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  1. I'm trying to load Broderbund's, 'Serpent's Star', but Ape won't even 'see' the first disk. I can see the other three disk images just fine. When I look at the downloaded and unzip file (from Atari Mania) it says that Disk A is an 'APE Protected Disk Image'. So how can I load this image into my SIO2PC adapter (USB)? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, DavidsMil
  2. Some time back I promised to hack into Gateway to Apshai to give the game more lives than the five you start out with. When I found the byte I first tried FF, but that would only give you 55 lives. Then I realized that the game could only recognize the last two digits in the byte. So I can only bump it up to 63 HEX which is 99 decimal. Still 99 lives should be plenty to finish the game. Here it is: DavidMil Gateway_2_Apshai.ATR
  3. Ya know... Sometimes you can think too hard and make something that is easy difficult. I remembered that you can make your executable file bootable by renaming it to autorun.sys. Now that file will boot every time you boot the computer with that disk in drive one. So now that I have the bootable version of my modified Gateway to Apshai, I'll start a new thread with that info (as soon as I make the disk image). I consider this thread closed. DavidMil
  4. 1. Some time back I promised to hack, 'Gateway To Apshai' and give you more lives. I've done that. I tried to change the byte to FF, but the game wont allow that as it only displays two digits. So I put it to 63 HEX (99 decimal). 99 lives is a good number to start with. My question is how to make the disk boot up upon turning on the PC. I have several menu loaders, but I don't want that. I want to boot straight to the game when the PC powers up. Just like a game you used to buy at the store. As soon as I get the game to auto boot I'll make an image of the disk and but it on the site. DavidMil
  5. What would be nuts; If someone bought it! I'd be eating dry dog food for six months to pay for that... David
  6. I'm not much for staying current... My old style flip phone doesn't even text! It cost me a whole $30.00 new, and I'm paying $15.00 a month for phone service. We still get the newspaper every day, and I've just about run out of the mass of incandescent light bulbs I bought at the last second to keep from buying energy saving bulbs. So yes, I admit it, I am a tiny bit old fashion. DavidMil
  7. Actually I am right clicking because I'm left handed and my mouse buttons are reversed. But I want to thank you because your suggestion to use the url for each page worked beautifully. I got all 23 pages one at a time, so once again thank you Fred_M for the suggestion! DavidMil
  8. I'm running Windows 7 Pro and IE 11.0.9. Opening by right clicking on them. Interesting idea Fred_M. I'll try that. My screen browser is not running in full screen, But for some reason it just opens the individual pages in the whole available screen area.
  9. Here is what I get for the same pages:
  10. I don't seem to have an X nor any arrows anywhere on my screen. Specifically I'm looking at the Doc's for, 'The Halley Project'. David
  11. Not sure if this is where I should ask this question or not, but it does pertain to 8 bit game Doc's so... On the Atari Mania sight in the 8 bit games section, I can't get to the doc's pages that are to the right of the 5 or 6 pages that are shown for each game. Does anyone know how to get to those pages? I sent several PM's and posted some general help questions but that forum is about dead. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, DavidMil
  12. No, I got the MACHDOS download from the internet. The one I downloaded didn't have the 130XE after it. I have downloaded your 130XE version also, and they do look alike. Again, Thank you. The problem is that the files all appear to be corrupt. I'm working on them though. If I can get anything I will most definitely post 'em. David
  13. After downloading the manual (thank you Kyle22) and finding a good download of MACHDOS ver. 3.7, I have discovered that all the files on my disk are the same as the downloaded version with the exception of the three additional files I had listed above. So, anyone have any idea what they might be? I'm going to run DiskWizard on them to make sure the files are good, or try and repair them if not. DavidMil
  14. I came across a disk with MACHDOS 3.7 and a few other files. Is MACHDOS a European DOS? The files I don't recognize are: CPY800PL.EXE ATASPRT (no extension) MYDOSPLS ( no extension) The machine will boot up to the MACHDOS DOS screen but nothing works (as in, the is no keyboard response from ANY key on the computer). I have to do a cold reboot to get the machine to respond again. The MACHDOS.DOC file is corrupt and the only way I can look at it is using DiskWizard. None of the three unknown files will load in Basic or binary format. I haven't looked at any of these three files in DiskWizard... yet. Suggestions anyone? Thanks, DavidMil
  15. Does your 130XE try to access a floppy drive at boot up? If you hold down the Start button when turning on the computer, do you hear the long beep that tells you it's trying to load a tape? These two tests can give you an idea of what is working thereby narrowing the possible problems. DavidMil
  16. I never had much to do with Apples, except sell a lot of floppy disks at some of their user group meetings. I was kind of hoping that they were talking about a 1090 (four slots and Z-80 compatibility). I know that is rather far fetched, but... Messed with a Trash 80 a bit and also a very advanced but not supported TI 99-4A, just not Apples. Thanks for the feed back! DavidMil
  17. I found this note on the back page of the instruction manual for the SSI game, 'Broadsides'. Can someone explain what it means? Thanks, DavidMil
  18. Be warned: if you try to use the brown levers on 800's without the raised aluminum casting under the levers, the levers won't work right (stay centered) and they will slide around and the lid will come loose. You will have to put some kind of spacer inside the brown lever to keep it centered. I know this from experience. DavidMil
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't Side2 be a really fast and easy way to back up about 250 double sided (hand punched) floppies? Or is there an easier way? Most of these disks have more than two or three games on each side. David
  20. Here is a listing from Omnimon manuals about the capabilities of each Revision Level. I'm not sure if this includes any XL/XE versions. David Rev Levels.pdf
  21. I know that there are versions; Standard, A, R, L, U and maybe some others. Is there a way when looking at the Omnimon startup screen, or any other quick way to tell which version you have? Both my Omnimon and RAMROD boards start up to the same Omnimon screen, so I'm assuming that they are both the Standard version. But I'd like to know if there is a way to tell exactly which version you have. Also I'd like to know if anyone has a dump of the different versions. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, DAvidMil
  22. To be honest, I'm trying to justify to myself a need for a Side2. It's something I've wanted for awhile. I think I'll print out a big picture of one and put it on my wife's keyboard with a hint about a birthday present. No, wait, that won't work; my birthday is in November... Guess I'll get one with my tax return. I do like all the options that Side2 makes available! David
  23. Get a can of WD40 and a clean rag. Wet the rag with WD40 and rub it on the ribbon as you manually advance the ribbon (don't press hard and don't leave the rag in one place too long). This can be rather messy if you're not careful, but it is a quick way to revive a used/dried printer ribbon. Or else order a replacement on line. But for a quick test, this a quick answer. DavidMil
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