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  1. Hello, Does anyone know if there are any Atariage Store coupon codes for a first time buyer? I see a couple of things that I want to buy, but I thought that I would first check to see if there are any discounts at all for your very first purchase so that I could save a few $$$. Thanks!
  2. I just bought (and received) Zool 2 for the Jaguar in EXCELLENT CIB new condition. Very nice!!!!!
  3. Thanks to all for responding again. FYI, I called up "Best Electronics" and they said that they can fix Jaguar CDs. They have a $75 service and a $100 service depending on what is wrong with your system. Also, I just found out that the "close latch mechanism" pin was missing on my unit. I had never dealt with a Jaguar CD before (me being ignorant) and I thought that it was NORMAL at first to have to power down the Jag and CD in order to change CDs. When I pop open the lid on this unit, the CD is still spinning at a high rate (as if it didn't know that the door was open). I was wondering about the EMPTY hole socket next to the door latch and so I looked for info and saw videos of the CD stop spinning when the door opened (something that my Jag CD doesn't do). This is when I found that the Jag CD had not door latch sensor pin. I'm wondering what you guys would do... Keep and try to service or return to eBay seller... 1. Is the "close latch mechanism" pin an easy part to find? From what I can tell there is supposed to be a spring included. It would be nice if the CD stopped spinning when I pop open the door to change games (rather than powering down whole system). 2. Given the CD errors at random times, is it worth spending the $75-$100 to service. I'm NOT comfortable with replace "transport" mechanism as others have said. 3. I'm thinking that I should just return the unit and try my luck at trying to find another Jag CD unit. Thanks!
  4. I'm just reporting my own personal experience for others (believe me or not readers, it's your choice). Also, the reason that Russ won the PayPal case (and I did *NOT* file for the full amount as Russ claimed) is that although you can FILE a case for problematic service, they will not do anything regarding mod or service issues because it's difficult to prove. Customer service said that complaints about service is only meant as a way to "get things going". between the two parties. In this case even though I lost, it did some good because this is the MOST response that I've gotten out of Russ in months. I had asked for updates, pictures, and videos (he said "yes" to all - but sent NOTHING) and had asked him to mail out my Nomad to RMR several times and saw the PayPal claim as a way to "convince" him to do so (which he finally did). Russ had my Nomad for FIVE months (yes, that's 5 months) and I was ** very patient.** Regarding Russ' UNTRUE comments about "responding in minutes" and "sending photos", I'll leave up to the MODERATOR to view our back and forth emails and verify whose version of the story is correct here. The moderator can confirm Russ' often said "I'll get to it tomorrow", "I'll have it done over the weekend" with NO updates after the timeframe that HE provided has passed. Only after I followed up did I get the "Oh, sorry, too busy, I'll try to get to it this week" (and so on, and so on). His last update about the Nomad (after I asked for updates a few times AGAIN) was.... Krip316 said: But anyway, it still has the "noise", the SMS stopped working and when I put it back together for the last time, I noticed the buttons didn't respond smoothly. I really think getting a second look at this system from the guys you mentioned is a good idea. They may have access to a replacement motherboard. ALSO, I WAITED FIVE MONTHS BEFORE FILING THE PAYPAL CLAIM ( I was patient during that time up until he stopped responding to any of my emails during the early part of March). I didn't know if I was going to be mailed back a totally dead system because he promised to send videos and pictures during January, February, and March and he sent NOTHING. I was nervous that this lack of response meant that the possibility of a dead system (or NO system returned) and so why not try a PayPal claim for $225 (the cost of my Nomad) to try to scare Russ into responding? Nothing for me to lose - if I win great, and if I lose, nothing lost (no Nomad anyway). I lost true, but the claim WORKED - he started responding to my emails and finally sent off my Nomad to Retro Machine Repair as requested. All that I'm saying is that he is OK with Lynx'es and Game Gears, but I would suggest to NOT allow him to recap your Sega Nomad recaps (perhaps only LCD mods) - see the comments from RMR about the several lose solder pads on my Nomad that Russ wasn't able to fix. Also, RMR said NO SOUND (none) and Russ said "low sound". I'm sure that any technician can tell the difference between low and no sound and so I'm going to believe RMR that audio was gone and that Russ never mentioned. For your Lynx needs, I STRONGLY recommend that you go to "cowdog360" instead. You'll get better service overall, faster turnaround time, better communication, with REAL PICTURES SENT (not empty promises instead). As I continue to say, the moderator can view our back and forth emails. They say more than anything that I could...
