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  1. Thanks for posting this link, I've just ordered an ST to RCA cable and an ST to VGA mono with audio cable. Bringing my 520STFM back to life after nearly 15 years in safe storage in the loft! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wow Rick! Have just had a quick look, you've preserved a huge amount there! Thank you for making this available!
  3. Hi there Chandler Sorry didn't realise you'd posted this list as well as Atari-forum, I'm looking for a 'good' PAL GTIA IC p/n CO14889-01 for my 130XE which looks like its got one of the dodgy ones (see my post last night:- http://atariage.com/forums/topic/253615-replacement-gtia-pal-130xe-sought/). The current one is socketed, so should be a straightforward replacement. Do you have one of these available? I'm in the UK as regards shipping. Many thanks Steve
  4. Thanks Tickled_Pink, I've just joined the forum and posted a message. Much appreciated for the link Steve
  5. Hi, after some extensive testing, it looks like I've a dodgy GTIA chip. The tests in SysInfo have confirmed the result:- After opening my 130XE, the only saving grace is that its socketed:- After reading this forum and looking around, it looks like I can simply replace the GTIA chip as long as I can source a known good replacement that won't display the corrupt graphics. Does anyone have one to sell that will simply go into my socket, or know of a supplier? I'm looking for part number CO14889-01 (PAL). Thanks Steve
  6. To anyone reading this thread, it looks like I've got a dodgy GTIA chip. I'll start a new thread as I'll be looking for a replacement part.
  7. Great stuff, thanks for those tips both, I've got a Ctirad RAM320XE which has a remap function, so I'll use that and the XRAM diagnostic test to give the system a full check. I'll post the results when I get home later.
  8. I wonder if anyone could advise me; I've finally got my 130XE running after many weeks sourcing kit and tried it out tonight. I've got it connected via a monitor cable to a LCD display using an AV cable. The machine powers on fine, passes all self tests and has a nice rock solid display. However if I load anything from my Lotharek SIO2SD adapter, 60% of the ATR disks and in particular Rastaconverter XEX files end up with a corrupt display, such as in the snapshots:- Its a shame that the Rastaconverter images load but the display is corrupt, as this is one of the main uses for my 130XE. Some games start to load but end up with a random display of letters/numbers/graphics and crash, or a blank display. The machine was purchased as a PAL system with good GTIA. It seems to be pot luck as to whether a file will actually work, after loading - some do but most don't. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be the pssoble cause? The same files load ok using Altirra. Apologies if this is a newbie question, in case I've missed something about different types of display and / or the ATR files! Thanks in advance Steve
  9. Cheers for the tip, thats reassuring that USB PSU's will suffice as long as the current output isn't too much, which opens up some alternatives. However I've been doing some more digging on eBay and found another supplier that is offering p/n CO61763-11 (5V / 1.5A) for £16, so I've placed an order which hopefully will be with me by the end of the week. Hopefully I'll have more luck with this one and its not a DOA! *Then* I can can check my 130XE and that its survived the trip from the US! Thanks again for the info Cheers Steve
  10. Hi everyone, I need some assistance / advice in obtaining a power supply in some form or another for my recently purchased 130XE, which I'd had shipped from the US to the UK. I'd ordered a PSU with the 130XE, which after it was finally delivered turned out to be completely useless and the wrong one. I'm now considering taking it up with Paypal as a dispute, so I won't go into the detail behind the order. So, on the day of the delivery I sourced a supplier on eBay UK and paid for a compatible PSU to be shipped to me, which after getting back from holiday, was two weeks from when the 130XE arrived. Unfortunately this one was also dead - checking the pin outs, there is no +5V from the PSU. After contacting the supplier, they said they would send one FOC - which after a week still hasn't arrived. I'm having absolutely no luck in trying to get set up with my 130XE - sourcing a power supply is proving to be particularly difficult here in the UK. Does anyone have any advice on two solutions I'm considering:- 1) They know of a (reliable!) supplier / someone that is willing to supply a UK 3-pin 220V 130XE power supply and it can be delivered in about a week? 2) Know how of a DIY solution that would allow me to convert a PSU with compatible output current / voltage for use with a 130XE? I can solder so making up a cable poses no issue for me, I do want to make sure that I get the correct wiring diagram though. Thanks for anyone that can advise. Steve
  11. Ah, good idea, I'll give that a go! Thanks for the tip!
  12. I thought I'd have a go with converting an image of my pet greyhound Millie whilst on holiday last year, visiting the abbey there. After some false starts, I've generated the attached image with the following settings: Downsampled to 128 colours with XNConvert Laoo palette Floyd dithering Number of solutions 10000 ciede colour distance The source file looks like this: which outputs after just over one billion iterations: The XEX file can be downloaded from here if you would like to try it on a real A8: AlegisDownport_Millie1.xex Just want to say I'm enjoying playing around with Rasterconverter - thanks to everyone who has contributed to making the tool available!
  13. Seconded! Loved Elite on the ZX Spectrum, then on the ST (including Frontier). Just found this thread, the project shows a lot of promise!
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