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  1. Added prices...if you don't like them then make an offer. I also want to add that the carts look a lot better than what the photos suggest. I did not want to sit here and scan every single one for better photos. I will scan them if you request specific carts though.
  2. Added photos of carts & manuals. I can scan anything if a better photo is needed. I have a lot of the smaller manuals as well, I'm just not sure if the photo labels came with smaller manuals or not. Does anyone know for sure?
  3. Sold him my Venture II cart, nice smooth deal, fast payment!
  4. Sent him some stuff, great transaction!
  5. Bought a 2600 game from me. Very smooth deal!
  6. Added more NES games-some scarce/rare, SNES CIB Superman & more updates as to what's left.
  7. Just added a 1986 3D Tic Tac Toe cart & updated list with stuff on hold. Stuff is moving fast so if you want something don't wait!
  8. Most of the loose games I'll let go for between $5-$10 shipped apiece depending on game title. Example: (I'm not going to let Dusty Diamond go for this much!) Games with manuals about the same depending on the title. Complete games, make an offer. The more you buy the better deal I'll give. There are a few scarce/rare items so naturally I'm not going to let them go cheap. NES Manuals I'll let go for $1 or $3 a pop shipped. I've highlighted in Red the more desirable items. SNES manuals $1-$5 a pop shipped. PM if anything interests you. SNES Game CIB The Death & Return Of Superman $30 shipped NES Games CIB Barker Bill's Trick Shooting Championship Bowling Dirty Harry (has UPC cut out) Golf Power (Greg Norman) Jeopardy Lunar Pool Mafat Conspiracy, The Monopoly Super Mario Bros. 3 Tetris 2 (Shrinked) Top Gun The 2nd Mission Wall Street Kid NES Manuals Take all 51 NES manuals for $30 shipped, photos on request Adventure's Of Rad Gravity, The Alpha Mission SOLD Bases Loaded Batman (creased cover) Bo Jackson Baseball Bomberman Burai Fighter Classic Concentration Contra Destination Earthstar Dig Dug II x2 Dungeon Magic with Map/Poster Excitebike Fox's Peter Pan & The Pirates Friday The 13th (front/back cover damaged) Goal! (has tape on it from former rental place) Guardian Legend, The High Speed Home Alone 2 Hudson's Adventure Island HydLide Image Fight Legacy Of The Wizard, The Magic Johnson's Fast Break Major League Baseball NES Cleaning Kit Ninja Crusade Ninja Gaiden Pac-Man (Tengen) Pictionary Pinball Rampage Renegade Robowarrior Rocketeer, The Skate Or Die 2 Spy Vs Spy Star Force Super Off Road, Ivan Stewart's Super Mario Bros. Super Team Games Tag Team Wrestling (rough cover) Tetris Top Gun Treasure Master Uncharted Waters --Make Offer Urban Champion (creased cover) VICE Project Doom Wheel Of Fortune Jr. Edition Yoshi NES Loose w/manual Barbie Donkey Kong Classics Friday The 13th Ironsword Wizards & Warriors II Life Force Little League Baseball Pinbot RC Pro Am Rad Racer Rockin' Kats Smash TV Super Mario Bros. 2 Tetris WWF Wrestlemania NES Loose Barbie Baseball Stars x2 Bubble Bobble Commando Crystalis Daydreamin' Davey Donkey Kong Classics Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong Jr. Math Dr. Mario Dynowarz Fighting Golf, Lee Trevino's Ghost Lion Gold Medal Challenge '92 Golf Gun.Smoke Gyromite Heavy Barrel Hogan's Alley Kid Icarus Mad Max Mighty Final Fight Mike Tyson's Punchout Moon Ranger make an offer SOLD NES Play Action Football Pac-Mania Puss N Boots Rad Racket Deluxe Tennis II make an offerSOLD Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends Skull & Crossbones (Tengen) Solomon's Key Top Gun 2nd Mission Twin Eagle Wild Gunman Zelda II Adventure's Of Link SNES MANUALS ALL SNES MANUALS ARE