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  1. I'm also experiencing this issue under Windows 8.1. I don't use my main Win 10 PC for dev.
  2. Many thanks. Just to be clear, they aren't bugs but features of the games design that he didn't appreciate. What he meant was in his opinion JSW the game "sucked and was terribly bugged". Any actual bugs in the original have been fixed or rather not replicated in my rewrite.
  3. Yes, I read that post earlier today and saw his videos, he's referring to the endless death repeats which are present in the original game and are intentional. He's obviously not a fan of the game
  4. I can't edit my sig since the recent forum update as it now states a 3 line limit.
  5. It was the first I'd heard too when it was mentioned at AOL. Silly Venture 2019 takes place in a couple of months so I don't think anyone has them yet.
  6. Iirc there were less rooms, less puzzles to solve and Monty does not somersault when jumping.
  7. Thanks Al I've now replaced the original attachments with the corrected ones from post #52. Please re-download if you haven't already
  8. Nice to see you back José, apparently somebody has already prepared Monty on the Run (albeit the C16/Plus 4 version) for this years Silly Venture.
  9. Indeed, I was originally going to include the same simple flashing loading text message from the Spectrum. I can add that for the sake of the users with regular speed devices.
  10. I guess Albert has been busy and has not yet seen the message. Could any other admins PM me please Tezz.
  11. I also personally enjoy loading pictures and intros although I have the impression that the general consensus today is simply to load the game/demo/application as swiftly as possible.
  12. Thanks, there will only be this pre-release and the final NTSC/PAL release. I've asked Albert to replace the attachments in the first post so that no more will be downloaded. I'll prepare the NTSC changes shortly. I can add a loading sequence/message/picture if you'd like, perhaps to the disk image. With almost everyone using modern high speed devices now they are done away with. I guess very few people care for standard cassette and disk loading anymore.
  13. Yes, a cease and desist stopped that one in its tracks sadly.
  14. ok, I'm back home now to take a look at it and yes it was during the compression, in the rush to prepare the executable for release I'd missed setting one single terminating byte 😕 Sorry about that, the fixed executable is attached. jsw2019.xex jsw2019.atr
  15. That was my original intention with regard to the toggling, S to toggle sound fx on/of, H to toggle music on/off so you can have the option of silence too. I was going to add shift and esc to quit back to titles but there didn't seem to be any point to add that in the end.
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