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  1. Back in my school days, some girl called me Christophen instead of Christopher because she said my lowercase Rs in cursive looked like Ns.  So that's why my pen pal Curt never replied to my letters...

    1. x=usr(1536)


      I took this about 4 years ago at the site of a client for whom I used to do consulting work.


      May be NSFW, may be OK.  Playing it safe and putting it behind a spoiler.





    2. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      My mom writes "r"s like that too. When I was in school, teachers sometimes complained about her handwriting, and she would get angry.

    3. joeatari1


      "I took this about 4 years ago at the site of a client for whom I used to do consulting work."


      @x=usr(1536) I have a co worker currently that has the same script on his uniform.  We call him by that name and he embraces it. 😆

  2. 706. Took many tries to get this one. It's actually not a bad game, but our controllers aren't too kind in this. I found myself switching between the analog sticks and the d-pad and had more success with the d-pad, as unbelievable as that may sound.
  3. 244,100 pts. Did better with the chains this time but still can't get close to finishing Round A. The speed is just overwhelming at that point.
  4. 233,200 pts. Had 202k when I lost my first life. Holy crap, the speed is overwhelming after you beat level 9 and move on to Level A! Lost the rest of my lives on Level A, and very quickly!
  5. 140,600 pts. I love Pooyan! Oddly, when playing on the computer (ColEm 4.6), I can shoot, but cannot move up or down. Works just fine when playing on WiiColEm on my Wii.
  6. Nice score! I see that you also rolled over after completing the Cyclops Room last. We probably both play the same way in completing rooms usually in a specific order, and almost always shooting at a 45-degree angle. The bat room is my favorite for getting in and out so quickly.
  7. [Skill 3]: 1,031,300 pts. Decided I was done after rolling over the score. Was able to pause the WiiColem emulator to take pics with the iPhone.
  8. [Skill 3]: 40,750 pts Took a handful of tries just to get over 30k. You need everything to be almost perfect for you, or else it snowballs on you in a hurry.
  9. [Skill 3]: 28,800 pts. I have doubts about hitting the 100k rollover on this skill level.
  10. Yeah, they really do. I just assumed I'd easily get 100k+, but nope... skill 3 is a different beast. You have to get the pipes and the bonus much sooner or else it's a duckfest.
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