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  1. 100,130 pts. At first, I thought I'd be happy to get about 30k, but then found the game to be much easier than I thought it would be. My timer meter was almost full when I reached 100k and decided I'm done. I can't even imagine playing this game into the millions. The score rises so brutally slow. Some games I can enjoy sitting for a long time and playing. Although I like this game, this is not one of those games I could sit for hours and play. For the most part, I was able to see a few moves ahead; however, those huge combinations where pieces are suddenly exploding off the board... I felt like Inspector Clousseau when he bends over to tie his shoes and all the bad guys shot each other. 🤣
  2. "So the next time somebody tells you carny folks are good honest people, you can spit in their faces for me!"

    1. digdugnate


      "I will, Mr. Gumble."

  3. Wow. Congrats, Brian! An impressive score. I just hope the journey pissed you off a tad because it was hard enough for me to put up the score I put up. 🤣 I'm very pleased to see nearly everybody improving upon their own scores in this round.
  4. 23,590 pts. A fun game once I figured out what I'm supposed to do, but holy crap, I can't tell you how many times I lightly tap the d-pad once only to see my cursor move 2 or 3 squares at a time! Controls are awfully sensitive in this game.
  5. You're right, actually. Found the thread. We played Skill 2 during a spring of 2017 knockout tournament. I found out that the score doesn't roll over when you hit a million, and I suggested that others try to top my skill 4 score if they wanted a challenge. Wow. Hard to believe it's been three years already!
  6. Thank you. Yeah, when I had 336k, I had back-to-back screens with no yellow spiders, either. I have no idea what triggers it (or if it's just pre-determined).
  7. Here's a video I made almost four years ago when I had 184k. You'll see how helpful the double-jump is at getting you through things quickly if you anticipate the bird's path well. If you go to the seven-minute mark in the video, you'll see one of the more difficult screens in the game and how to jump through that path. On skill 4, you pretty much need to have your mind already made up quickly about what you're going to do when you reach a new screen.
  8. Shouldn't the blue +10 be a red +12 because the score was higher than 300k? Thanks. Congrats on breaking 100k! As I'm sure you've noticed in your own improvements, just beating a few more levels makes it easier to rack up a good score. Depending on the layout and point values on each screen, you're going to get over 20k per level sometimes; you're always getting 10,300 points for finishing the screen with Smurfette (300 for the skull and 10,000 for Smurfette).
  9. Looks like 336,100 pts. is the best I'm going to do in this round. Had 335,300 pts. moments ago and lost my last life because my cats are jerks who suddenly decided to block the TV and swat at the Smurf and the bird. Still love them to death.
  10. [Skill 4]: 336,100 pts. I was nervous about possibly missing the 300k mark when I lost a life at 294k and was down to my last life. As usual, all lives were lost to the birds either immediately before the bat's cave, or immediately after the bat's cave. You should never lose any in the white fence area, the cave, or the castle.
  11. All "non-essential" businesses to be shut down here in Pennsylvania in the next 20 minutes, ordered by governor Tom Wolf.

    1. Flojomojo


      Does that include food stores?

    2. Curious Sofa
    3. DuggerVideoGames


      I assume grocery stores will remain open, as food's quite essential.  It sounds like restaurants can still operate as long as they deliver, but they can't have gatherings or customers in the buildings.


      GameStop is essential, because we need more empty buildings.

  12. 222,320,000 pts. I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good.
  13. [Skill 4]: 229,500 pts. Final death was a very stupid one. I made a jump too soon and the bird dropped right down on my head from above (I should've recognized the pattern) as I ducked.
  14. [Skill 4]: 179,900 pts. I sucked this time. Too many stupid deaths and I mistimed a jump at the end of this one. Still love this game after all these years!
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