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  1. For the curious this was the price negotiated for the entire lot. I was able to use screen-shots of all of your feedback to get the deal completed. Thank you.
  2. Looks like I have a Rev 5. The disk drive is indeed non-functioning. What I tried: A. lithium grease on the single rail and drive motor gear. B. Alcohol cleaning of the drive heads. The top and bottom small white squares. The drive mechanism moves inward when a diskette is inserted and the system is turned on, and the disk spins as expected, green LED illuminates… It appears the drive mechanism is not moving outward (right) as the floppy disk rotates. Any ideas on a fix? IMG_9525.MOV
  3. On second thought I’d have to go with the Posterior from that cheeky butt-plug simulator.
  4. It's still strange to have an International Word Fair in a country that currently does not admit most international travellers We also host the “World Series Baseball Championship” where only teams from the US and Canada (with mostly American players) may participate. It’s the American way. If someone from Texas shows up the event qualifies as International.
  5. Just seems weird that there's this long running major TI event in Chicago and nobody from that group posts details here. Google searches yield information about previous events with zero links to the current 39th event? Even the ChicagoTIUG website fails to mention the event? Check it out: http://chicagotiug.sdf.org/ Is this an invitation only deal? Perhaps a secret society? Facebook is not the most searchable for information so arguably one of the worst places to post updates for any event unless the Facebook site is dedicated to the event itself.
  6. Pretty sure he’s like me and has no clue on varta or memory expansion. An elderly neighbor’s estate sale find so not an original owner.
  7. Upgradable to 3.2 via a ROM swap I assume? I’ll need to research the cost of that.
  8. Your feedback is so appreciated guys! Thank you. Helps me in negotiations.
  9. Howdy Amigos! I’ve cleaned and restored a number of retro computers but not the elusive random Amiga find. Just found one locally and wonder if you can help me price the lot. Any and all helpful comments appreciated. Buyer asking $750 which seems very (extremely) high for the filthy condition. System produces video but buyer hasn’t tried any disks, so he says. What’s a fair price?
  10. I'll take a better look at the compilation -- thanks! Noted: There are several degrees of aviation related games in the mix. Solo Flight is indeed a program from my Apple][ collection. Good eye my friend! My own aviation career began in 1980 with "flying" SubLogic's Flight Simulator on the Apple ][. I used MS Flight Sim for Mac (1988-89) to practice flight profiles and pacing while in USAF training. Today I use the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator for familiarity with new airports as they're added to my airline's network. Most recently getting acquainted with Palm Springs, Chicago O'Hare, Savannah and our five destinations in Hawaiian Islands. It's also useful when teaching my nephew the basics during his civilian flight training program. I'm a fan of all aviation related games/sims. Diamondhead, Hawaii
  11. Hey Petar! Nice work... I'm planning a video survey of the ST flight simulator offerings. Any chance you can help me with any UltraSatan compatible versions? my ST collection so far.... Flight Sim II Falcon Eliminator Strike Force Harrier Skychase Lancaster Skyfox Flight of the Intruder F-15 Strike Eagle F-15 Strike Eagle II Gunship Red Lightning High Roller F-16 Combat Pilot Orbitor F-29 Retaliator Mig-29 Carrier Command Jet Solo Flight F-19 Battlehawks 1942 Their Finest Hour Chuck Yeager's Combat Flight Simulator - James
  12. This is perhaps my issue then? Not being an ST User until recently, I find this fact less than obvious. Tomorrow I’ll set the GoTek jumpers to disable the GoTek’s drive B. Then I shall be in business with an active external drive, I hope.
  13. This is what I assumed as well. Thinking back, I accomplished the GoTek install BEFORE I purchased the external drive. I believe the jumper settings on the GoTek drive may be set to enable drives A and B. This may be the case which results in a conflict with the external drive B?
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