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  1. It's "The Castles of Dr. Creep" by Ed Hobbs.
  2. Ah, the ATX PSU PEB mod topic. It was fun and a great learning experience. The AA link has many broken photo links hence the public FB link right after with photos from start to finish.. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10206883911608295&id=1592441926&ref=bookmarks
  3. Plugged it in to my WinX PC. Plugged in Atari style joystick that comes with the Retron 77. Brought c64 forever (Vice based). Some minor config changes for controller (Selecting the correct one) Ran Castles of Dr. Creep. Smooth as silk! Love this, thank you much for making it!
  4. Not yet but I will. I've not checked every key. It's an old keyboard and i don't know if it's 100% or not. when I first connected it, I had the jumpers set to Amiga, so things weren't that fun. Went from UK to US on the mini each with the switch in up and down. Until I realized my error. Then I just had the switch down and checked between UK and US again with a few keys and a few Shift+Key strokes, it was working fine. As soon as I saw that I powered it off and having powered it on since...yet. Been busy and squeezed this little project in as fast as i could given the amount of free time I had to make a mess and clean it up again. No worries though. I plan to thoroughly put this thing through its paces. Especially when my U64Elite arrives. I'll do some side by side comparisons then. I got all excited and disappointed at the same time when I saw The c64 I think its called. The new full sized "mini" with keyboard and 2 more USB ports. I went for this project because it saved me some dough and I get the added bonus of 4 more ports for 6 total plus the two original controller ports. But now I'm just baballing....
  5. I think mine is not far away. I'm a few days from completing a castle in Castles of Dr. Creep for the first time ever..
  6. Lemme know the moment I can order one.
  7. My youngest boy's name is Jonas. He always hated me calling him Jonesy. I loved getting him to say "I'm not Jonesy!" So I could look sternly at him and say "You're not Jonesy.". Oh, and I still throw my hands in the air and yell "I Duddits!" Upon happy victories. Hence the topic.
  8. I know and soldered pins and made my own cable. But it didn't work. I can revisit anytime. Wasn't in the mood so I opted to just use the external port. As for locale setting. I tried both and ended up sticking with US. Both key settings were accurate for me with one or two exceptions for each.
  9. It's my answer to the new c64 full size. Total cost about $80 plus my time.
  10. I know everyone is gonna wanna see the inside. When I feel like cracking it open again I'll be sure to update this post. I fit a C64Mini + PSU, 4-port powered USB3 hub + PSU, KeyRah v2, 3' extension cord, circuit breaker and a 8" PC female to male power cord into an original C64 case. Keyrah v2 allows for 3 things over USB. Original C64 Keyboard and 2 x C64 game ports (original 9 pin DIN) plus power LED. Keyrah plugs into 4-Port powered USB Hub. USB hub plugs into C64mini, c64mini joystick plugs into c64mini, USB thumbdrive with floppy disk imaged plugs into 4-port hub. As always, it's ugly and I love it. But not so bad on the outside to spite C64 case modifications..
  11. I repaired my Joystick and mulling all this over I came across this.... $35 for the Keyrah and I have a c64 case with keyboard. Going to give this a try once it arrives.
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