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  1. Hi, I will let you know this weekend when i have time to sort the offers if thats ok? If no-one else wants them for higher it's fine with me
  2. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/256045-fs-my-collection-by-accident-for-sale-atari-colecovision-vic20/?do=findComment&comment=3577238 Here is the link where i summed everything up with asking prices to sell. Offers are also eelcome
  3. € 100,- (was a blind buy, large pallet filled with boxes)
  4. I got mutliple questions about shipping costs so hereby: Up to 2KG (should be max 4 games or so) EU: € 15,- Europe (outside EU): € 20,- Worldwide outside Europe: € 25,- Up to 5KG EU: € 20,- Europe (outside EU): € 27,50 Worldwide outside Europe: € 35,- All packages will be with a tracking number and Insurance up to € 50,- (if you want additional Insurance up to € 500,- it will be + € 2,50) Also i had some questions regarding the Jawbreaker II box that i didn't include in the list: This is because it sems to be composed of Jabreaker I and II parts (or maybe this is the way it's supposed ot be, i don't know). But hereby a picture of that one
  5. Howdy!, good to see you here also then . I have more copies (5) of Basic programming, 2 of them might be in better shape and 2 are definitely not (backs damaged) i will send you pictures. Let me know if there is anything else i can do!
  6. ​Well, hereby i am making 1 thread (as requested) to start selling the stuff i (accidently) purchased mentioned in: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254935-new-user-and-instant-collection-by-accident/ First of all please know that the prizes are not set prices, i will most likely also accept offfers below (and obviously above) the price mentioned. Since these games are not my area, the prices are based on advise gotten from this forum and also from closed ebay-auctions that were actually sold. I will ship worldwide and accept PayPal. (my ebay username is krabbedanny so you can see i can be trusted) Another thing to know is that i don't own any of these consoles so i cannot test any of them. Since a lot of them are unopened/sealed and/or seem unused this won't be a problem. For the ones that seems to be opened i cannot be 100% sure, from the ones i sold on ebay (that i had 30+ of to test some sales) had no problems so far. As said all seem ok but seems only fair to mention. If you need any more info/pictures or whatever please let me know and i will try to respond quickly. Well hereby the items (the pictures should be in the same order as the listing i think) For conditions and content you can check the pictures or ask for more pictures (since of most items i have multiple copies available) ​I will try to answer as quick as possible but probably will have time to finalize or close deals next weekend. Atari 2600/VCS: Air-Sea Battle ​Asking price: € 5-10 ​Astrowar (rare edition of some sort) (have 2) ​Asking price: € 175-225 ​Basic Programming (​have multiple) Asking price: € 20-30 Berzerk Asking price: € 7,50-15 ​Blue print (sealed) ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find any results/prices on this one) ​Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom ​(have multiple, all with tops of boxes opened/teared) ​Asking price: €20-25 ​Carnival (sealed) ​Asking price: € 20-50 China Syndrome Asking price: € 20-30 Cross Force Asking price: € 15-25 ​Dodge Em ​Asking price: €10-15 ​Double Ender: Ghost Manor/Spikes Peak ​Asking price: offer (no info found) ​Eggomania (by Carrere) ​(have multiple) ​Asking price: € 25-40 (couldn't find sales/info on this one) ​Hunt & Score ​Asking Price: € 5-15 ​M.A.D. (box+cart only, box in bad shape) ​Asking price: € 10-50 ​Miner 2049-er vol. II (have 2, but the other is missing the manual) ​Asking price: € 200-300 ​Mr. Do (sealed) ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) Nexar Asking Price: € 20-30 Out​law ​(have multiple) ​Asking price: € 7,50-10 ​Phantom-Panzer (with some sort a rare sticker?) ​Asking price: offer ​Repro Cart (Home Vision) ​(have multiple) Asking price: € 25-35 Repro Game Kit (Home VIsion) ​(have multiple) ​Asking price: € 200-250 Springer (Have multiple, mostly with Box, cart(some in plastic) and manual (also some without manual and some with an additional Tigervision leaflet) Asking price: € 125-225 ​Star Trek: Strategic operations simulator ​(have multiple, most have the tops opened/teared, some with joystick overlay still unpunched) ​Asking price: € 20-30 ​Strategy X ​Asking price: € 40-50 ​Street Racer ​Asking price: €10-15 ​Threshold (side of box is loose, you can open it like a book, like the glue wore off or something) ​Asking price: € 40-75 ​Venture: Asking price: € 15-30 ​Wizard of Wor Asking price: €15-30 ​Yars Revenge (have multiple, still sealed/unopened(without factory seal, but still glued shut) ​Asking price: € 20-25 ​Atari 400/600/800 etc.​ ​Congo Bongo ​(have multiple, 1x unopened, 2x with tops teared) ​Asking price: € 15-25 Fort Apocalypse Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) ​Kaboom ​(have multiple) Asking price: € 5-10 ​Kaboom (sealed) ​(have multiple) ​Asking price: €10 Reversal ​(have multiple, 1x tape, 2x disk) ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) ​Sands of Egypt Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) Serpentine: Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) ​Zaxxon ​(have 2, 1x sealed but opened from top, 1x cib) Asking Price: € 15-25 Arcadia 2001/TVG 2000 ​Spiders ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) Amstrad: ​The Rocky horror show ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find any info) Coleco Vision: ​New Moonsweper ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) ​Threshold (sealed/unopened, no factory seal though) ​Asking price: € 250-300 ​Commodore 64: ​Cell Defense Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) Ghost Manor & Spike's Peak (sealed) Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) Kawasaki Synthesizer(sealed) Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) ​Matchboxes(sealed) ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) On Stage ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) ​Sentinel(sealed) ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) ​Shamus(sealed) ​(have multiple) Asking price: €50-75 Slam Ball Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) ​Spare Change (sealed) (have multiple) ​Asking price: € 40-50 The Factory(sealed) Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) Tri-Math ​(have multiple, also sealed) Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) Turtle Graphics II (sealed) Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) ​Zeppelin(sealed) (have 2) ​Asking price: €25-40 ​Commodore VIC-20: Cannonball Blitz ​(1x unopened, 1x with top openened/teared) ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) ​Creepy Corridors ​(have 2, 1x with top of box teared) ​Asking price: offer (was told it's rare and no sales found on cib) Crossfire ​(have 2, 1x unopened and 1x with top opened/teared) ​Asking price: offer (couldn't find info) Star Trek: Strategic operations simulator ​(have 3, 1x unopened, 2x with tops openened/teared) ​Asking price: € 25-50 Threshold (have 2, 1x unopened, 1x opened cib) Asking price: Offer (couldn't find info) Other: ​Various sealed cassettes by Virgin games for Oric, Commodore and others ​Asking price: € 3-10 ​That was it i think, so let me know if you are interested in anything. ​
