OH.. really? ok.. I did not think a serial connection was needed to see the device and setup.. I did the UDS-100 on my PC no problems and did not connect it to a serial port. This one I have been trying to do the same.. but you are right.. there is some serial connectivity (but red) and then it does the reboot. SO maybe this device NEEDS the serial device there. James
  21. Well.. looks like I might have gotten stung on the MSS-100 - drag.. it is stuck in a bootup loop.. I see it go through the process.. something it does not seem to like after 10sec.. then shuts down and reboots.. OVER AND OVER. I dont think I can get any help from Lantronix on this? I find nothing about this in the troubleshooting.. ANYONE?? James 20190802_162559[1].mp4
  22. I am using Silver Solder 60/40 and did not use flux on both sides.. hmm never thought of that. OK.. thanks guys. James
  23. OK, so the follow up.. I have installed most of the resistors now.. Some i see the solder at the component side.. most I do not.. so should I reflow some? ... if so.. do I touch the lead on the compent side.. to draw the solder up to the heat? or add more solder on the solder side. James
  24. Ok so on MYTEKs board here we have contact all the way through the hole?... but a trace on the top or bottom of the board would need contact with that pad correct? James
  25. There is no mask on the solder side of the board for these components? I am not sure where I put them? James
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