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  1. 😮 Inter-connectable servers sounds pretty fancy. I'm guessing the initial iteration wouldn't have something like that :).
  2. Very strange. Nothing was perhaps cutting out any extra characters before? Oh well, some kind of fluke I guess
  3. On another note, but still on topic of new FN firmware... Previous versions would let you dial 555-1234 (with a dash) in BobTerm to do the macro immediately after.. now if I have the dash in there, it waits for a long time for NO CARRIER and then does the macro. Taking the dash out goes back to the old behavior. Was something re-written that it no longer does the same with the dash?
  4. Testing on 1.6 here as well. It seems to work for the most part, but I kind of feel like it's a tad bit slower/flakier than another FN on 0.5.ba2f6751. Right now the OS ROM in this 800XL is the one I got from Montezuma with the SIO2BT. At first I was getting a lot of errors/retries.. Like the 80s music 'demo' from the 2022 New Year Disk at first took almost a minute to load, but then I saw PicoDOS's HSIO setting was on 'Auto'. Another time I loaded the same file, it took only 20 seconds. If I set HSIO to OFF in PicoDOS it consistently loads in that amount of time. With Auto, it's hit or miss. On the other FN firmware, even set on Auto it seemed to always load properly, and might've even taken 19 seconds vs 20. It's possible that I didn't try enough times for it to go the other way though. Loading the Lovebyte 2022 invite was also ever so slightly faster on the other FN. This was ~10 seconds where the other/old firmware took ~9 seconds.
  5. So nobody got the 22" one yet to see if it supports the same frequencies?
  6. Would the version of Fujinet matter at all? Like 1.3 vs 1.6 or something? Did you test on 1.6?
  7. @Stephen You can buy the issue that it's in here, I think! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BCRG3MW A friend found this
  8. I'm using one in my 130XE from the early 90s. Combined with the replacement keycaps from Best, it's amazing.
  9. It was the document I was looking for. Not sure why it wasn't working for me earlier, sorry
  10. I came here to offer the tnfsd I compiled under MacOS 10.15 .. The link to the ones in the OP didn't work for me, and the Mac binary isn't on the fujinet site with the Windows and Linux ones. tnfsd
  11. Applied this update and all three of those PoP carts now work for me. Stock 130XE. Thanks, FJC.
  12. I don't know if you guys have seen this project or if it would help to see which library they are using for SSH.. https://sourceforge.net/projects/atari-usb-modem/
  13. On the SSH thing, I was thinking it would be cool to be able to do like [email protected]:port or something like that from terminal, in addition to N: function.
  14. This is great and all, but when are you going to add L2TP IPSec VPN support? *ducks*
  15. So did anyone hook their TNC up to their Atari? I was hoping to plug in either a KPC-3 or an MFJ-1275 via P:R:Connection and was looking around for software. Is a straight terminal my best bet, or might this PK2 program work, or maybe Amtor or Hamtext or something.. I don't suppose there are any programs that do KISS mode...
  16. I wish for this too, but it doesn't seem like it
  17. *Deleted*.. I think what I said only applies to images off SD.
  18. I use something like this (ebay link) and then just have female-female jumper wires (Dupont connectors) going from its 5 pins to 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 on the SIO port.
  19. Compiled directly on it. I even just built it on the Pi Zero and not even one warning. Thanks! I have CTS already going to COMMAND (had to edit fnconfig.ini for that) and I added DTR to PROCEED. I'm not sure if PROCEED is making it work any differently, but it's doing well so far!
  20. I'm using it from my Raspberry Pi 4 desktop. This is better than AspeQT or APE or any of that Which pin on SIO port would PROCEED pin go to?
  21. Thanks for this. I've been trying every single software I could and always get stuck at various parts. With Forem, I get as far as the screen getting initialized, and the basic lines getting cleared out, but then it gets stuck in some kind of loop doing INIT.. I thought it might be an R: handler thing, but it does it with everything. The same kind of thing would happen to me BITD too! :). Always wondered how other people got their BBSes up. With the image on your server, I get the same thing but actually errors out with "error 2 at line 9590". I'll probably have to wait for the newer firmware for it to work properly.
  22. Was that in an emulator or do you have AltirraOS on your ROM?
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