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  1. Thank you, It has been awhile since I have had time to get anything new for my TI. I tried out Night Stalker, looks great but it runs super slow? Is that just the way it is?
  2. OMG, put me on the list when it is ready! I am always amazed by people with the talent to make something like this. The TI was my 1st computer and it is so much fun to be using it all these years later. I love my Flashrom 99!
  3. Here are a few more, I think this does it for me from my archive. Early Learning Fun: EARLYLEARN32KB8.bin Number Magic: NUMBERMAGIC32KB8.bin Schnoz-Ola: SCHNOZ-OLA32KB8.bin
  4. Going back over my collection: Ghost (looks like an educational game with speech): GHOST32KB8.bin
  5. Here are a few: Macroman: MACROMAN32KB8.bin Fireball: FIREBALL32KB8.bin
  6. Agreed, I just convert what i can find using a program that someone else made, you guys that can modify code and make things work are really incredible.
  7. Here is a cool little game... Driving Demon: DRIVINGDEMON32KB8.bin
  8. I uploaded it a few weeks ago but it was junkman jr so I deleted it.
  9. I am going to go back through my collection and try to convert some that converted but did not run. Thanks!
  10. Scud Buster: SCUDBUSTER32KB8.bin (you may have to turn off your PEB for 15 seconds or so if you have been playing something else, it does not like to load with other things in memory) Backsteine: BACKSTEINE32KB8.bin (Select players with the joystick: left and right) Cave Creature: CAVE32KB8.bin Space Agressor: S-AGRESSOR32KB8.bin
  11. I don't know, I did not play it beyond the 1st round. I will have to check it out tomorrow. I played it this morning, I got to level 7 (Yea, it has been a long time) Did not have any problems with the graphics.
  12. I just ran across Munchman, I checked and double checked because I though for sure this one was already done but it looks like it was not. 2 versions: The one we all know: MUNCHMAN32KB8.bin and an alternate version: ALTMUNCH32KB8.bin
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