SOLD Aladdin Bass Masters Classic Beavis & Butthead Bulls Vs Blazers Championship Pool x2 Clue Daffy Duck The Marvin Mission Donkey Kong Country x2 Dracula ESPN Baseball Tonight F1 Roc: Race Of Champions F-Zero x4 FIFA International Soccer Great Circus Mystery Goof Troop Home Alone 2 x2 Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures James Bond Jr. John Madden Football John Madden Football '93 x2 Jurassic Park Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run Krusty's Super Funhouse Lethal Enforcers Mario Is Missing Mario Paint w/Mouse manual MLBPA Baseball Mortal Kombat x3 Mortal Kombat 3 x2 NBA Jam NBA Jam T.E. NBA Showdown NBA Live 95 NCAA Football NCW Natsume Wrestling NHLPA Hockey 93 x2 NHL 95 NHL Stanley Cup x3 Pac-man 2 The New Adventures Paperboy 2 PGA Tour Golf PGA Tour 96 Pilotwings x2 Prince Of Persia Revolution X Roger Clemens MVP Baseball Sim City x2 Space Football Spiderman/X-Men Star Fox Star Trek The Next Generation Star Trek Starfleet Academy Street Fighter II x2 Street Fighter II Turbo Sunset Riders Super Battleship Super Black Bass x2 Super Bowling Super Godzilla Super Mario World x2 Super Play Action Football Super R-Type Tecmo Super Bowl Tetris & Dr. Mario Tetris 2 Tiny Toon Adventures Buster Busts Loose Toys Urban Strike Virtual Bart Waialae Country Club Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Wing Commander The Secret Missions WWF Raw WWF Super Wrestle mania
  9. Just updated with a list of what's left. PM if anything is of interest
  10. Subterranea, Time Pilot & Frogger II are now SOLD. A few others are on hold pending receipt of payment, see above for what remains. I'll be adding more later on.
  11. So where would Pinball machines & Arcade cabinets go? Would they stay on the Chuckwagon or go to Vendoogle under collectibles? I like the idea of a new auction site for everything else. Kind of like ebay & half.com are affiliated.
  12. ^taking offers. Not really sure what it's worth because there were so few made. I'd imagine it should fetch a bit of dough though.
  13. Still have quite a few of these available. Any takers?
  14. All of these are now SOLD: 1988 Millipede Homerun Pele's Soccer Super Breakout Galaxian Kangaroo Ms. Pac-Man Realsports Baseball Realsports Football Realsports Tennis Realsports Volleyball Space Invaders Taz 1987 Basketball Berzerk Math Grand Prix Pele's Soccer Dig Dug Football Realsports Soccer Vanguard Adventure Air-Sea Battle Homerun Missile Command Pac-Man Super Breakout Video Checkers Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Ms. Pac-Man Realsports Baseball Realsports Football Realsports Tennis Space Invaders Vanguard Stargate 1986 Basketball Brain Games Concentration Casino Circus Atari Defender Demons to Diamonds Fun with Numbers Homerun Math Grand Prix Haunted House Othello Pele's Soccer Sky Diver Video Pinball Video Olympics Video Checkers Yar's Revenge Asteroids E.T. Space Invaders Taz Vanguard Basic Programming Circus Atari Codebreaker Golf 1985 Berzerk Battlezone Dig Dug Galaxian Joust Kangaroo Ms. Pac-Man I'll be updating the photos with what's left in the next day or two. Thank you to all who have purchased.
  15. Bumping for addition of Playstation 2 list. I'll be reasonable with offers. I will not let the RPG games go cheap though. PM if interested in anything.
  16. Anyone needing this stuff? I still have everything except the Waterworld manual.
  17. I've also seen a Space Attack white label which you rarely ever see. Do you still need any of these?
  18. Bumping, this stuff is still available if anyone is needing any of these. Feel free to make me offers too. Lowball offers will be ignored though.
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