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  1. That are sad news for me and many others I think, that don't have a skunk-board or have been able to catch a GD by now. I can understand, that you don't want copies to be released, if you run a business. But you offer the game for free (I would even pay some bucks for it, as I like the game play and even want to encourage people to develop things for retro-consoles). Isn't it the best to offer as many games for your beloved console as possible? The more people are playing it, the more love you for your work! I understand, that you don't want to help the assholes selling copies of the games to other people that get cheated. But you affect the customers to pay for it as there are people not able to enjoy your game. Is it worth that? Seems to me, as the automotive industry is not producing cars anymore, as there have been seen some overpriced used cars sold on the market. So please don't missunderstand me: I would like to see games published for the Jaguar. But if it's only published for devices only a few insider own (skunk-board), I don't care. The few Jaguars ever been sold (and the fewer still in use) are not the great business, are they? I think, the remaining players should be united, not divided!
  2. @karri: Thank you very much for your description. I get till "Export as txt file" Is the palettes.s file always the same? And where do I type "make" and which environment do I need therefore? Sorry, I'm not a programmer :/ Could you please explain that a bit slowly for me? Thank you in advance!
  3. Can anyone please tell me step by step how to do proper lsd Preview files for the SD-menu? I know the size must be 160 x 102 in 16 colors. So I make a screenshot with IrfanView from Handy, resize it to 160 x 102 (cut the edges of) and downgrade it to 16 colors. But the utility always says, that I do not use the right file. Looking at the info with IrfanView, the bmp-file I want to make a lsd-file from and the AvP-Preview-Sample-File are exact the same. So where do I go wrong? Which program should I use to reduce the colors?
  4. Would you please add me with 4 Cartridges (2 cased; 2 without)? (not all for me, but we'll playing Multiplayer-Games)
  5. Hello SainT, would you please add me too, interested in two MultiCards. Thank you in advance!
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