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  1. I was doing something I hadn't gotten to do for months, just look for Bubsy stuff. Searched ebay, nothing new. Searched Google, found a few other good hits, and then, I just cruized through Reddit. Some fun stuff. Always happy to hear fan music of Bubsy. Most of the time I've picked up such tracks on Sound Cloud, but lots of treasure on Youtube. Naturally Reddit just points the way. Squanchy verses Bubsy... always a fun comparison. Actually had fun collecting Squanchy items the last few years alongside the Bubsy items. There was a lot of material that has been reposted by u/BubsyFanboy reposted. First of many was this... Wow Bozwell went from bumbling villain to scary villain. Kinda looses who Bozwell was IMHO. He also reposted a Disney version of the Busby logo for a Bubsy cartoon series in 2020 (a what if)... Here is a "Question of Character" for Bubsy that is a lot like a Brawndo commercial like those in "Idiocracy" if you remember that. Goofy fun. u/BubsyFanboy and r/the_Bubsy ask Which stage do you consider the most memorable in the Bubsy franchise? Would be interesting to hear more answers to that one. Our ole pal SpongeFox makes an appearance... And other artists.. This is interesting... apparently a repackage of a Paws on Fire in a PS4 pKG form? This would be interesting to hear more about. Here is are links by r/BubsyTheodoreBobcat which has some interesting videos, such as a high res video of Super Bubsy, and a two player game of Bubsy 3D. Some fun Bubsy material and other videos: Here is an article of Bubsy love... Posted by u/watchdogzz 4 months ago Can we get some appreciation for Bubsy 1 and 2? [Discussion] I know it's trendy to hate on these games nowadays but I enjoyed the hell out of them as a kid, I can understand why some were dissapointed in the games if you were reading gaming magazines and got subjected to months of hype like Jirard the Completionist was. But I didn't have that problem as I didn't start reading gaming magazines until the 2000s so I never got subjected to any of the Bubsy hype, it and its sequel were just two of several Genesis games I inherited from my cousin so I had no real expectations for the game going in. But I have to say they both impressed me, they were no Sonic that's for sure but I found them engaging enough that I memorized all the levels pretty much inside and out and knew where all the hidden lives, continues and bonus stages were, i'd always try to get every single Yarn ball and marble I possibly could. At first I died a lot but I got pretty good eventually once I learned I could press both A and B at the same time and make a high jump and glide afterwards and I could make huge leaps to skip over tough parts of a level sometimes. I quite liked how the levels were designed especially in the first game, the train/canyon levels were my favorite as i'd never seen levels split into two distinct parts like that before and I especially loved exploring the gopher holes, it blew my mind seeing that whole network of tunnels in the 9th level with all the hidden goodies. I found the river levels the most difficult because of the sheer gauntlet of obstacles you have to deal with and having to stay on the raft and react to everything coming your way. The 2nd game took a bit longer to warm up for me until I learned about the item shop when to best use the nerf gun and the flash-bombs(or whatever they are called) and it took me a while to be able to beat Grand Tour mode but it was worth it, I know the creator of the first game had nothing to do with part 2 and the main designer apparently hated working on it, but I never would've guessed from playing it as it feels like a logical step forward. I also rather enjoyed the music in the series, particularly the carnival theme in the first game and the final boss theme in part 2(I also have to say I think the Genesis version sounds better than the SNES version) Anyone else think these games unfairly get a bad rap? And that is what I found for reddit entries for the last year or two. There were other comments, polls, and other things past. Fun seeing what was reposted or even posted for the first time here.
  2. Hey Bubsy fans!! Just wanted to say you know what the scariest part of Halloween will be this year? NO NEW BUBSY RELEASE!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Well, to us Bubsy fans at least. We got a nice release with Bubsy 3D, then much later with Woolies Strike Back... Then we got an announcement at least for Paws On Fire a couple of years later... And well, Bubsy and Halloween go great together. So Accolade, make sure we have some Bubsy with NEXT Halloween ok pals? To all of you.. Here are some more fan pictures of Bubsy getting in the spirit of Halloween... Love it!! For me, Halloween comes on my birthday month, which this year came with moving to a new house. One thing that makes it all less scary is getting my Bubsy collection set back up! In the end, have a great one out there, and enjoy lots of scary fun! Here is one from friend and fellow blog staffer Sponge Fox!! I think I enjoy Halloween because the more imperfect it is, the more fun it is. A lot like Bubsy! Until next time! Question for you fans... what is your favorite halloween candy? For Doctor Clu ... Candy Corn!
  3. Bubsy Bubsy Bubsy... Bobcat!

