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  1. OK, maybe I'm going to spoil all the fun there... @ersite What do you want to order?
  2. @emkay LOL, and your ones are so melodic, ahahahaha. Go see some orthopaedist bcoz for your head it's TOO LATE. (what a stupid troll, for God's sake)
  3. Yeah, it was very weird to recereate, and I've got "deaf" for some wrong notes, heheh...
  4. Here is some music from Wonder Boy for everyone interested (can be different in final version): wonderb-ingame.mp3 wonderb-ingame2.mp3 wonderb-godmode.mp3
  5. @Igor Ah OK. But on this site No Time appears as "No ROM" one: https://atarigamer.com/articles/all-new-games-and-demos-for-atari-lynx-from-sillyventure-2k19-party Also, infos aren't updated there.
  6. @xxl Because he is in rush to rescue his girlfriend (just imagine yourself in that situation).
  7. @explorer To remake those pieces of music it's better to rewrite then on Atari. I've downloaded Arkos Tracker 2 and music form Spectrum version, listened to some ingame ones and the, although a bit strange, seem doable. Yeah, not without some tradeoffs, but still.
  8. @www.atarimania.com I just ran it as you wrote above using OS-B ROM and it seems to work.
  9. Hehe, nectrobumbing rules! I'va managed to dig unpacked AY-player from atari.area server. However, it hasn't ben developed further and in order to try it, you have to prepare .ym file, unpack it, and attach with binary header from $0800. Note: it may work only in emus (or with some smart-loader). Sorry for all inconveniences. Attached one plays TOKI music. ay_emul.zip
  10. @Igor I wonder why MK and No Time aren't available as downloads on Atari Gamer site while @rj1307 posted them (and others) a bit above...
  11. Really too hard to add something that exports packed program with depacker?
  12. Happy birthday Al!

    Best wishes!


  13. Will be. There was little trip on Lynx Platform. I don't want to say "shortly..." but works will continue. Moreover - this game will be finished.
  14. Actually, 512k version was released today: https://demozoo.org/productions/271609/
  15. Pardon my ignorance (if any) but if I purchase screen kit... Is there that LCD frame included, or should I order it separately? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi! Where to find Christmas Craze? @swapd0? @marss?
  17. Thanks to @voy there is recording from party-place. Enjoy!
  18. While guys returning home... https://web.facebook.com/rich.spowart/videos/10157224353523577/
  19. Was there any? I remember the game has demoed some bits or several levels together with music playing.
  20. I heard that RD crew had another side-project lately. No, the project isn't dead just waits for better times.
  21. @rensoup it was question for @xxl regarding loading times, please disregard this. @xxl to be clear fro this post http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=5142&page=2#Item_50 on. @CharlieChaplin why not tape version, just for you. @emkay just STFU, mkay?
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