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  1. Ah yes, ATASCII of course. I forgot all about that. Well I guess it seems a good idea at the time. is there a nifty conversion program somewhere that you would recommend?
  2. Looks like a winner. But I need help. How do i add the Atari ROMS. How does one actually load/run programs. i've tried a fewe things but they did not work.
  3. I have Atari800Mac installed and running, Thanks! The monitor seems to lock things up so I have to manually reboot my Mac.
  4. Thanks, now we know one archived version is still good. I found another good copy "Crypts of Terror.cas" Crytps.zip
  5. Do you happen to know if there is a sword and a key in first crypt. All the copies I've seen so far, and the Utube video walk-through show a hacked version where you just wander around till you die because sword and key are missing. I've given up on the idea a detokenizing the file because I "nailed" the variable name table and all the variables would be "A."
  6. I have an old Atari BASIC program as a text file. How would I read that into the Mac800 emuator so i cn run it?
  7. This game was done in Atari BASIC with Assembler for Routines. Man Atari BASIC was slow. What I want to do is to get back into the code so I can make changes. If I could ever get it as a text file would be great.
  8. YES a copy protection. I knew that the program would get passed around but probably not the password. It's OK now I remembered it after 30 years. I'd like to repair it, because all the copies I see with the protection stripped away are broken. When you enter the crypts there is a sword and a key, but not in the copies. What would be the best way to "break into" the BASIC TOKEN File and untokenize it before I re-release a repaired version.
  9. Originally it was for help getting an emulator working on Mac witth three games I did back in the 80s. After much trial and error I got it to work with all three, however, and you are going to get a real laugh out of this, I FORGOT the password for Crypts of Terror so I cannot play it. So I`m asking if anyone knows the password, or can find it in an old instructiions. Also many were sold without a password for the first level, so if any collector could email me a copy of my game, that would be sweet. RetroDan-at-GMail.com thanks.
  10. What Emulators run under OS X?
  11. At the moment I am struggling with the Atari emulator for Mac. I am using OS X. I have a game I wrote years ago.
  12. Yes cross-assembly is the answer I'd like to use my MAC if I could. Once the binary is made what is best method to dowload it into and Atari an run it? I found a 65 xe new in box. would that make a good Atari Platform to work with.
  13. Anyone heard of INHOME Software? Anyone still programming for 8-bit atari? What is the best set-up. I'd like to use my Mac and a 65XE? Or should I go old-school with an old 800? Is there an interest in New games for the Atari 8-Bits?
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