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  1. I wouldn't mind making Fried Milk: 


    1. Samuel Pedigo

      Samuel Pedigo

      Frying milk will lead to this exchange eventually

      Dad: "where's the milk?"

      Mom: "Someone fried it!"

      Dad: ok,so i'll just check my emergency stash and-"

      Mom: "That's fried too"

      Dad: "Is there anything that isn't fried?"

      Mom: honey, you're sitting on the deep fryer"

      Son: "Mom, my eggs taste funny"

      Dad (Sighs in relief)

      Son: 0_0...(walks away)

      Mom: "Really?"

      Dad: "trust me, come tonight you'll be glad"

      (night falls)

      Mom: "problem honey?"

      Dad: Its...stuck!

      (it snaps off and he dies in the hospital)


      It's freedom of speech people, relax


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