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  1. We have the ability to make use of a POKEY timer and drop non-maskable interrupts all together.
  2. It's always great to get the chance to chat with people at these events. I've had the opportunity to meet so many people over the years. It's a shame that certain people in the industry treated Matthew so badly back then. I used to attend the old PCW shows in Earls Court in the late eighties up until 1990, we might well have crossed paths at some point in the past Paul.
  3. I actually got to meet Matthew Smith in person yesterday at the expo. It was a great day overall. I chatted for a few minutes with Matthew at the end of his Jet Set Willy talk about bringing Manic Miner to the Atari which was the platform that inspired the creation of the game originally and he talked about his appreciation of Bill Hogues work mentioning that he'd disassembled Miner 2049er back in the day. I also met and spoke to one of the developers of the Sam Coupe release of Manic Miner. During the rest of the expo I spoke at length with David Pleasence the former Managing director of Commodore UK including his meeting with Jack Tramiel. It was a real eye opener about what was happening behind the scenes. I bought his book on the inside story of Commodore.
  4. Sorry I totally missed your comment in February. I had a break from things for a few months at the time. I should get back to sorting that out at some point. I've started getting back into the various projects again the past couple of months.
  5. Welcome to AA Play Expo is happening next weekend if you're able to travel up North.
  6. The first Atari I was able to buy was the 800XL in '84, I bought a 130XE in '89 from Silica to have a 128K machine plus I quite liked the updated ST/XE styling despite their reduced build quality. As much as I liked the XLs by the end of the 80's I thought the styling of the XL range with it's brown and off white was starting to look a little too 70's. When I got back into things again in the early 2000's I bought a 65XE and modified it with a 32-in-one OS, 320Kb and VBXE which was my daily machine for several years using SIO2PC until I packed it away during construction work at home. Afterwards I didn't have the same desk space to spare so last year I decided to revert back to the XLs and build a modified 600XL with Ultimate 1Mb, VBXE2/DIN13, Simple Stereo POKEY/Uswitch which was undertaken by Jon. Now that the 600XL can be upgraded to such a degree it's definately one of the coolest Atari's to own. I've got the XL quality back and I love it's diminutive size.
  7. Great minds think alike, I also found this project and built one of them a couple of months ago This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I intended to add an additional +- power supply to also enable testing 4116 RAM with -5 @ pin 1 and +12 @ pin 8 but I had a short somewhere after building the power supply kit and need to look into it. I did the usual careful visual inspection of my soldering work before powering it on the and all looked good, the XL6008E1 DC/DC Converter was very hot to the touch and none of the output voltages were correct with the exception of the +5v which was showing 4.97.
  8. Sure, no problem I agree, also the Datasoft logo is more prominent in the dark blue colour.
  9. RLE procedure.. rle_depacker sta inputPointer+1 loop jsr getByte beq stop lsr @ tay lp0 jsr getByte lp1 sta $ffff outputPointer equ *-2 inw outputPointer dey _bpl bmi loop bcs lp0 bcc lp1 getByte inx sne inc inputPointer+1 lda $ff00,x inputPointer equ *-2 stop rts set your destination address @ outputPointer load acc with high addresses of your rle packed data -1 load xreg with low addresses of your rle packed data -1 call rle_depacker
  10. I remembered this came up before... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/244785-back-to-the-future-written-on-an-xe/
  11. I'm hoping to find a missing remake of Forbidden Forest within my disk archives, it was written by someone we knew in the mid to late 80's, he worked at Ocean Software for a while amongst several other software houses previously and then eventually moved to the states working for Electronic Arts. I last bumped into him in the early 90's where he said he'd retrieved all the Atari equipment from Ocean when it closed and asked to borrow all of my disks as he'd sold his original setup, I gave him all the disk boxes for him to copy but I never checked whether I got all of them back when they were returned. Aztec Challenge was one of the first games I ever fully disassembled I should still have that somewhere.
  12. To fit recessed like the original badge, the backing plastic needs to be sanded wafer thin. I did this by laying out some 400 grit on a flat surface and I placed blu tack along the top of the badge to give me something to grip to. I sanded slowly and without much pressure making sure to hold three fingers along the full length of the badge evenly to avoid the badge snagging and subsequently kinking. Luckily the backing plastic is soft and sands down quite quickly.
  13. I've added the same info to the pinned restoration thread. I forgot to include that last year.
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