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  4. So Facebook is down.   Good or bad news?

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      Nathan Strum


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      The best news.

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      Well if you short sold FB earlier, it'd be Great news!   And time to close on the position, but I don't trade on margin...

  5. Checked my mail yesterday, which the mailbox is now an hour from where I live since I just moved. Wasn't there yesterday, guess I get to wait a week before I get to hear the soundtrack (which was the main reason I bought the all in one pack) Looking forward to it.
  6. Never for Halloween. I know, I'm shocked too. It has been cool the Bubsy advertisements that Accolade did for Bubsy for the last two games for Halloween. For Woolies Strike Back they did this one... For Paws on Fire they featured this one with all the playable characters on Twitter... https://twitter.com/BubsyThe_Bobcat/status/1057439917444259840 It is obvious the promo people for Bubsy were big Marvel fans as he keeps dressing in Marvel costumes ...
  7. Gotten in about a game a month lately. The scores below were made since I got the Game Drive. Bubsy doesn't have numbers for the high score, much like Joust I found out last night, so I use letters for numbers. I = 1 Z = 2 E = 3 F = 4 S = 5 G = 6 L = 7 B = 8 P = 9 Just moved, but for the first time since the move in I zipped through a game. Having played Bubsy here, it is officially now home.
  8. Could take the disc once you get it, rip it, and make a GD support file.
  9. There is a tribute to Nukey Shay, who has sadly recently passed, which will be done by the Zero Page Homebrew folk on September 28th. More info about it here... Let them know in that thread which games and ports Nukey Shay did that you liked. I said the Star Raiders hack, but there were so many.
  10. I like how Nukey fixed a lot of games to work on the Atari Flashback Portable, and for the Super Charger. I think if there was one game I like, and still play, it is the Star Raiders hack that uses the switches on the Flashback Portable or regular Atari 2600, rather than needing a keyboard controller:
  11. Currently writing this from my new home in Hillsboro, TX!

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      We decided to take advantage of the market really.   House of 18 years was worth more than twice what we paid for it.   Sold house, paid off mortgage and completely paid off new house.  :D   New city is nice, getting to try out a new place.  Been fun.


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      Cool...good luck in your new digs.  Remind me where you moved from?

    3. doctorclu


      I lived in South, Dallas so only moved less than an hour away.  But it is more quiet, lower taxes, and people are a bit friendlier here.


