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  1. And here it is: http://www.retroguru.com/xump2/ Enjoy!
  2. No. To save REP file, press Control+M, there address will change just next after music end (but you can alter it of course), and then you press Return/Enter the file will be saved. Beware not to cross CMC/REP address and also not to damage any important data in memory.
  3. If you have CMC and REP files loaded in memory you just call desired music using X=USR(REP,SONGMUMBER,CMC) and stop with: X=USR(REP) where: REP - player address SONGNUMBER - self explanatory (counting from 1) CMC - music address CMC and REP addresses are strored as haxadecimal ones in program. For Atari BASIC you need to convert then to decimals. And that's all. You just have to obey the order music on -> music off. Don't turn it on or off twice beacuse it may hang the system.
  4. IIRC disc version of Strip Poker doesn't use any compression just some encryption (the pics aren't fullscreen so the file sizes are smaller), maybe tape version uses it. Every ASF game - Miecze Valdgira & Kult - something like RLE (probably Cruncher 4.64 by Magnus), the latter games - Imploding & RLE (Cruncher 5.0 by Magnus). Also some latter Avalon games use Cruncher 5.0 and even Code3 Cruncher (2.2 or 3.0 - the last one usues also some Shanon-Fano compression, 2.2 IIRC like Cruncher 5.0).
  5. Sorry. I forgot about this topic. I just cancelled my order on 11 of January and got "No problem" answer... in 10 minutes. So, maybe the shop is legit anyway, but proceed with caution. End of story.
  6. Ahahaha, thanks a lot. I can't play on any real instrument, to be honest. And I'm not a fan to "code" the music (I did 2 or 3 pieces this way, though, on A8).
  7. miker


    Nonsense. I've just beaten it. Haha. @Eagle bettter put it into spoiler.
  8. I actually play on emulated POKEY, but its emulation there is... ouch. Bupsystem should play it much better... when it will work on BS, ofc.
  9. Nice! Seems only filter (synth) is missing but maybe it's emulator problem. Good work. Can't run in BupSystem, though.
  10. Maybe replace it with dynamic icon: []<- for login and []-> for logout?
  11. That half-block destroying looks very interesting. Also, balloms could not cross the bomb (or is it intentional?). Overall - nicely done. What next? Powerups maybe?
  12. TBH I miss option of "start over", with removal of all that medals.
  13. Disk #456: http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?idx=10
  14. "Wrong" as CMC has two tables dedicated to bass: C3 (8-bit instrument) and C7 (16-bit instrument) but I don't say it's not in tune, just very interesting Greg's experiment (so why I wote "wrong" instead of just wrong). Moreover as CMC has freq tables linked permanent to instruments, no experiments are possible with them, thats all.
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