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  1. The video is really weird. This guys were decades ahead of their times, yet knowing they failed is kind of sad... Very nostalgic... Thanks for posting
  2. I do need a Turbo. But I can't afford this one https://www.ebay.it/itm/334004244694?hash=item4dc43450d6:g:pv8AAOSwyaBgokEz
  3. Thanks Decle! This is a great in-depth analysis. It gives a lot of insight on how our favourites were made. I didn't know of Roklan either. Great work.
  4. Ghostbuster 2 of 50 https://www.ebay.it/itm/324578815381?hash=item4b9267ad95:g:TxQAAOSw2aNgfD55
  5. Great idea. I'm definitely interested. I would like the physical edition.
  6. Thank you so much Oscar. The music you chose adds a lot to the athmosphere of the game. Amazing
  7. In my opinion keeping the original title would do. It would be awesome for people who didn't buy the first one to have the possibility to have this new, great game in a box. Besides I do love the graphics on the old boxes.
  8. Excellent news David! I'm all in on this project. I have played Utopia a lot of times and made some ideas on how I would have liked it more. I put them in order. Please not that I'm not a programmer so some of them could not be realistic. 1) Different maps to choose form with different island shapes and positions (like someone already suggested) 2) Bigger maps with two main islands where the two players start and other smaller islands that can be "colonized" by the first player who reaches them with his/her ship 3) Possibility to link the two port of the main land and the colony with a trade route so that the colony can initially receive food from the mainland and later export goods 4) Different type of industries, possibly trasforming different raw goods that ideally could spawn random in the islands. For examples wild animals can give you additional food and/or furs 5) Some sort of Tech tree for some buildings, for example smaller to bigger and more productive factories, more productive crops later to represent better understanding of agriculture 6) While we are at it. It could be wonderful to be able, maybe later in the game to point the rebels in a distinct spot of the other player island. 7) It would be fun if you could give the order to "build" a rebel but the rebel spawn at the end of the turn so that at the beginning of the aggression the other player doesn't know whether the Rebel is machine generated or comes from the other player. Rebels can become of the colour of the other player with time, making official their allegiance to the player that originated them. '8) I would add some other type of getting resources like for examples drilling the ocean for minearls or other commodities Sorry for the lenght of my message. It's just that I love Utopia!
  9. Oscar, many thoughts and player to you, Rosa and all your family. Thank you for the many hours of play you gave us with the game you have programmed. Thanks a lot for the roms: it will be a honour to play them in memory of your wife.
  10. Thank you Oscar. Awesome indeed! Utopia is one of my absolute favourites!
  11. Yet it's alteady over 250 with three days to go. Recently spiker complete with box in good condition sold for well over 1000, I think it was around 1300. I think this one won't go for less than 1000.
  12. I'm wondering at what price this will be sold... Stadium Mud Buggies NEW and Sealed
  13. Thanks for welcoming me in the community. You wouldn't believe how long a period these four years have been in my life. I had to stop collecting intellivision but last year I was able to come back to my old passion. Thanks for the advice. I have already booked an LTO flash and I will put the rom on it but I would like also the boxed game if possible. So i will contact Rev at once
  14. Hi. Does someone know if a copy of Oregon bound will ever become available again? Thank you
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