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  1. Ok, I wanted to know if the source code for Bubsy exists... thinking maybe Bubsy 1 & 2 could be made as well... .... but here is a more general question along with that... what source code exists out there? (I know IS2, Fight for Life, Doom, ect...) Thanks!
  2. Well, should the Flashback come out, I will pick up that. I bought a used GameCube the other day (For playing GameBoy games) and have a continuing quest to get the other two Bubsy titles for the SNES. (Jag Bubsy naturally got me hooked). I am playing the GameBoy version of Bubsy ][ right now. Played Syndicate eh? With the jungle warfare I am surprised you were not playing Cannon Fodder. A dance game... now that would be awesome! DDR for the Jag!! Heheh! Well... if I don't see you before then, Merry Christmas y'all!
  3. Thanks! Is there any site that gives the names with pictures of the opponents?
  4. About level 29 and up I am getting pounded by a yellow swiggle character that seems to zap me from a billion miles away. What is that thing and how do I fight it?
  5. "I just received one of jonathans ebay rotary's yesterday and it is quite good indeed! It's very precise, but i still have to get used to it (esp when trying to get to the opposite end of the screen quickly)." Got one of those controllers last weekend. Been loving it! Best I have found to get the guy from one end of the layout to the other is not to spin the rotary controller real quick... that seems to overload the game. You have to follow through with the rotary, turning it at a consistant rate. So the difference is... turning consistantly... click .. click..click..click... Spinning it... click... ZIP! click... The game reads four movements on the consistant ones, and seems to only read two in the spinning. Even worse, it seems to temporarily daze the game, sending it the opposite direction a click or two. So this is what I've noticed.
  6. So where is this demo again?
  7. This could come in handy. Basically a way to network Ataris. Have you tried this? I was thinking of setting up a Atari BBS, give it dialup and ethernet, but the software will only let you do one or the other. There needed to be a way to send packets to one another... or, in this case, set up a third Atari as the drive. This could be fun. Anyway, have you tried this, how well did it work?
  8. I did not know that. Wow! Wonder why that is. Those Atari ST/TT computers never can get things completely 100 % right I swear.
  9. "Whether they were better is a matter of opinion, I prefer my 800 over most of my other 8bits, I have an Integrator OS board, a 16K, a 512K and a bit-3 80 column board in my 800.... Its connected to one of the very few ATR8500's and I also have a Corvus Hard drive connected to it, though I've stopped using it in favor of my sunmark SIO2PC connector to my PC... " I too prefer the Atari 800. So what is the Integrator board, how does the Atari 800 accept the 512K, and tell me about the 80 column card. In my Atari 800 I have a MyIde rom board (one of two), I have a 16k and 32k card (would like to get like a 256 k card or something.) I've thought about mounting a small hard drive on a card and let it be powered through the ram card slot. But not sure what cards were made for the Atari 800. All I know is, the ram slots, cartridge slots, and rom slot on the Atari 800 make it one readily changable machine. I look forward to having the MyIde in the rom slot, and the ethernet cart in the right cart slot. That will be fun. And hopeully have a cart slot open for game carts.
