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  1. I re-accomplished these steps which fixed the self-induced problem: assoc .py=pythonsource ftype pythonsource=<your python path> "%1" %* I can't remember but I may have left the "1%" %* part off. Anyway -- fixed. Just backtracked and did everything very carefully. . Enjoying the workflow improvement over the no longer updated/supported Winasm99. I've read others encouraging the switch from Winasm99 to the xdt99 tools. Right now I'm using xas99 (assembler) along side the xdm99 (disk and file manager) via the Win10 command prompt. I was hesitant to leave the comfort of Winasm99's GUI. Why did I wait? The xdt99 Cross Development Tools offer greater capability and efficiencies. I'm especially impressed with how easy it is to simply run a simple script to automate the source assembly and object-file transfer to disk image. Super slick and actively developed. Thank you Ralph Benzinger!
  2. I'm getting errors during the windows setup process. Any idea what's wrong? Installed Python 3.8.5. The install works fine on my desktop PC yet gives this error on my laptop? Same error appears on command prompt without administrator.
  3. Justification to add rockets to my maze.
  4. Will this TI-99/4 accept power from a common 99/4A transformer? Research tells me some do fine while others may be destroyed, due to a differing power arrangement?
  5. I saw a YouTube video yet no other info on this game. Searched AtariAge and only found this thread.
  6. Great idea! Thank you! Do we have a utility for composing, testing, and generating sound lists? Something like Magellan for sound editing?
  7. Just so I have this one straight... 0dB is loudest because by setting the attenuation control bits to: 0 0 0 0, there’s going to be Zero attenuation, or zero lessening of the sound magnitude. 28db attenuation is commanded by setting the attenuation control bits: 1 1 1 0. So 28dB attenuation is near-maximum attenuation for the device. Maximum lessening in the magnitude of volume comes from setting the attenuation control bits to: 1 1 1 1, which is why that’s OFF. <insert clicking sound you hear when you pull on an overhead lightbulb string> This is why they’re called ATTENUATION bits and not VOLUME bits. Si?
  8. Me too. M-Webster, ATTENUATION: a lessening in amount, force, magnitude, or value : WEAKENING..
  9. Q1: Will re-setting the Attenuation Bits (A0-A3) to >0000 [assuming = 0 dB] produce the same results as setting them to >FFFF which is "OFF?" Q2: If I wish to update the frequency bits (second data byte, F0-F5) with a single-byte write to the sound processor, must I first set ALL other attention control registers to >1111 first, to turn them off? Asking because the remark below about single-byte updates so long as no other register is being accessed: *** put another way: What is the specific meaning of "no other control registers on the chip being accessed."
  10. May I safely assume this is an error in the SN 76489 AN data sheet documentation?
  11. Cheap 99/4A with a nice box for collectors
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