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  1. I suspect the decision to eventually hard wire the O2 controllers was influenced somewhat by this durability or superb build quality.
  2. I suspect the decision to eventually hard wire the O2 controllers was influenced somewhat by this durability or superb build quality.
  3. Last year I discovered around twenty pristine Nintendo64 game boxes with manuals in a bin in my attic. No cartridges inside. Some sold for around $40 on eBay. Apparently the boxes are worth MORE than the game cartridges themselves. Especially boxes for Mario or Pokémon games. Where there’s demand with very little supply we discover value.
  4. This play through shows the tips one gets from the in-game sympathetic comrades. As for speed, 4:49 remaining out of ten minutes is not even a fast time ...thanks though. Guilty of playing 10,000 times during testing.
  5. I want to agree with you but maybe there’s room here for another viewpoint. Is this practice hurting anyone, or causing TI or the program’s author any financial harm? Is the seller simply making a few bucks off of making floppies? I’d say that service is worth a few bucks. Diskettes aren’t easy to come by these days. I don’t know. I’m feeling the conventional Munchman revenue stream has played itself out. Would be a different matter if he were competing with a recent game being sold by a homebrew merchant.
  6. This was news to me until I heard it speak in this excellent game. Good going Harry for including speech. Tutorial clarification appreciated.
  7. When I read this I hear it in the voice of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.
  8. Someone in France seems to have a retro gaming site with links to homebrews for all sorts of systems. My Korea game is listed as well. Guessing we have an AtariAger managing this site.
  9. ROD2_8.bin Robots of Death just keeps getting better and better! Super nice! For some reason I thought the voice synth was not usable with Harry's Compiler? I do believe it's working in this game:) Is there a Pause feature? I can't imagine surviving 99 consecutive levels of this in real life.
  10. Yes. Thank you! Much to learn while examining such well written AND clearly documented code.
  11. Would love to do so if I could find some documentation to these routines. Boone’s code seems like the much needed MBX Rosetta Stone. Would really enjoy seeing these routines deciphered and documented.
  12. Another killer-app for the SAMs card.
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