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  1. This seems almost too easy to be true lol. I'll be giving it a shot tomorrow!
  2. Everyone needs a few good irrational wants!
  3. Ive actually been considering getting a 7800 in place of my 2600 but the compatibility issues on certain models makes me nervous. And man, I'd want a 2800 for the controllers alone! Now that I've thought about it, would those controllers work on a 2600/7800?
  4. Thank you for the update (even though I'm a little late checking on it lol) I'm really pumped to play this game on real hardware:)
  5. I'm slowly gathering up an idea list for mods to do to my small 2600 and I'm pretty sure this one is definitly going to make it in!
  6. Yea, I was just more or less displaying my excitement.
  7. That is super cool, thank you for showing us all!
  8. Why am I just hearing about this stuff now?!
  9. This thread is too much! So much rad lol
  10. Wow man, that's impressive! I dig it:)
  11. I feel like I'd buy one and then never use it... Or use it exclusively lol
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