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  1. You should probably create an poll. for me #2 is the best looking.
  2. If you know how to use python scripts i've made similar tool here: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/gr10/blob/master/png2gr10.py but this one outputs 4bits per pixel raw data (for mode 10). It should not be an big efford to modify it to do 2 bits per pixel. (if you know python basics)
  3. Hello! I've prepared another little game here. This game was originaly written in BASIC by Wojciech Zientara, and published in Polish computer magazine "Bajtek" in 1987. I've translated this game to Mad-Pascal, fixed some bugs, changed balance and difficulty a little bit, and added some simple graphics and music. You can turn off (and on) music using SELECT button. All sources (Basic too) are available here: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/oldmansion I hope you will enjoy it. EDIT: quick fix added, there was a left margin problem oldmansion.xex
  4. Thanks for info foft! It's slightly off topic, but i'm just curious: what else do I miss, by having A2, not A4?
  5. Uh, so probably i don't have one Mine looks like that:
  6. does it work for EclaireXL mini? rev 3.2 (core 37 - 11.11.2019) because i'm getting only some noises on audio output, or it just hangs...
  7. Hi! It looks significantly better now. One of two of my hubs - branded Vakoss - started to work, after update to 37. Thanks! But the newer one (uGo) is still not responding.
  8. Can anyone recommend any working model of USB hub? I've tried 3 different models (2 passive one powered), and none of them is working with Eclaire.
  9. problem with SIC! solved - it was just dirty and oxidized
  10. If you started falling in love in Mad Pascal, you can take a look at my set of additional libraries to this great compiler: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/blibs and full (auto-generated) documentation is available here: https://bocianu.gitlab.io/blibs/ i hope you will find it useful
  11. Hello! I have received my EclaireXL mini today, and i'm fiddling with this beautyful part of equipement last 6 hours Everything works like a charm, except my SIC! cart. All other carts I owe, are working flawlessly. Has anyone run into the same problem?
  12. var vidmem: array [0..0] of byte absolute $a000; this array is located at fixed location. btw: savsmc is already declared in atari unit.
  13. Hello! Here comes my another simple game written in Mad Pascal. This game is entry for 6502 compo, and it has only 6476 bytes! Sources as usual available at: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/hoppe Enjoy! hoppe.xex
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