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  1. Was there any? I remember the game has demoed some bits or several levels together with music playing.
  2. I heard that RD crew had another side-project lately. No, the project isn't dead just waits for better times.
  3. @rensoup it was question for @xxl regarding loading times, please disregard this. @xxl to be clear fro this post http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=5142&page=2#Item_50 on. @CharlieChaplin why not tape version, just for you. @emkay just STFU, mkay?
  4. Ok, to be more serious: Maybe some workaround to a bit too looong load time, no?
  5. @xxlYeah 1985 vs 2019. And oh, there is music playing during loading.
  6. @xxl I miss tape loading sound then. @rensoup Great work, please continue! 💪🙂👍
  7. @Faicuai Actually this isn't any SoTA attempt, just Sikor sent me this funny gif, and I decided to make some use of it. That's all.
  8. miker

    Lynx Quest Music

    Ok, last remaining music. This time 240Hz-ones: - Title Music - Intro Music - Cave Music(?) I've used BLL driver from Chipper to compile them, so the screens can look a bit familiar. Last one is looped in game and here's not, so don't be suprised if it reaches silence. Enjoy! Lynx_Quest_Music_240Hz.zip
  9. miker

    Lynx Quest Music

    OK, is something missing? Boss Stage & Ending attached. Lynx_Quest_Music_120Hz_2.zip More to come!
  10. miker

    Lynx Quest Music

    @karri Yeah, World1 tune would be more "advanced" but it isn't due to Chipper limitations, or rather its HandyMusic exports not allowing using ie. vibratos. Also one channel was left for SFX.
  11. miker

    Lynx Quest Music

    Thanks! Actually LQ_World4new is bugged (I forgot to check if it's already looped, and it is not, but will be! )
  12. Hi guys! As I've promised before, here are some pieces of music from our Lynx Quest game. All of them are composed in latest version of Chipper, all of them use 120Hz-based tempo but they sound a bit different in Chipper as ingame instruments are played in 60Hz (don't ask me why, maybe @laoo tells you more about it). Please criticize. P.S. Fun tech fact is that most of sounds are tuned to Atari 8-bit notes. Lynx_Quest_Music_120Hz.zip
  13. I'll post something from me (shortly). Just have to sort out some things...
  14. Some from me too! All the best, Jose!
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