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  1. A bit similar: http://asma.atari.org/asmadb/search.php?play=2133
  2. W.I.P. version of Flimbo's Quest requires 512k of memory to run (according to the docs): https://demozoo.org/productions/195236/
  3. http://patch.atari.pl/ - not sure if still works.
  4. miker

    Bomb Jack

    Let me think. I'm still engaged in some to-be-finished projects (including Mortal Kombat for Lynx, Flimbo's Quest for 8-bit Atari and some surprise production by Retroguru) but as I have more than complete Bomb Jack soundtrack in RMT, I may try to convert a bit more, according to Chipper limitations. But I don't say no.
  5. Not so recent but still: https://archive.org/details/GoodLynx201
  6. miker

    Bomb Jack

    Why not? This one was one of less complex for Chipper.
  7. miker

    Bomb Jack

    Nice one! Let's stir the cauldron a bit. BJtitle.lnx
  8. And oh, Ctrl+Shift+Del - clear all.
  9. You can press after that Shift+up/dn arrow to increase/decrease wolume of whole instrument. And regarding values under envelope first row is kind of accent (0 - none, 1 - fexed value, 2 - never used so dn't know, 3 - value with note-offset), second and third is its value, and the lowest is distortion (warning - REAL POKEY distortions, not RMT ones). OK, parameters value (from highest one): - D208 (AUDCTL value) - time to fade-out (in frames) - for longer instruments - instrument portamento (+/-) value - arpeggio (00-7f) or vibrato (80-FF) speed - four lowest ones - arpeggio/vibrato depth Also, to have synth with offset, here's value to play with (last one - here's "0c" so higher row can be also tampered ).
  10. And oh, something I've used in Twin Cars. Don't know if it plays there. rmt_talk.rmt rmt_talk.xex
  11. @zbytiRaster has done something like this back in the day, just without arpeggios. Can be done more or less similar. The program has to allow changing both channel when synth is enabled. horror.rmt
  12. ...and probably different slides, so beware. Never mind. But in attached example you have mutliple speed changes and subsongs (not counting many different instruments).
  13. Well, here it is. It may play a bit different than ingame version (no "siddy" synth). Remember to load alternative bass table (@T) prior to launching this one. (otherwise, hehe, you probably know ). MONTY.DLT
  14. Yeah, it was. But in slightly modified version.
  15. As(s) a bonus here are some Cedyn's compositions - in DLT format. Cedyn.zip
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