  10. I love the cover art. Now I want that cartrige. How did you do the lettering for the 400/800 style? I might want to make some labels for some things I have working on (like a label for my MyIde 800 OsClu that Mr. Atari made for me.) Always loved the brown and gold carts! So glad Castle Crisis went with that. Well... Galactica 1980.... first off, I love the original Battlestar series... a lot! To me it is one of the best examples of Sci-fi ever. Just a fun story line, the vipers were and are awesome, sound effects great, and the fact that there is a Galactica game for the PS/2 is making me want to buy one. I'm fighting it though. I will succeed. I will simply play Battlesphere on the Jaguar and select the Slith race (with their "Viper" which looks like a colonial viper) and fight like the Sebab or Thunderbird race with their cylon looking ships. And there is always STAR RAIDERS, where you fight a base star, cylon looking ship, and a tie fighter. Oh man, I love Battlestar!! THE FUN PART OF THIS MESSAGE... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Now (young ears might want to turn away) that felgercarb that decided to pass for a watching show with Galactica 1980 is the worst thing I have seen in yahrens !! I mean what in the frak were they thinking that for one micron I would accept that.. well.. felgercarb ! That is the only word for it. Great Cobal that stuff was horrible!! After watching the DVD set again, and then being able to watch the episode where Starbuck made a guest appearance in Galac 1980 a sectar later, I felt lucky... for about a centon. Even with Starbuck the episode was complete felgercarb, and I remember that being the best episode?! I wouldn't pay one cubit for any Galactica 1980 episode. I would make those fraking daggets pay me just to store a pirated copy on my hard drive. Sorry, give me a centon to cool down... maybe a game of triad will help me blow off some anger.... Battlestar Terminology = http://www.movieprop.com/tvandmovie/Battle...terminology.htm
  11. http://geocities.com/vlastaar/a8ether/ That is to the information on the ethernet adaptor, the operating system and web browser. It's out there.
  12. I'll mention this since no one else will. 800XLDJ is the SIO2PC program for the Atari ST/TT. A great way to host images from aST/TT. I used it for a while. Liked it enough. It uses the weird .DJ format. A converter was made to make images for that format. Maybe one day I'll get it running again. Don't know.
  13. Heheh... been doing this since 1982.. and all I can say is... ... Star Raiders, Archon, Joust, Return of Heracles, and Moonpatrol.
  14. I'll say it again and again and again... Cybermorph is a heap of dung and I couldn't scramble to buy another game fast enough. Of course, I started in the Jag scene in 1999, so that might say something...
  15. Gunstar, don't get me wrong, I have heard. I have been trying to figure out the fourth level. Like, how do you kill that computer core with the barriers that hover around it? Any hints to the fourth level would be appreciated. How many levels have you seen or played at this point Gunstar? Nice to know it clears back up after the fourth level.
  16. You know, I like Collin Street Thift, but yeh the place is messy and in the past they seemed to have little more and old Apple stuff. May have to check this out soon. And there is ALWAYS Trader's Village in Grand Prarie every weekend, and First Saturday in Dallas once a month. A gamer could go broke in Dallas. Oh wait, I am.
  17. Some games have a learning curve. Once you get good at them, or get the right set of cheat codes, they are great! Got Defender 2000 and Protector. You know what, never really cared for Defender style games. LOL! But then I never cared for Tempest until I got Tempest 2000. Defender 2000... good in class ic mode, the rest is eye candy that you nearly have to play by Radar. It is true that Protector is more playable. I guess that is a fine distinction... are they hard games, or do they just suck? Used to think Skyhammer sucked. But then I got the hang of it, and it was fun. I play Bubsy, a game commonly believed to be a sucky game, almost every day and love it. But I've been at Bubsy for nearly five years now. Just play for fun. Need to finish the last three levels.
  18. For audio these days I have some nice Harmon Cardin Speakers I picked up from First Saturday here in Dallas for cheap. Listing to a CD through them now as we speak.
  19. Yeh the one off of Abrams... awesome place I have found. Hey, you a Jaguar gamer as well? We should get together an game sometime.
  20. Well, finally got Soul Star working. It was fun for like the first three stages, and yeh, gets flakey after that. But what fun! If you have the complete copy of this and are reading this, please get this wrapped up and released somehow. Man what a lot of fun!! Love the music on it. Anyone know where I can get the music from that if anyone ripped it yet? This also proves one think I didn't think was likely.. that the CD bypasses between Protector SE and Battlesphere Gold are not created equal. Hmm! Who would have thunked.
  21. Thift Town is perhaps the coolest charity store I had ever been to in Dallas. People drop off stuff, and they make no bones of selling them. Everything!! So I picked up my 6 switch Atari 2600 in the box from there, saw a portable Commodore 64, and now this vga converter. So think of whatever charity store they have in your area that has no quams carrying electronics. The JAM!! works quite good. Was watching the JagAds on a VGA monitor last night. I'll keep an eye out for more of these.
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