  7. I might have, will make 1 big thread with everything (50-100 items) later this week.
  8. Hello, thanks for the reply, do you mean in this topic or as seperate threads in "marketplace"? (since that's what i am doing but since i am pretty new here i don't want to mess up the Marketplace thread with 50+ posts, don't know if that will be an issue )
  9. As part of selling the collection mentioned in: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254935-new-user-and-instant-collection-by-accident/ For sale: Threshold for Colecovision in factory sealed box (no actual seal on it though, but still closed and unopened) Price (as advised): € 300,- Offers are also welcome, i will ship worldwide (more items coming this week)
  10. As part of selling the collection mentioned in: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254935-new-user-and-instant-collection-by-accident/ For sale: Springer CIB by Tigervision for Atari 2600. Price (as advised): € 200,- Offers are also welcome, i will ship worldwide (more items coming this week)
  11. Hello, hereby i am starting selling stuff from the collection i purchased mentioned in: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254935-new-user-and-instant-collection-by-accident/ I finally got some pricing quotes from ebay and this forum about it's worth and will start selling (mostly) everything this week since i have a week off work. First up are the Home Vision Repro Game Kit and Repro Cart, items are CIB and are unused (came from old store stockbox) The prices (as advised) are: Repro Game kit : € 250,- Repro Cart: € 30,- I included pictures (offers are also welcome). I will ship worldwide obviously.
  12. Howdy, Yes they are PAL format. I have sorted most of them so i start selling soon i think. I will make posts first on the forum then for people that are interested
  13. Do you need pictures/scans of the rest? I have a cib version of this one
  14. Howdy, as mentioned in my introduction comment i came here looking for a a version of "Astrowar" that i aquired 2 cib copies of in a large leftover-stock. Turned out it was by dimax/sinmax thanks to your site. I also spotted here that you needed more pictures of Reversal by Hayden (also have 2 cib copies of it). I added pictures of the list a made so far (maybe some other items here that i can help with to fill your database?) Since i am no atari (or other console mentioned in the list) collector, i don't know the publishers if they are not mentioned on the sheet . Since i heard there were pretty hard to find items in there please let me know if i can be of any help.
  15. Howdy,so hereby a first attempt for a list. I'll put the selling on hold a bit since i was contacted by siërra online museum and 2 other sites that it had some items they didn't have scans,pictures and/or info about yet. As a collector myself it only feels right to first help out o complete some archives etc. before í start selling them. So hereby i first attempt for the list that has the main things i think ( i don't know if it contains all info needed, since i know there are multiple versions of each game out there abviously (like that Astrowar game that guided me to this forum), but don't know what to look for exactly yet)
  16. Hello, thank you very much, i think i will start selling in 2-3 weeks, once i have sorted everything i will send you a list. I opened my ebay shop from back in the days again and put some stuff up at (hat i thought) were ridicilous prices but there were already offers coming close to those numbers. So i will wait until i have sorted all things out. I will definitely ask around by you or on the forum, thanks since i prefer it 1000 times better that stuff i dont need in my collection to go to the real collectors then to dealers.
  17. Dear All, first of all let me introduce myself since this is my first post here. I am Danny, 36 years old husband/father from Holland and "Collector"/Enthousiast for old PC Games (floppy era). The thing is that last week i purchased an unseen leftover stock from an old computergame store hoping to find some of the pc games i love. (By accident) i then found out it contained a lot (over 1000 items) for mainly Atari (also vic-20, Colecovision, commodore and some more platforms). Obviously a LOT of doubles in stock. Mainly all CIB and/or unopened and/or sealed I instantly had a great feeling with this since i can appreciate a good old game collection, so my intention was to keep 1 copy each and sell the rest. The offers were flying at me on the Dutch internet Marketplace within the hour so i basically knew i had to do some research first. I found out that certain items were pretty hard to find (looking at some ebay prices) but lso there were titles i couldn't find (also not on ebay, at least not as CIB or even sealed). I came across this forum looking for a game i couldn't find called Astrowar and saw this topic: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/215089-astrowar-from-dimax-finally-scanned/ (it is this version). So therefore i registered at the forum since i do appreciate collecting videogames overall, if there is something i can help with here (scans/pictures) with any of the games i have please let me know. Also if you guys can help me out what items are the rarest/most valuable i would really appreciate it. 1 Thing i know for sure is that i will be spending a lot of time on this forum gathering information since besides old pc-games i think i have found a new "disease" regarding collecting Hereby some pictures of the main stuff (everything that stands in front has a copy of the same title behind it, so f.e. Springer is there 2x4 times).
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