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  1. I believe he also works on tools such as the excellent Magellan graphics editor for programmers of BASIC and Assembly. Gratitude!
  2. Chicago is in the Central Time zone with or without daylight savings time. Agreement though...for a worldwide virtual event it’ll be best to list the times in UTC. No conversions necessary for everyone outside the Windy City. Removes an unnecessary layer of abstraction.
  3. If JediMatt came to the rescue for the Tutor community with TutorPie... How cool would that be?
  4. Any IUG catalog pdfs floating around?
  5. Yep, I’ll keep module creator 2.0 in my workflow for now. Happy anyway because xas99 creates EA5 files much easier than the aged EA3+SAVE utility route.
  6. Yes! @PeteE I basically want a single 32K .bin which I can use to run from FlashGROM or an emulator. I believe this is what Fred's Module Creator 2.0 builds and what @Tursi mentioned as a "copy cart" or EA5 loader. Your description of what I am trying to do is much better than my own so apologies for any confusion created by my earlier posts. Something like this (which was built by @F.G. Kaal Module Creator 2.0 from a compiled-BASIC program's EA5 .obj files): SCRAA.bin
  7. This must be what Fred Kaal’s Module Creator is doing then? I had a 24k XB256 compiled BASIC program converted to 32k binary using this tool. With all the new technology out there such a cheap and easy 32k sidecars and FinalGROM, I’m just looking to make a single binary file of my code to simplify loading. I wish to eventually post a .bin file which can be loaded from FinalGROM, offering ease of use and portability. I’ll explore bank-switching on another project where I can plan it from the ground up. Sounds like another interesting pain in the a$$.
  8. The file is in fact just around 20k. I’ve successfully used EA3+SAVE to make three (8k+8k+4K) EA5 files from my source code. The next tool I use is Fred’s Module Creator, to make a 20k .bin file. Are you saying xasm99’s -b or -c capabilities are limited to 8k? Perhaps I’m confusing the terms cartridge and bin? Admittedly, the MAME conversation is further confusing me as I don’t use MAME. My goal is a binary for Classic99 and FinalGROM.
  9. It is my assumption that xas99 will "auto-build" the header information much in the same way Fred Kaal's Module Creator appears to do. This may be my error? @HOME AUTOMATION Which hex editor do you recommend?
  10. The virtual KansasFest 2020 experience was better than I expected. Excellent presentations with up to 300 viewers at any given time. Word on the street is they had 500 people register to "attend." Still, the social element was limited to chat text conversations with attendees and presenters, during and after presentations, via Discourse. I found everyone involved was happy to entertain questions. The staff was excellent as well -- as usual. Another great KansasFest despite the challenges. Friday at KansasFest 2020 Saturday Morning at KansasFest 2020
  11. Sure! <removed, 20K file too large for -c or -b 8k limit> I've been able to use the E/A cart and the SAVE utility to create an EA5 set of three files 8K+8K+4k. With these three files I can create a functional .bin via Fred's Module Creator. It would be nice to streamline the process with xdt99, mainly to avoid the EA3 load plus SAVE utility.
  12. I accomplished this so the last line in my code reads: SLAST END SFIRST The change does in fact result in the xas99 generated EA3 file auto-starting, since the first line of code (after EQUates) follows the EA SAVE routine's conventions: SFIRST SLOAD JMP START Unfortunately this does not remedy the xas99 -b (or -c) resulting .bin file loading issue. It appears Ralph's example is unintentionally incomplete in the post 351 of this thread?
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