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  1. Finally, NHL season is here!  The 5:30 start time for the Pens/Flyers is odd, though.

  2. [Previously eliminated]: 202,430 pts. Lost my first life at 126k and then started getting sloppy after 180k. This will always be one of my favorite games.
  3. I hope you all had a safe and happy 2020 holiday season, and I hope 2021 is better for us all!

  4. I've been impressed with Brian's play the past few seasons. There are some games - very few - where I crush him and some games where he crushes me. What stands out about Brian's play is that he is almost always a top-3 player across a wide variety of games. In games where neither he nor I are in the top 2, he's still up there at 3 or 4 when I'm down at 7 or 8. Players like him and NCG aren't just good at many games... they EXCEL at many games! That level of competition makes these seasons more fun, if you ask me. Pushes me to improve at games I otherwise would not have played much with; the result of this is that I've grown to enjoy some games more than I thought I would (Mountain King, for example). Winning a season would be nice, but it's not important to me. Frankly, I enjoy the fact that I'm not number one sometimes. It tells me that there's still other people who love Colecovision games and have enough fun with them to excel at them. We are not alone in our passion for these wonderful games.
  5. Sigh... I concede... Congratulations, though! I'm impressed with how many players got such high scores in this round.
  6. 52 pts. Damn plane. 9 of those deaths were from the plane when I was in the middle of loading passengers.
  7. 104,400 pts (start of screen 33). Hardly had time to play this week, but I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week!
  8. 950,600 pts. Took a screenshot at this point because I knew the score would roll over once I leave the room to complete the level. Friendly tip: you'll have way more success shooting at 45-degree angles.
  9. RIGGED! Such criminal activity! I demand a recount! I won bigly! I concede nothing!!! All joking aside, congratulations, Brian! You consistently excel in a wide variety of games, which forces the rest of us to sharpen our skills and enjoy more games in the process (rarely ever played Mountain King or Slurpy before, but grew to love those this season). I hope everybody is happy, healthy, and safe. Looking forward to the knockouts!
  10. NCG, I'm actually the one that has 15,180 pts. I think Zaphro had a little over 8k (unless he made a later submission).
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