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  1. I remember seeing Custer's Revenge at non chain store places. RKST (Radios, Knobs, Speakers and Things) had all sorts of neat things.
  2. Hell yeah, my nick for many years was synbiosfan from SF III's Synbios. Shortened it down to syn.
  3. You going to go off the interest check list? Just hoping to be in the first hundred!!! I know you can't post the names you have but I kind of enjoyed watching syn getting closer to the Lynx shipped mark.
  4. A modded Atari Flashback 2 and some 1001 games, really 40ish, Controllers from the flea market.
  5. I'm saying if someone did a clone Kickstarter more would be done. If you watched the video, someone made the game tested on an emulator. The emulator would need updating but there's one out there. This is all about IF so it's just banter on my part.
  6. I think I waited a short period of time to get mine (the other day) so as mentioned, get added to the list.
  7. You know how crazy people are on the Neo scene and this is Nintendo. Sure on the cd side it would all be homebrews but with all the hackers it could be interesting.
  8. That was interesting. I had been wondering about it but not recently. Waiting for the clone Kickstarter, lol.
  9. That isn't cool. I bought a mv1 and the 1p down isn't working. A friend is taking a look but initially he's not sure, everything seems in order.
  10. PETs were the computers we used in high school, lol. Gawd am I old.
  11. https://atariage.com/system_items.php?SystemID=LYNX&ItemTypeID=ROM emuparadise has more.
  12. I bought one of Lotharek's eBay sio2sds that came with a memory card loaded with things. He doesn't offer that on his site. Works great on the 4 800xls I've tried it with.
  13. Tough call, Red Baron mainly because it's the one I've played the least. The rest are pretty much tied. I was always interested in what Atari would do next...bitd.
  14. Just a thank you for making this. The list may seem long but the payoff is so worth it. It was very easy to setup and use too!
  15. Yes he takes paypal. I didn't receive a number or ask for it to be tracked but I'd assume if you're willing to pay he would.
  16. Back then it wasn't so much high end as reliable, durable and value for your money. Many parents may not have known Atari but they knew Sears.
  17. I need to go through and organize my gaming stuff. Decide what to keep, doubles and things I'm not going to use to get things I would like now. Continue supporting modders, homebrew games, hardware and accessories.
  18. It's my turn too! Awesome!
  19. I'm in Auburn Hills and might be interested. With all the hotels along 75 & 94, there should be a business meeting room we could get for a few hours.
  20. Mine came with Gradius and Penguin Adventure.
  21. Whatever you want to call it, it brought back fond memories. Thank you Albert!
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