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  1. I am looking to have a HDMI mod done to my 7800. Anyone know who can do it and how it turns out?
  2. I have no idea what something like this will go for. But I am interested. If you get to point where you will post what you are looking for as far as price, I will keep an eye on the thread.
  3. Do you have Colecovision, 2600, Intellivision stuff that you have not listed yet? Thanks for adding more stuff, I think I might be buying some more stuff. I received my first order, everything packed nicely and extremely quick delivery! Thanks!
  4. I am 100% interested in the 7800. If it is still available, I definitely would like to buy it. I am long term older gamer and been looking for a nice 7800 with a AV mod. Thanks in advance!
  5. I am interested but cannot do local pick up. So if and when you decided you can ship, I might buy it. Does it include the monitor?
  6. I don't want to dog pile on Yurkie, but I have to say that my experience with him was not great as well. After numerous emails to set up my Colecvision mod, I sent it to him and it took 3 months to get it back. During those 3 months I had sent numerous emails asking for status and most would go unanswered, when he did answer it was always "about 2 weeks". This wen't on for 3 full months. His work is great, the system runs fantastic, but the lack of communication and the wait is really bad. As others have mentioned, if Yurkie would just respond to emails or just tell people "hey, i have a lot going on it is going to be a while" it would be different. In the end I was happy with the work he did, but if I ever need to have another system mod, I would look for other alternatives and ask Yurkie as a last resort since communicaiton is really bad.
  7. Which system has the Audio/Video ports? I cannot tell what system that is in the very first picture. And depending on what it is, how much you looking to sell the system for?
  8. Thanks for sharing. Always love looking at this stuff. I was born in the 60's as well and ColecoVision was my favorite console from that entire era. Makes me sad that the Skiing game and Tunnels and Trolls never came out (that i know of).
  9. Love reading all this stuff. Coleco had such great stuff happening, unfortunately they could not sustain and exited.
  10. It was listed in the first post of the thread, but had no info attached to it.
  11. Was there any confirmation on War Games being any different than the CV cartridge version? One of my favorite all time games and would love to find the Adam version if it was different and what the differences are.
  12. Tunnels and Trolls and the Skiing game were two I wish came out.
  13. Yurkie, I noticed you do HDMI mod's now as well? How much is a HDMI mod?
  14. Thanks. I was not sure how this impacted the SGM and SGM games, so it is good to be re-assured.
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