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  1. I don't need to play this game. I win by default because I beat up the real Chuck Norris yesterday. I used Bart Simpson's touch of death.
  2. One of my favorites. Played a marathon session last night. Fell quite short of my personal best (which is a hair over 3 million). The game always crashes after you beat 187 screens. After beating the 187th level, it just freezes at the Ready Chef 1 screen. To do all 187 screens takes about 5 hours (give or take 20-40 minutes). 2,872,200 pts. from last night's marathon session. This is screen 187. The "Get Ready Chef 1" screen it freezes at after completing the 187th stage.
  3. 83,250 pts. Ha! Fun game. Bullets everywhere at this point. Felt like a few of the deaths were from being too greedy/fancy and that they were quite preventable.
  4. 25,750 pts. Don't remember if I ever played this before. Don't think so.
  5. Ha. At first glance, it looked like Fishing Derby for the 2600 until I stopped scrolling.
  6. 67,180 pts. I can never get special or extra spelled out. It's a pain in the neck waiting for the letters to turn red. Once you reach level 9, the enemies move incredibly fast. It's like the Roadrunner on crack and coffee.
  7. [Skill 2]: 372,470 pts. I've played many times this week, but only had several tries that surpassed 300k this week on skill 2. That club record of over 500k is impressive!
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