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  1. Hello! Here comes my another simple game written in Mad Pascal. This game is entry for 6502 compo, and it has only 6476 bytes! Sources as usual available at: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/hoppe Enjoy! hoppe.xex
  2. i've searched through plugins, but unfortunately did not found anything better :/
  3. There is "kind of" outline feature called Symbols. For asm it lists and allows to navigate to all labels and defines:
  4. Outlining works for Mad-Pascal in Geany I can try to make it work for MADS
  5. It's possible to access asm labels, but you have to write some kind of 'accessor function' Not very convenient, especialy when you wish to access plenty of labels... but still possible. function test:byte; assembler; asm { mylabel lda #123 sta result }; end; function mylabel:word; assembler; asm { mwa #test.mylabel result }; end; begin writeln(test); // 123 poke(mylabel+1, 33); writeln(test); // 33 ! Readkey; end.
  6. Don't be so self critical, that could work 2 years ago In previous versions of MP, there was no distinction between public and private methods. It was introduced in version 1.4.5, on my personal request as far as I remember
  7. You need to put headers of public functions into interface section. 8ray.zip
  8. I don't know if you like classics, but here comes the pong. Just pong Sources at: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/justpong justpong.xex
  9. Hello! I've made another game in MadPascal. It was released yesterday on Warsaw Atari Party (Wapniak). Enjoy! Source code available at: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/zilch zilch.xex
  10. You can find both in Pac-Mad sources: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/PacMad Look for "msx" in file pacmad.pas regards!
  11. Sources of editor are also available here: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/PacMad/tree/editor/editor You can download it, and use it locally.
  12. i'm also looking forward for pre-orders. count me in
  13. I think there is no problem using memory above A000. You can take a look into sources of PacMad, I'm switching off OS (procedure SystemOff), taking over vblank, and using all memory above A000 (except D000-D800). In MadPascal examples, system is also switched off in 'pasintro'.
  14. If anyone is interested, there are also sources of PacMad: here
  15. I've made level editor for my PacMad game: here You can send me a fancy levels you've made to include it in official release of game. I also did some improvements since compo version, like bonus fruits, some opimizations, and i'm planning to release final versions in couple of weeks. @therealbountybob - your remark is very useful, I'll show score/hiscore at the end, and above the HSC matrix.
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