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  1. The boxes are not sealed as they were tested to make sure they work- They were stored in warehouse for use if needed for engraving business.
  2. Hello, I have a new unused TRS-80 4d in original box and packing though the box is quite worn. I also have a new unused TRS-80 Mini Disk in packaging and original box and was wondering what the value could be? Thanks, JJ
  3. I was wondering what the value of an unused Tandy 4d would be worth in orginal box and packaging. Box is quite aged and worn but the machine is new unused. I also have a TRS 80 mini disk in original box and packing never used. Thanks for any input.
  4. I appreciate you coming back and explaining my friend- I understand your frustration-I appreciate the feedback as well- I think I will boot it up and maybe play a few of those old games! Hah
  5. Well I did just join and info on the tandy and value did lead me to your board but I frequently run across old game systems and computers so thought this would be a good place for questions on worth as well as general questions and discussion as I was an avid gamer and computer enthusiast at one point- Ebay is hardly expert advice and though yes I could go on ebay and look at what things have sold for I thought I would consult those who know more as far as rarity and if something is not and ect.... I did not realize this was such a hostile forum for questions if they are in regard to worth and rarity...I thought this was a forum of knowledgable helpful users of this type of particular equipment- Potentially someone else will provide further insight opposed to not.
  6. I recently discovered an old Tandy TRS 80 Model 1 that has been collection dust shelf for some time- It has the keyboard, expansion interface, Monitor, wires, separate disk drive and quite a few games and software- I wanted to question its potential value and what some of the software is- Games list- Microsoft Adventure/Pigskin/Scarfman/Laser Defense/Armored Patrol/ Morton's Fork A & B /Star Fighter/ Invaders From Space/ Fsi Flight Simulator Some of the software are The Bread Board Systems Disks for version 1/2/3 and some other boot disks ect... Everything Powers on and it is nice shape-I have a few extra monitors and an extra disk drive as well- Thanks so much for any comments and insights
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