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  1. Hi Simius, If there is going to be a next batch, I would like to order a Sophia 2 for my 800XL. Thanks.
  2. I also think that is terrible. But I only had the top of a Atari case, which otherwise you cannot do much with it. I definitely don't want to encourage people to demolish a complete Atari, to build a Raspberry Pi into it.
  3. This project took a couple of weeks, working a few hours per week on it. I did not mapped the 'Alt' key to a keyboard key. I didn't realy needed it for the Atari800 emulator. It is only used for shortkeys to menu items. I had to to remap a number of keys in Linux. The characters you get when you press a key in combination with shift, is different for many keys on an Atari keyboard.
  4. For many years I have an Atari 600XL top case lying around. Always had the idea to do something with it. Now I have finally used it to build a new Atari XL computer based on a Raspberry Pi. On the Raspberry Pi, runs the Atari800 emulator and the original 600XL keyboard is fully functional. I have made a video, showing how I build this.
  5. Inside the case of an Atari Flashback 1, I have build a Rasberry Pi Zero with Retro Pi on it. It can be controlled with the original Flashback 1 controllers. I have made a video of this project: Please let me know what you think about it.
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