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  1. If you will have any troubles updating, just give me a private message.
  2. Hi! You can use my updater to write game contents on to MaxFlash cart. Grab it from here: https://bocianu.atari.pl/assets/flob/flob.1.03b.atr
  3. Hi! New version of FloB was released, but do not rush to update it if 1.0.3 worked fine for you. The only change in 1.0.3b is Pokey Stereo detection routine. It was failing on PokeyMax. Now it works fine for old stereo, and for new PokeyMax. You can download it from here: https://bocianu.atari.pl/blog/flob
  4. I'm 99% sure, that it can be PokeyMax related. Only thing that was added at this point is stereo pokey detection routine. I do not have PokeyMax to test it, but regular stereo uprade seems to work fine. I will check that anyway - maybe the routine included in MadPascal libraries is not perfect one. gimme a few days
  5. Hi! FloB has a new version: version 1.03 - 5.09.2021 - fixed color bug in NTSC credits screen - fixed bug of "spreaded flob" on world selection screen in NTSC - fixed PMG color bug on reveal screen (NTSC) - pokey mode is shown now on title screen (stereo/mono) - added key controls on the flob statistics screen - another attempt to fix rare flob dissection bug - new hint added in "Return to the Lab" (nosty case) You can download it from here: https://bocianu.atari.pl/blog/flob Remember! You can update your cartridge safely without losing your progress! You will find all the information on my website, which I have listed above.
  6. Another game in Mad-Pascal written by Michael Jaskula. https://www.mikej.de/game21.php
  7. not enough VCS has been tortured the last few days. But I will get back to neon for sure
  8. Maybe adding the possibility to mount also FTP resources in config tool would solve the problem without reinventing the wheel? Such a "quick" idea.
  9. neon site on fujinet.pl is not finished yet visit it in couple of days
  10. The whole idea and execution is great. I've already started playing around with building the document and it's pretty convenient. But of course the idea of a new functionality came to my mind right away It would be great if from NEON browser level it would be possible to mount (into Fujnet drive slots) disk images or Atari executables available in the document being viewed.
  11. You are the second person who has reported similar issue. I need to review updater code, definitely
  12. I am really happy to read that you all enjoy playing my game. I created it exactly so that it's not just another box on your shelf, but that you can play it and enjoy it. I'm a gamer too, so I'm really pleased that the gameplay I've created is enjoyable and addictive. That's the best compliment a game author can receive. thanks!
  13. New game update was released: version 1.02 - fixed problems with secret trigger in "mysterious secret room" in mines level - one wall thickened in mudlands (unathorized passage) - rare flob dissection error (loosing hat) fixed It can be downloaded from here: https://bocianu.atari.pl/blog/flob
  14. The game has aproximately ~400KB, it will not work on 128KB cart. I have to admin that I do not have to opportunity to test it on other device than dedicated cartridge (based on AtariMax MaxFlash)
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