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  1. If console keys do work, you can switch to forecast using START key. thanks for feedback, I will check this keyboard issue anyway.
  2. Looks really good. I like it.
  3. I did not. So I need to play again thanks.
  4. You can always check your stats after wielding new weapon/armor, it shows how it inflicts your damage/defence, but - right - it's not very convenient. The spider queen is not your last boss fight And yes, graphics is great
  5. Hello! Ok, thanks for reporting that issue, I will check it for sure. And tschak909 is right, settings are saved on SD card in the device, so you do not have your own copy of weather.atr.
  6. Yup! I've found second thread on programming subforum great job!
  7. Yes, I was healing myself using healing spell, and life just got easier I've found also blast spell, but had no opportunity to use it. I've found horned helmet, but did not managed to open the chest. I starved to death once. Food is scarce if you are not using it wisely Is this written in assembler, or have you used any higher-level languages?
  8. Thanks for 2 hours of fun Interface could be more intuitive, but game is a pure fun despite this. I'd love to have 'map shortcut key'. Thanks again, and I'm waiting for longer adventure.
  9. New version of my weather application has been released! Improvements: - now you can limit number of decimal places in displayed temperature (0,1,2), - some bugfixes: location api change, am/pm bug WARNING! after first run your options will be set to default, so if you have custom api key, you will have to retype it I'm sorry! Subsequent updates will maintain it. Boot it from TNFS fujinet.pl /networking/weather.atr
  10. you've got me Fixed and uploaded to fujinet.pl. Thanks for spotting
  11. @Gunstar: You will not receive any new data. Custom API key allows you to set application refresh interval to custom value. You cannot do it on default key to not exceed daily limit of requests for regular users.
  12. Go there: https://openweathermap.org/appid signup, and you will get free API key by email. Just retype it into weather app.
  13. @Gunstar, do you have latest firmware on your #FN? I'm not experiencing any issues... Does anyone else have a similar problem? EDIT: Just updated to latest one and still no issues. @tschak909: Does "N: rewrite" affect my app, if I'm doing direct SIO communication with #FN?
  14. hello, I'm just bumpin this thread because I saw activity in repository this fire fix/feature is still really awaited
  15. During my experiments with #FujiNet and Mad-Pascal, I created a set of libraries that you can use in your projects. https://bocianu.gitlab.io/blibs/fn_sio.html https://bocianu.gitlab.io/blibs/fn_tcp.html https://bocianu.gitlab.io/blibs/fn_cookies.html I hope that someday it will be useful to someone
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