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  1. Thanks for the reply Trebor will give it a try.
  2. Hello, Did a few searches but didn't find any info... I have the 32 in 1 Cart rom but has 32 .bin files. Was wondering how to load in an emu/MESS/other..? thanks 32In1.zip
  3. Sorry to bring this thread back to life. Recently bought the Atari 5200 mod Kit on ebay and installed it into my 800XL. Has S-video and Comp. vid out signals. Works good but getting the vertical lines. I read a while back that this is caused by a too strong of a chroma (or luma...can't recall) signal. Any suggestions, hints or links where I can find how/where to remedy this on my 800XL board? Thanks, Thomas
  4. Thanks for the reply Stephen np on waiting, really like using stella. I had one other issue using stella on my arcade cabinet (has S-Video TV). I get a runtime error when launching only a dozen or so roms. I did figure out it had to do with my resolution. In Windows 7 I use (480i) 720x480 and noticed by changing the resolution to (480i) 800x600 the games that didn't work now work but now other games that worked before don't...hehe Do you know why this could be happening? Thanks again, Thomas
  5. HyperSpin Arcade pics.
  6. Thanks for the reply, Well I have a whole bunch of emulators such as MAME, KAT5200, Nestopia(NES), etc... already working perfect as is on the hardware side for the spinner & trackball. The screenshot was taken on another computer I have just for trying things out(not setup to play). Tried just about all settings there on my arcade cab. But no big deal
  7. No, tried it....still have to turn the spinner more than I'd like to. In Kat5200 (Atari 5200 emulator), it was pretty easy adjusting it to use my spinner and trackball got it working really good . I really like Stella...still will use it even if I can't get my spinner and trackball working right :/ t
  8. Yes I believe so, the one under 'Game Properties' set to paddles and also adjusted the sensitivities here: Here is another settings menu:
  9. Is there a way to speed up paddle games, such as Kaboom!, controlled by mouse (I'm actually using a spinner) in Stella? *speed up movement of object controlled by mouse/spinner, so only takes a twist of the wrist to go from one side to the other. t
  10. I have an oscilloscope (still learning how to use it though). If someone could give me some suggestions on where to hook up/look at signals, I could post the image results of the scope here. Also what settings on the scope I should use, i.e. Line, Field, Odd, even, Line NO, coupling type, peak detect, average, etc... to use. thomas
  11. Was just wondering about this today as mine gets pretty warm, looks like a brick and has extremely small vents on the sides. Part # C061982.
  12. No, followed low_budgets v2.2 schematics value by value. Tried the gain (+5V on Asel) and it got worse and brighter. I tried swapping out GTIA and Sally (CPU?) since I had spares but nothing changed. Here is a video of it in S-Video mode: http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff249/thomas3120/Gaming%20Stuff/th_20140724110142_zps9e506e63.mp4 Also, The non cart blue screen with some writting.. The vertical lines are exactly the same width all across the screen...really uniform...don't get it :/ Any more suggestions are welcome, thomas
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