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  1. It's my answer to the new c64 full size. Total cost about $80 plus my time.
  2. I know everyone is gonna wanna see the inside. When I feel like cracking it open again I'll be sure to update this post. I fit a C64Mini + PSU, 4-port powered USB3 hub + PSU, KeyRah v2, 3' extension cord, circuit breaker and a 8" PC female to male power cord into an original C64 case. Keyrah v2 allows for 3 things over USB. Original C64 Keyboard and 2 x C64 game ports (original 9 pin DIN) plus power LED. Keyrah plugs into 4-Port powered USB Hub. USB hub plugs into C64mini, c64mini joystick plugs into c64mini, USB thumbdrive with floppy disk imaged plugs into 4-port hub. As always, it's ugly and I love it. But not so bad on the outside to spite C64 case modifications..
  3. I repaired my Joystick and mulling all this over I came across this.... $35 for the Keyrah and I have a c64 case with keyboard. Going to give this a try once it arrives.
  4. I wonder if this would work with something like the c64 mini. do you have instructions and code posted someplace? Or selling per chance?
  5. If only I saw this first. My give it a try anyway. I little glu than this mod will be less drastic than what I had in mind. My save me some work. Thanks.
  6. Aaaaannnnnnd the joystick snapped in half. Last night. Tried several fixes. None worked. I guess its time for a new modding project. I have an arcade joystick from an Old Mr. Do's castle cabinet. I'm going to see if I can solder the contacts to the controller board and make a wooden box for the contraption. Perhaps this coming weekend (tomorrow or Sunday).
  7. Sinphaltimus


  8. Someone posted this on Atari Age Amiga group. I will have this come next bonus check (about a month out). Thinking of a custom TI to Atari controller adaptor that matches the connections on this would make for a cool gadget. I'm pretty convinced I'll get 2 may 3 or these kits (TI, Amiga, C64). https://retro.moe/unijoysticle2/
  9. That's pretty damn cool. Added to my wish list of things to buy come bonus time. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I guess it depends on price. I dropped a pretty penny on the Ultimate 64 elite (preordered) so It's going to be hard to get yet another modernized c64. I suppose I'm open to the possibility depending on price and reviews..
  11. I got the Navarone after the fg99. Want to use it to learn from and someday complete my 4 cart port version of it which, if all goes to plan, will be FG99 and FR99 compatible. With Dragon's Lair out and some other carts that aren't FG99 compatible, I think there is still a use for this. Just need time to learn PCB software because using jumper cables has proved too complex for me. I recently purchase a caliper so I can accurately measure everything on the Navarone then recreate a board with the new wiring.
  12. Not sure what to do about a 60Hz noise but for ground; would having the TI and all related externally powered peripherals connected to the same outlet eliminate that risk? Say for instance the same surge protector or UPS? I never really understood those things completely. Up here in the boonies, our homes are grounded on a common ground to, well, the ground, via a thick copper grounding wire from the house to the dirt. Or maybe I'm mistaken? I'm sure I am but would love to learn a bit more about it. As for the 60Hz noise, is there a tester for that? Or an easier way to tell for the average Schmoe?
  13. Upgrade to 1.41 went flawlessly. Although I didn't realize I was 2 versions down - or so it appeared. There was an Update, completed that fine, then another update to v1.41 - Which bring me to another questions. And I've searched AA but could not find the answer. The DSR - I'm on TiPi-DSR_2018-05-01. If my recollection doesn't fail me the next 2 are based around the TiPi start beep and the Geneve. That's to say, without a Geneve, there was no reason to go to TiPi-DSR_2018-06-05 or the latest TiPi-DSR_2018-06-23. Is that correct? Or should I update due to some bug fix I missed?
  14. I've been out of the loop a bit and am interested in all you newly found excitement. But a bit lost. So ou use force command to load cart images off FG99 and you use the EA5 file to what? I would be interest in a topic thread about how you are now using your FG99, possibly with step by step setup and pictures? I'm interest in all the Pros and Cons of this newly found setup you are using. If your FG99 boots to force command, how do you recall all the carts you have on the fg99 and know what to load when you want it? All that jaxx and what nots. I haven't even figured out stuart's web browser or the group chat thing yet.
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