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  1. My (at the time) six and four year-olds were the same way. In fact, my oldest daughter, now seven, can kick all comers' respective hind ends at centipede. In fact, the Atari games ilicit a better response from them then their GBAs! Suck on that, current gaming market!
  2. And Pitfall: The Lost Expedition has both Pitfall! and Pitfall II, so it's the winner! I was wondering about that, since TLE hasn't any votes, yet
  3. I have four or five, myself. Been cleaning out the storage cabinet. If you need any ancient modems, I have a few fistfuls of those, too
  4. I'm tempted, just for the novelty. I wonder what warehouse he found these in?
  5. This guy's actually been selling these things for a while. It hurts to look at, I know. I don't know if he's leaving the chips in the carts, though the fine print does say 'these games should be considered non-functional'.
  6. Interesting thread. That I think of it, there weren't any games that scared me, though some had moments that would cause your heart to jump up in your throat. Early on, it would be the dragons in Adventure, when they'd pop out of nowhere and grab you. Later, the demons in Doom and the Nazis in Wolfenstein would be the cause for a good gasp (and those little alien buggers in Redneck Rampage...what were they, anyway?) As far as a good thrill, though, I would have to say that Starflight (PC) was the best I had ever played. The gameplay was so enveloping, you would actually forget that you were sitting at your computer desk, safe in your own home. It felt as though you were truly piloting that ship through the forgotten reaches of the galaxy, all alone. I would be up into the wee hours with nothing but a small desk lamp for company, mining the inner planets of my home system for cash and fuel before venturing out amongst the stars. . . . . .motion detected at x = -3, y = 4 chills! . . .motion detected at x = -2, y = 3 . . .motion detected at x = -1, y = 1 pause... more chills! Alien ship detected!!!! That was an adventure
  7. A four port 2600? Whaaa. . .? --->EDITED FOR CLARITY OF THOUGHT Bet he meant 4 switch. duh Nice Aquarius controllers, though
  8. This is a bit off the path, but I have noticed that, unless you have something someone normally buys out of necessity, like AV conns or the like, BIN auctions are generally passed by. Others may have a different view but, any BIN I've ever put up, even with a low starting bid (complete system with games & all controllers starting bid $9.99 w/ no reserve-BIN $45.00) gets passed by. I relist the same system again without the BIN and a higher starting bid ($14.99) and it sold for $73.65. I'll never understand humans.
  9. Top of my list would have to be the TI99-4A. There's nothing so sharp looking as shiny black plastic and chrome. I lost interest when they came out with the tan models. Anyone have a ZX-81 without skidmarks from all the crashing?
  10. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. . . That's a 'yes'
  11. At the risk of stating the obvious, that must have been one rough ride. It takes a lot of effort to do that to the sixer systems (light or heavy).
  12. For a thousand dollars, he should include a timeline, letter of appreciation, and hand deliver it from Australia Should I tell him I bought one of these for $1.50 + shipping a few months ago?
  13. I have no choice but to admire someone who can sculpt Liesure Suit Larry (LSL2 version) out of blocks. Good Show!
  14. Without a doubt---> Dusk2600 Zwackery Keilbaca Homerwannabe Bond007pr <---long time ago. Sunnyvale trade!
  15. At one time (until I hit 70 carts) I used to keep 'em in the order I obtained them. . . .Except for the Activision carts. They were always by themselves. . . I'll be right back, there are some dust motes on the end of the desk that are in disarray. . .
  16. Back in the day I was the only person I knew to have Raiders of the Lost Ark. I'm not saying it is rare just that I bought the only copy they had at Eckerds and my friends at the time never heard of it. Otherwise I got the same ol' games everyone else had. Obviously not a rare game, either, but for some reason, I was the only ATARI guy around with Solaris when it first came out. I don't know why, since Toys 'R' Us had a boatload of 'em. Anyone who came over and played it were just blown away by the graphics.
  17. Same here. I also keep them in plastic organizer drawers. It keeps the dust off the carts and makes for easy storage. I'm planning a more open display when my game room is completed, but the shelves will have plexiglass doors with felt seals. When it comes to my collection, I'm OCD overload
  18. Is that from personal experience? I've gotten systems off eBay in 'great condition' with mildew and dead cockroaches inside.
  19. HORRORS!!!! I just recently, finally, organized my carts over the holidays, in preparation for the construction of the GAME ROOM , and I realized a serious deficiency in my attention to detail..... I only have two of the original nine 'end number' labels Seriously, all I have is Combat and Blackjack Time to embark on a new search. . .
  20. Or 'sickness', as the case may be. . .
  21. Starhopper


    Actually, someone has gone to the trouble of compiling them all onto a CD-ROM. I got one a few years back, but I can't remember where it came from. Anyone?
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