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  1. Just a small further update: album tweaked to "pay what you want" (= you can download it also for free if you like) on BandCamp. And alternatively, the same set is now available also on SoundCloud, should someone prefer that option: https://soundcloud.com/armagon/sets/warlord-pokey-nights-2010-2015
  2. Rybags: the tracks have been previously published during the years in various chiptune competitions etc. - but this is the first time they are released in one bundle. You can find the download link for the .sap files on the Bandcamp page (album description). doctor_x: yes, I know. There has been actually several bands with that name (first one was from the 70s). On hindsight, I should have chosen a more original nick when I started up, but having now used it myself for nearly 20 years (+ released quite a lot of stuff under it), it has sort of stuck. Anyhow - as the music style and audience are quite different, chance for mix ups should be quite low.
  3. Hey, I've released a new music album that contains 11 tracks written between 2010-2015 for Atari pokey sound chip (found in 8-bit Atari computers) with Raster Music Tracker. I thought this might interest a few folks here. Check it out: https://warlord.bandcamp.com/album/pokey-nights
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