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  1. This may seem trivial to some, but it has always drived me crazy when I have to replace the circuit board or the cables in Atari CX40 joysticks. What colors connect to which pins on the female end of the joystick connectors? These colors don't always jive with after market (Retro Joysticks) that I have purchased, but they have with any joystick repair cables that I have gotten from Best. Here is a simple chart that I have since posted on my wall: Female End of Cable Color Action Result 1 White Forward 2 Blue Back 3 Green Left 4 Brown Right 5 Not used by Joystick 6 Orange Trigger 7 Not used by Joystick 8 Black Common/Ground 9 Not used by Joystick DavidMil CX-40 Joystick Wies and Connector.pdf
  2. Can someone explain to me how I can delete a duplicate post?
  3. Too rich for me, but thanks for the info. DavidMil
  4. I didn't think that Radio Shack actually made floppy drives, but rather purchased them from a third party and stuck their stickers on them. I'd love to have a look inside... DavidMil
  5. While rummaging around on EBAY, I found a TRS 80 Floppy Drive. Can anyone tell me if this is really a Percom drive in disguise? DavidMil
  6. Add several TOOTS from me too! Notice that I'm resisting the urge to go TOOT, TOOT, TOOT? Wait a minute, I guess I did it anyway... DavidMil
  7. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Adam! David
  8. Didn't I see somewhere that Gateway to Apshai dungeons had also been mapped out? I have never finished that game, even though I modified my game to give you 254 lives at the start. DavidMil
  9. You can put anything over that EPROM window to block out the light. Even a piece of paper with black Marks-A-Lot all over it, under a piece of Scotch Tape would work. DavidMil
  10. Here is a couple of pics from my 1200XL problems. I couldn't get the little LED board from Best so I made my own. The pins are on 3mm centers and you can find the female connectors online just about anywhere. DavidMil
  11. Not exactly an Atari topic, but we have a lot of Atari fans in Europe so I wanted to say... Having been through several floods (but nothing near to what has been going on in Europe now), my heart goes out to you, and I wish you all a speedy and healthy recovery! My wife and I have included you in our prayers. DavidMil
  12. As long as you don't expose the clear part of the chip that you can see the actual EPROM in, there is no problem with reading the data on the top of the chip. Even exposing the clear cover for a few minutes to indoor lighting shouldn't hurt (but one never knows). Does your board look like this? If it does, odds are the EPROM's are compatible. I can send you the EPROM that I have programed and if you feel brave you can swap them out and see what happens... My burner is from the late 1970's and is very limited as to types of chips it can burn. You can ask on this site and get some very good feedback about burners from a host of users. But to answer your question, mine is a Modular Circuit Technology's MOD-MEP-4A, Four Gang EPROM Burner. It requires a 8 bit card, a special cable, and only runs under DOS. I'll PM you with my mailing address. Do you use PayPal? DavidMil
  13. That sounds like a deal to me, but... Let me see what I can do about burning a chip. You realize that my chip has a rev level of RFD 2.1? I'm not even sure if it is still working. Is you chip a 2716 chip? Can you send me all the info on the chip itself? After looking at my chip, I'm pretty sure that I can make you a copy it. DavidMil
  14. Best and myatari are both out of the 12 foot video cables like the ones that came with the 400/800 computers. Does anyone know of an alternate source to replace these cables? Thank you, DavidMil
  15. It seems like every time I put a Atari plastic part in the dish washer, the labels get washed off. It got to the point that I had more than eight 850's and nine 835's that were missing labels. I like to buy Atari products on Ebay, recondition them, and then resell them on Ebay. Problem is, you have to have all the labels to get any kind of a decent price. So after some searching I found that starwander (here on AtariAge) can make them, and they look great. I've attached a pic to show the ones he made for me. My thanks to starwander! DavidMil
  16. In that case, I'm doomed! David
  17. Hello Nezgar. This has been a while back, and my memory looks and works about as well as a cotton ball. Did I ever send you those dumps? David
  18. I'm curious, what would the voltage and frequency of the power supply and video output be for this computer from Egypt? DavidMil
  19. I have a friend that has a bare 1090 board. I've been trying to talk him down for over a year. I got him down from his original price of $5000 but I can't get him to budge from $2000. I gave up several months ago and told him to call me if he ever wanted to sell it for $500 (which is still way high), but this thread is about nut cases.... The sad truth is that as things get older they get more expensive (except for people)! (unless you count heath care)!! David
  20. My wife was born and raised in E-Town. David
  21. While surfing Ebay I noticed that prices are going through the roof! I guess that price gouging can apply to more than gasoline and groceries. But this... Well, check it out... WOW! DavidMil
  22. I would still like to see what is inside of that cartridge. DavidMil
  23. To this day, when I do RAM (or other) upgrades, I will still wrap a couple of turns around a lifted IC leg before soldering. It makes it so much easier to keep the wire on the IC leg! As my hands have stared to shake more, this has become a much better way to do the upgrades. David
  24. Only problem with 8 mm is that this reel is 36mm wide. I used to have a lot of 8mm moves too. I have no idea what ever happened to them. All good answers here! I'll add one. This could be a good device to to sell to the CIA. Imagine using this as a device to question prisoners. Put that up the prisoners nose and start twisting. I'll talk, I'll talk!!!
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