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  1. exactly my point. Just because they are classed as the same and use the same storage media doesn't mean that there are identical.
  2. cough cough,is that what, cough, what spam is?? cough... i'll give that a look, thanks. What must be true?
  3. I'm not trying to be popular but nobody seems to have much of an opinion on the topic or anything to say other than that it's irrelevant or pointless. But my point was that the jag was clearly inferior to the N64 in most ways but I was wondering how the jag2 would have compared to it based on the specs (I mean which one would be more powerful overall). And I was trying out making a thread which I've only done once on scratch or something.
  4. Can you delete threads??? Because this one definitely doesn't need to be here anymore.
  5. I suppose wikipedia says that the jag2 was sixth gen. I'm going to get locked up by the jaguar police... or at least my account. Well I should've known this wasn't going to go very well. I was a guest before yesterday. I only made an account yesterday. Wow I must be good at accidentally annoying people. Heh... I don't really know what else hasn't been asked. 6 users are viewing now. Just now there were 8. The thread is going to get nuked but by the seems of it, it must have been pointless in the first place.
  6. everyone here seems to live on jokes... I wonder where they get them from? I don't have a local jokery; that was not intended to be a good joke, I wouldn't even try. People seem to feed off of the threads here because it seems that when you make a thread it immediately gets attention and you're not even popular. apparently there are 3 members and 2 guests browsing this thread at the moment I am typing this.
  7. I looked at the jag.v.n64 thread first a couple of years ago. I can only remember a load of stupid statements but nothing irrelevant. This is the part where I get banned after one day. Irrelevant to what? oooooooooohhhhhhhh, of course it's irrelevant; it was created by me...
  8. The thanks was for the welcome part, not the congrats part; it's pretty easy to tell that that's sarcasm.
  9. Yeeeaahh, I see what you mean. And i'm really quite sick of all the 'bit' arguments whichever system it is.
  10. That is completely irrelevant. How many people post stuff like this?
  11. exactly. There was a topic comparing the jag1 and the N64 but I was wondering how the jag2 specs compare to the N64 because someone said somewhere that the technology would be post Playstation but pre-N64 but the N64 and the jag2 were in development around the same time and some parts of the jag2 seem to be a bit better than the N but the N still looks like it would have more power in general though the jag2 probably wouldn't have been utilised very well but i'm talking about the specs here. I think it said somewhere the jag2 had 8mb of RAM and the N64 only reaches that with the expansion pak.
  12. Does this forum have half the population of the planet as members because that was a fast response! And i couldn't find any threads comparing these two, only the original jag and the N64 so i don't know what you mean. Did you discuss this in another thread that wasn't centred around this?
  13. I know there is a topic comparing the jaguar and the N64 and, no offense, but the N64 is clearly superior in almost every way. But im asking about fhe Jaguar 2, AKA: project midsummer. So this is project midsummer vs. project reality. Jaguar2 vs. N64 I would put the specs here but for some reason copy and paste won't work. N64 specs are the same in most places as more is confirmed but jag2 specs differ from place to place and i'm not sure which one to trust so be careful.
  14. Is the car the jaguar brand as well? I don't know as i have little knowledge of car brands.
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