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  1. Satisfied with my overall collection of carts, I have determined that it is time to hone my personal museum/gameroom even further. My first project is to collect the 'end number' variations of the first nine carts. To my horror, I discovered that the only ones I have with this variation are Combat (natch) and blackjack. As you may have guessed, I'm in the market for the remaining seven
  2. Agreed. I've always been in touch with my inner game geek, and I've got to be able to play my collection. I have boxes, but I don't go out of my way to obtain them. I would like to get a few to decorate the walls of our game room, when we finally get around to completing it.
  3. From an electronic standpoint, they are similar to the regular 2600 joystics that we all know and love. The Junior sticks, obviously, don't have the plastic insert, so you don't have to worry about it breaking. The only other difference is the arrangement of the contact switches. Directionally, they are backwards compared to the older sticks. ***Edit for clarity of thought*** You asked about the junior sticks and I went off on a 7800 tangent. Never answer in forum when you are seriously sleep-deprived. The only diff in the junior sticks is that they were newer. . . .going to bed, now
  4. I picked up the original when I got my NES, but I didn't play it until Thanksgiving day, a week later. Finished it in one sitting (minus bathroom breaks and plateloading).
  5. You've got me on this one. I'm not certain what it could do. . .
  6. Can I get an 'amen'? The thing that cheeses me off so much are the 'professional eBayers' who have PAGES of drivel about how great they are and drone on and on about their policies (selling, shipping, etc.,) and don't even devote a complete sentence to describing the item they're selling. I've about reached my eBay tolerance level.
  7. Same thing happened to me. A guy wanted to charge me $20 to ship a junior from Chicago to Muskegon. I drove down and picked it up. If I'm going to spend $20, it may as well be on a family outing.
  8. Can't squint hard enough I'll wish you the best and hope it's Subterrania Either way, though, that's a great deal!
  9. Like with Star Raiders they planned to release other games that used the controller but I guess such games were given low priority and shelved as more important projects took preference. Its just a theory but it makes sense Well, when you have third parties like Activision and Imagic coming out with much better games that aren't so complicated as to need five extra control buttons or a special wheel to operate, I can imagine their priorities would undergo some tweaking.
  10. Yikes...can you imagine the flicker?! Gamers the world over would collapse in seizures! Somewhere, at the bottom of a pipe, Mario weeps. . .
  11. Starhopper

    Got it !

    Going outside would be the smart thing to do. I never said I was the fastest chip on the board.
  12. Starhopper

    Got it !

    I must emphasize, too, that the brush be a china bristle, and not poly. Very effective, yet very gentle. Also, they make a precision kit for shop vacs that allows you to get into hard to reach places with small angles and even brushes. That would be the best thing I could suggest for removing the largest part of the dust, as the compressed air is going to create a small cloud over your workbench (and it has to land somewhere).
  13. I can play with my eyes closed. . . Just don't live very long.
  14. What kind of 3rd parties do you have? Pic?
  15. Still got 'em? I need Fathom for the collection, and a couple of dupes couldn't hurt, either. If so, PM me back. I'll be back on Wed. after 6pm
  16. It was an inspired piece of reverse-deception. Brilliant
  17. Technically, that means you couldn't ship it to Alaska
  18. . . .And so few items for sale by a 'power seller'. She's probably lurking somewhere else, now, under another name.
  19. It may sound a bit obvious, but I always end up with the 'Raiders' theme running through my head. The entire game reminds me of that opening scene of the movie where he's running through corridors and jungle and swinging on that blasted whip
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