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  1. Good stuff (I still often listen to Hybris on the Amiga whilst I'm working)
  2. We can't forget that the Zeddie made computing affordable here at the time, £49.95 as a kit or £69.95 assembled vs several hundred. I was a young kid when it was released and although I wasn't afforded a Sinclair machine until a couple of years later the buzz around the talk of the ZX81 at school and reading about it kick-started my interest in computing. I own a bunch of them now including one in an aftermarket Fuller case.
  3. Jet Set Willy 2019. 8 months of work rewriting from scratch Adam :)
  4. Great, I'll check out your latest work with XB v4.
  5. Nice game concept XXL 👍 and great tiltle screen Vidol. Congrats!
  6. I noticed the influx of reviews the past few days. The reproduction case/keyboard makes it appear somewhat appealing but really at the end of the day it's just a cheap board running VICE with latency issues although not so much as the mini. I'd stick with the real hardware.
  7. Yea that would be fine Paul for the XE with an access hole for the dip switches and a slot for the cart. I guess if it's intended to be used purely as external RAM, another case with only the cart slot exposed could be created for the XE and a totally closed case for the XL would be an option too.
  8. You can record with upscaling directly with Altirra. It's best to download the latest Beta. Either 720 or 1080 with 50/60 fps. The Microsoft AAC encoder is bugged unfortunately which is a shame as H.264+AAC was a great option that was recently added. I personally now record uncompressed and let You Tube deal with the compression. The recording is several Gb of course so long uploading depending on your internet connection. Avery added H.264+MP3 to later Beta builds so that's another option for direct recording.
  9. I'd also possibly be interested in a cased one. Has anyone modelled an XL or XE case for Sys-Check?
  10. Thanks, MM has the original 6031769 cheat in place. I'm currently resuming work on completing an existing project with others underway. Somebody posted a complete walkthrough of the game last weekend on YouTube.
  11. That's the main joy for me working on this platform, overcoming the limitations to get the best out of the hardware. Easy is boring Nice one. I like that attitude 👍 I'd assumed you'd come from the c64 scene. What platforms have you developed for previously?
  12. Nice, we both did them the same way using a guide for sanding the brushed effect. I went with the anodizing spray later to have a similar look to the original. I was going to brush them again after painting but they looked good as they were.
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