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  1. As for the topic at hand, I 100% agree that we are unlikely to see extra cores for the Super NT Mini, at least as far as 16 Bit stuff goes. It seems that their plans are more on line with wanting to release individual 16-Bit consoles for each individual core, which makes perfect business sense to be honest. I could also see them not releasing any cores at all for the Super NT Mini to allow the NT mini to remain relevant for the 8-Bit stuff. It would still sell for those looking for an all-in-one 8-Bit unit, even at the current price. I would think it would be a smart move to make cart adapters for it as that can only make them more money and increase the sales of the NT Mini even further. I am not really sure if we will see any more work done on those existing 8 bit cores, but I really hope that Kevtris will at least tweak and update them a bit as many of them are still a bit imperfect with bugs and sound that is a bit off. This is just based on my current play time with them. The biggest issues I have been able to find mostly have to do with the sound implementation on the NES, SMS and GB cores. Would really like to see the NT Mini become a near perfect implementation of those cores so that it could potentially replace all of those systems in a persons library. They are certainly nice though and are fully playable as is, but I do hope that Kevris' ultimate goal is to have the cores be reference quality and as close to the original hardware as possible. I heard it mentioned somewhere that this was his original goal for them so hopefully that is still the case. They could use just a bit of added polish and I hope that he decides to work on them a bit further one day. Until then I will enjoy them for what they are, an excellent alternative to the original hardware but not quite a 1:1 replacement, at least not yet. Hopefully one day we will see those cores get the updates they deserve.
  2. Quick ? for you guys. Smokemonster stated that he thinks a fix exists for the Legend of Link SRAM saving issues on the NT Mini, is this true and can anyone point me in the direction of the fix? Thanks in advance!
  3. Lol, you probably belong on a list for that one.
  4. I'm using it at 1080P for everything. I have tried all of the cores that let me use the filters or shaders or whatever you call them, and the "issue" persisted on all of them. It is just strange that I can see a rather big difference between each on the Hi-Def NES mod but not on this. It is most definitely different between the two, the Hi-Def NES seems to give a nice leap in the smoothing effect as you go up from 2X to 3X and so forth where there is no difference at all on the NT Mini. Dunno if that's how it's supposed to be, but I kind of doubt it considering that there is a definite difference between the Analogue NT Mini and the Hi-Def NES mod when it comes to this which is rather odd... I will see about getting some pics of each when I have the time, some with the Hi-Def NES and then some with the NT Mini which should make it apparent when you see them.
  5. Yes, X-Ray filter seems to work fine. I may have to take pictures to show that there really is no difference between HQ2X thru 4X and SCALE2X and 3X for me. I know there SHOULD be a difference since I also have a Hi-Def modded AV Famicom and that has a very noticeable difference between the different filters. I will see about getting some comparison pics so all can see what I mean. I also had the infamous "flap gap" issue where the gap between the flaps is uneven, and my Famicom flap seems to be stuck and won't retract all the way. Bummer, but not a huge deal. I already talked to Analogue about the minor issues I have ran into and they say they will take care of it if I send it back, however I waited a long time to get the system and would rather just enjoy it for now. May send it back at a future date once i've gotten some time to enjoy it
  6. I am using HDMI, via the latest jailbroken v2.0 firmware. Not sure why it's not working right, but it definitely isn't. You can see a big difference between the hq2x and hq3x on the Hi-Def NES kit but can't see any difference at all on my NT Mini... By the way, what adapters are you guys using for other system controllers on the NT Mini? I saw Kevtris mention using a SNES controller with it and was wondering what adapter he's using. Would like to be able to use Master System/Genesis controllers for the Sega cores.
  7. Got my NT Mini in, thing is so sweet, specially the jailbroken firmware. Thanks so much for all your hard work Kevtris! I have noticed a couple issues though. For one, it appears that all filters aside for hq2x and scale2x are broken and don't do anything, or at least don't make any discernable difference over hq2x or scale2x. This problem does not exist on my Hi-Def HDMI modded AV Famicom, you can easily see the difference between hq2x and hq3x and so forth. Not the case with the NT Mini, there seems to be no change at all when going from hq2x to hq3x and above, same thing for scale2x & 3x. 2nd issue I've noticed is the system is showing a serial # of 00000001. Have seen others mention this but no ideas why or solutions. Anyone know why that is happening? Thanks for the help in advance Am so glad to hear that Analogue is going to continue to let Kevtris update the JB firmware and cores. I would think it would be smart of them to just make that firmware the official one and officially release cart & controller adapters for it.
  8. No worries, I totally understand. It's certainly a bummer that you won't be working on fine tuning the cores for a while but it is what it is. If the cores were all as accurate as the NES one is now then it wouldn't be a worry, but you know us nerds, we strive for that 100% accuracy. That's would just be a dream come true... one single system that can play all of these great 8 Bit games with 100% accuracy, or at least as close to 100% as possible. Maybe one day... But yeah, totally understand that you have your own life to live and family to take care of, and it's kinda hard to complain after how much you have given us, you certainly did your part and I don't think anyone can say otherwise.
  9. Please add me to the list, would very much like to order this! Not sure if you need my contact info, so I will PM it to you just in case. Thanks!
  10. Oh wow.... that is horrible news, I had no idea. I just recently preordered the Analogue NT Mini due to the idea of future core updates. This really sucks... What sort of paid project did he get hired for though? I thought he turned down Coleco?
  11. Wait a sec... are you trying to say that you preordered in 2016 and still havent gotten yours yet? 1000 a year doesnt really make sense, would have to be a whole lot more than that, or noone would be getting their orders for years to come.
  12. Kevtris, I would still very much like to know if the 5V issue can be diy fixed with a resistor soldered on to the board, or is it more complex than that? I would also like to know if the issue affects Framemeisters or PVM's as that is what I primarily use for RGB. Please let me know, thanks
  13. I seriously doubt there would be a way to make it cost 100... the FPGA in it isn't cheap, although I do agree with the whole solid block of aluminum thing, I could live without that. A nice solid plastic case would do just fine. Could also do without the clear bottom. An option to have the entire unit be clear would be pretty awesome though. It is meant to be a complete unit, with all outputs and features included. I for one love the fact that it has just about every type of output included, makes it very versatile.
  14. I suppose I should ask if this 5V RGB issue affects PVM's or the Framemeister, as those are what I primarily use. If not then I would be in the clear.
  15. Glad to hear that about the cart pins. What I heard was that games need to be extra clean to work well, cleaner than usual. Good to hear that it's a non-issue. Would like to know that myself about the resistor. I have an opportunity to purchase a new sealed one from the earlier release and wouldn't mind just soldering the resistor in myself if it's a simple add.
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