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  1. Best wishes to you Paul, sorry to hear of your current situation. It's good to see that there are still many good people pulling together during tough times and looking out for each other.
  2. This is terribly sad news to hear. A great loss
  3. I don't have any problem at all personally with modern FPGA recreations, I own both a Just Speccy and an Ultimate 64 Elite with both SIDs. They've done a good job with the Next right down to Rick Dickinson (RIP) designing the case. Extending on the platform with full backwards compatiblity including peripherals is a great thing in my eyes. I was lucky enough to get to play around with the pre-production Spectrum Next and have a chat with Jim Bagley at the last couple of Expos 2018/19. Of course we already have modern updated recreations of the A8 although if somebody was to produce a board in the 800XL form factor with the modern upgrades integrated and in a new high quality injection moulded XL case along with a mechanical keyboard, yes please count me in.
  4. I'm just catching up on your progress Paul as I've not been online for a few days with this heatwave. Sorry to hear that you had a mishap with the liquid, how long did you leave the case top in? I've been in two minds about whether to risk my breadbin case so I'm certainly put off now, I'm not sure that mine is discoloured at all as the beige is the same inside and out. There's too many variants of the case to judge the shade of the plastic from memory although I do remember my one from the mid eighties being pretty much the same colour. I'm not too worried about the Amiga cases and the light XL case sections, as I feel they will fair well in the liquid. The lower quality XE cases are another concern though.
  5. Touch wood I've not had any disasters over the years with the previous peroxide cream and sunlight so hopefully the liquid method continues in the same vein. The peroxide is currently out of stock at the supplier so hopefully that will be back in next week, if I'm ahead of you I'll let you know how it turns out
  6. Interested to see how things go Paul, I've been busy the past few weeks and haven't yet ordered the additional peroxide I need. I paid extra to get the UV LEDs from the UK so they arrived quicker too and then it's all been sat here for weeks! Oh well, I'll make sure to order the peroxide next week and can finally give this a go. So many cases to do.
  7. Hi Tix, nice pixeling. Within the released source the sprite sheets have the separate 2bpp shapes and the 1bpp overlay shapes. As mentioned in the PM the sprite sheets don't contain the colours, that's dealt with in the code, it's just the shape data. The overlays which provide the 3rd colour are each one player and its associated missile for 10 pixel width so there are some edits required with your new sprites. I wasn't intending to revisit Bomb Jack but now that you've brought it up I'm contemplating whether I should pull the game apart and totally rewrite it a different way.
  8. And answered! Before shutting off for the night I pixeled some possible first ideas for a couple of new enemy sprites, these are drawn in the smaller scale and with colours closer to the arcade as originally intended. Reattached the BJ sprites below, the red was set too dark in the previous attachment.
  9. Hi Tix, Some nice pixeling, I like Jacks running animation. Just one point to mention with your rotating enemy sprite redraw, you've used the background colour like a third shade although however the background colour is mask removed so you will see the background graphics through those areas during gameplay. Black and Red are the permanent fixed colours for the software sprites in all rounds with a third colour provided by a player and missile. The problem with the original fat c64 sprites is that they are over scale which affects the gameplay dynamic. It's something that I brought up during development at the time but Vega absolutley wanted the large c64 sprites to remain. I'm sure the decision was in respect that there hadn't been an A8 game with so many large fast moving sprites seen before so it was an impressive achievement upon it's release. When I was previously working on Bomb Jack arcade, my original sprites were drawn to the arcade scale. I had Red and Black fixed but I used two PMGs for Jack .. White with overlap to obtain White/Pink and Cyan for the head/belt. The enemy sprites used the remaining PMGs for their 3rd colour. I thought it was worth sacrificing two PMGs for the main character. I read through the ongoing DX development thread, the guys working on the new version had immediately sought to address the scale of the sprites too. You can see a side by side comparision with the scale of the proposed new sprites that they posted in the thread early on in the development. Their early dot ball design they posted also first used the background colour for the holes which was later revised to transforming between grey and black which you can see in the later wip videos.
  10. Hi Tix, No it's all good I was referring to around the time it was released. It was 12 years ago now!
  11. Yes we can keep reusing the liquid peroxide many times, it shouldn't evaporate from the container any faster than water would so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll funnel the peroxide back into the bottles when I've finished. It's best to remove the led strip from the container as a peroxide spill can damage them.
  12. Hi Paul, After many years of using the standard peroxide cream and sunlight I've also decided to have a go at setting up a UV box with liquid peroxide. I've never had any issue with blooming but the liquid peroxide method should be much more straight forward and foolproof. I've had the stuff aside for a few weeks now, I did a test filling a container with water which is large enough to fit the width and length of an A1200 case half and estimate around 10 litres of peroxide will be needed to fully cover. I have a bunch of systems that need to be done. It's hard to judge whether my breadbin case for my Ultimate64 has yellowed at all, it's a uniform beige inside and out including under the badge but I'm sure it should be slightly more grey. I'll give that a go anyway. My main 060 A1200 from the 90's is in a tower, there's so many mods in there from that time I haven't found the courage to attempt to pull it apart to spruce it up but my secondary A1200 with a Blizzard PPC that I used to use in the recording studio will be the first to go in the peroxide, it's not super yellow but definately not the shade it used to be as the desk was in front of a window when it was in use. I have a spare A1200 that I did peroxide in the sun about 5 years ago which was then looking perfect. It's been covered and kept in a light proof box stored away ever since. I took a look at it a couple of weeks ago and it's very discoloured now which goes to prove what I read online that the re-yellowing is not caused by re-exposure. I did read some years ago that the peroxide only affects the bromine on the surface and eventually the bromine molecules migrate back to the surface of the plastic. This can apparently happen more rapidly if stored anywhere in the heat.
  13. I should also mention that my early layouts with the shaded ledges were scuppered when the vertical ledges intersect horizonal ledges in certain later rounds so I needed to figure out a workaround in the planning. That became a moot point though after the projects merged.
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