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  12. Nukey was so talented, and helped out so much on 2600 hacks. Rest in peace Atarian and friend.
  13. Saw a commercial for this and ... wow, what a creative way to get kids to create video games, or at least the concepts, and then have them work. Here is the site for it... https://www.pixicade.com/?utm_source=bing&medium=cpc&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Pixicade (Search) - AdFeeds Managed&utm_term=pixicade&utm_content=Brand Keywords
  14. That was a wonderful event John and everyone! Came with perfect timing for me as I looked to regift things before moving. That said, might have some more freebies next meeting, but nothing like this time. The meeting was a nice oasis of seeing people in a desert of isolation. Can totally relate to the awkwardness. Think we all can.
  15. So I was looking at the Headstart this morning. Some fun pictures for everyone else... Monitor all boxed up and ready to go... Has this cool Gui that was shown in this channel.. And here is a quick video I made of the Headstart. It was already quite yellowed when I saved it from the garbage in my town.. Cool computer though. Also I found a more regular PC looking Headstart and saved the hard drive and driver board from it. I wondered if I would get a hard drive working in the Headstart Explorer as it looks like it has a bay for it. I had a bunch of other cards and items that may or may not be important. Some came from the other Headstart and others might just be from other friend's computers of that time. You are welcome to look through these and let me know if any look interesting. If not, e-cycle time. Other Cards.zip
  16. Ok, a lot has been e-cycled, but not the G4. PM me an address and we'll get that ready for shipping.
  17. Evening Bubsy fans, as said before, crazy year so got some missing months to fill. Later when people read back on this blog the blog will knock the entries out of order anyway, so how about a July entry? Well, I say July because that was when Poké-Brother /@YukkuriFan64 posted a cool tid bit about Woolies Strike Back *, and a carry over from the Giana Sisters game that Black Forest games also did. Never realized that the bee was so goofy and happy looking. Like many, I hope that more behind the scenes information will surface about Woolies Strikes Back. Oh wait, something did! On YouTube in one of the playthrough videos that this blog created in the comments was an awesome visitor: And that takes us to this video: Wow that is amazing, thanks for sharing that Rapture Music! For more of his music check out his channel. You'll be greeted, as I write this, by a fun Inspector Gadget theme that was used for the Playstation game. Until we see you again, keep it up, just keep it up! * Tid bit found by Xinny of the Bubsy Officious Bubsy Fan Group.
  18. I remember one had the main character as Peyote Pete verses Bounty Bob. Remember that much.
  19. Hello Bubsy fans. What a year am I right? Since April I've been house hunting, finding a new home, and packing 16 years of stuff. Great time to throw out stuff like for me all the excess computer stuff (gave away boxes of that at a Atari computer show) and probably a lot of figures and comics that I really like. Naturally one collection I still love over time is the Bubsy collection so got that boxed for the next house. But I would imagine since many are moving around right now, that is how this beauty got unearthed. Someone was unpacking storage, and found this guy.... This would make the 11th or 12th Bubsy plush that we know of from the Bubsy Plush Sightings page we have here on the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog Here are the comments that were said about this Bubsy plush... Dusting off my Reddit password to post there. Talk soon Bubsy fans! And keep it up, just keep it up!
  20. (laughs) Wasn't even a conscious thought. Just remember one day tuning in to the podcast, heard that which put it at such non-sense that I decided to check something else for a bit. Meant to get back to it, other things came up, and then lost touch. Figured the podcast was still going and just saw the message about "where did the podcast go" and I was like "oh yeh... Intellivisionairies...". Slept a few times since then and a bit going on, mostly all good and what wasn't good later became good. All this to say... sure. LOL!
  21. I remember it was early in an episode, so probably this one... http://intellivisionaries.com/episode-34-easter-eggs-anyone/
  22. Yep, tried that out as the dark side and sure enough, I made a light character Djinni that promptly attacked my Basilisk. Hey got another not so much a "cheat" but a "strategy": (against AI) Trolls are magnets for knights, and Golems are magnets for Goblins. If you get tired of cleaning up the knights or goblins towards the end of a game, just move, for example, the Golems in the white square next to Goblins. The Goblins, if you tease them enough by moving to nearby squares will jump off the black square that they are more powerful on, and onto the white square the Golem occupies, where as a dark character they are weaker. The result is the Golem just stands there till they almost right on top of them, and then one shots them with a boulder! Works in reverse for knights and Trolls. Would love to hear other strategy tips for either Archon 1 or 2.
  23. Hahah... I will personally issue slight apologies, and just say that most that went to the meeting were probably wiped from 1) traveling... quite a few came from hours out 2) running a presentation 3) preparing for this event 4) bringing stuff. For me it was the days of digging through my stuff, and then bringing a truckload of stuff in to contribute back to what I call "the circle of stuff". I got it free, or next to nothing at the First Saturday Sidewalk Sale over two decades, I got what I wanted out of what I was given or found, and then I send it back out into the universe. 🤩 Suffice to say, got quite a few people saying "I was looking for that..." like Almost Rice, my old Atari friend who used to live in Houston. To that I say... excellent. And my first Macintosh 128K that my Dad worked on, added vent holes, and helped me upgrade got a new home. My cousin showed up with his Mom that was cool. She grabbed a Highlander hat and said she was going to use it while gardening. Priceless. Swords to plowshares. So that was a great success, people got stuff, and in the end, the rest of the Atari/Commodore, and other parts were picked up by the National Video Game Museum. So the rest (which is a lot more common) I can just e-cycle. And I know I was useless on Sunday the day after. Oh I was aching. Moaning and groaning around the house after digging through my house Friday and Saturday getting ready for this meeting. Monday was getting back to work, and here I am early Tuesday morning digging pictures out. As for the meeting itself, I managed to get a little time watching a few presentations. Wanted to catch the Adventure Creator's programmer part, even had a case to get signed, but oh well. I was busy showing people all the free stuff and just talking. But here is what I did see, which was quite amazing. As people have said, probably haven't seen an Atari 8-bit meet up like this in Dallas since the Infomart in the late 80s (I was away in college in the early 90s.) There actually was, as I think about it, some sizable meet-ups around 1999-2000 with the Atari Users of North Texas (Atari ST-TT group) that I got to see at the Infomart and later at Crystal's Pizza. Those meetings probably topped off at around 20 people. Anyway, some pictures! Was great to meet everyone. Let's meet up again sometime! Those of you on facebook, check out the Atari 8-bit group... https://www.facebook.com/groups/atari8bitcomputers
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