  5. Comments regarding my follow up to my experience with Russ..His last message to me was that the "SMS mod is no longer working and the buttons are not responding correctly". Russ never disclosed that the capacitor pads were lifted and the Nomad no longer had any sound. He kept my Sega Nomad for months and I did not find out the extent of the damage until I sent to another repair person on Ebay "Retro Machine Repair" who was able to diagnose the issues caused by Russ' sloppy work on the Nomad. Here is the comment from "Retro Machine Repair" regarding Russ' work on my Sega Nomad. Well I have you screen working better very little to no static. This was due to the lifted positive and negative pads. You now have sound and the region unlock works via holding down mode during load up. All your buttons work (checked on batman forever all 6 were operational) It was a bit of a mess though. A lot of lifted pads and retraces as well as getting solder off microchips. The sms mode is not working for me either.... In other words, Russ may be able to fix Lynx'es and Game Gears, but he is not very good with Nomads.This is MY personal experience and although others may have had more positive experiences, my overall experience with his Nomad work was extremely negative. The moderator has access to all of our emails back and forth and can verify the information given, My main issues were him not coming through on promises to send pictures, provided very few updates, extremely slow email response time, and hiding the extent of the damage to my console... During the months that he had my Nomad he kept promising pictures (that were never sent) over and over again. He promised videos that were also never sent and his general responsiveness was slow. He would say "I will start work tomorrow" or "I should have it done tomorrow" with no reply for days or even 1-2 weeks and only after asking for updates a few times would I get replies such as "Sorry I was busy, I'll start work today". He was very responsive to emails at first, but after receiving my consoles, he suddenly became very slow to respond. In other words,you take your chances with Russ and an indication that something has went wrong if he stops responding for a while or is very slow to respond. Have your Nomads recapped by someone else and only maybe trust him to ONLY install your LCD screens on a Nomad. Overall though, I STRONGLY urge you to find someone else for your Nomad work. As I said, although you readers may not have access to our months of email, the moderator will be able to verify the above complaints. Regarding your Lynx units, I would advise you to go with "cowdog360" on this forum. He was much more timely with updates, provided pictures, and admitted that something had gone wrong with a McWill mod and he fixed 100% (he didn't try to hide).
  6. Thank you to everyone for posting. I decided to play two retail CD games for a while, Cybermorph and Hover Strike CD. I THOUGHT that the unit was reading commercial CDs just fine, but I noticed that at random times (15, 30, 60 mins, it varies), I get a "Can't read CD error". I tried adjusting the spindle up / down as mentioned in the guide, but the "can't read" error comes up after a while. I spent 4 hours this afternoon playing CDs and adjusting spindle. If I have the spindle adjusted too far, it can't read CDs, but when I have it adjusted right, it boots into the game and seems to play for a while, until the "Can't read CD error" pops up. I think that "JagChris" has the right idea that this Jag CD is probably going to bad at some point in the future, so I'm going to file an eBay return now while I still can (I only received a few days ago).
  7. I should clarify that these were encyrpted CDs that we tried. My friend's Jag CD can run any CDR that I burn just fine. My Jag CD only reads retails CDs. Since we are testing with encrypted CDs, bypass shouldn't be necessary. We did try with his bypass and Protector cart, but the same story, his runs CDRs, and mine does not (with our without bypass).
  8. No bypass carts on my friend's system. His CDRs don't run on my Jag CD. The CDRs that I burn at home, run on my friend's Jag CD (without any bypass cart). My Jag CD runs retail games and carts fine, but refuses to boot any CDRs.
  9. Hello, I just bought an Atari Jaguar off of eBay. The thing is working since it runs every COMMERCIAL with no problem. It just can't read any CDRs. 1. I have a friend who owns a Jag CD and he has CDRs that he has burned and they run fine on his system. The same CDRs don't run on my system. 2. I experimented and burned CDRs of my own. The CDRs that I burned work on my friend's system, but they don't run on my system. I can't call my Jag CD "defective" since it runs the retail titles 100%, but I'm missing out on the homebrew titles since it can't seem to read any CDRs at all. So based on the above, I think that I need to increase the strength of the laser on the Jag CD by tweaking the laser pot(s). However, before I open up my system, I would like to find: 1. Are the pots easily accessible? 2. Do I turn the post clockwise or counter clockwise to increase laser strength. I would like to find out BEFORE I open the Jag CD. Thank you to any of you Jag CD experts that can assist!!!!!
  10. Can you let me know the price of each of these games so I can decide what to make an offer on? Thanks! Dragon Bruce Lee Story, CIB Fever Pitch Soccer, CIB World Tour Racing, CIB CD game Protector SE, CIB Hover Strike, CD game Baldies, CIB CD game Blue Lightning, CD game Myst Demo, CD game Vid Grid CD, game Val D Isere Sking and Snowboarding, loose cartridge with manual Wolfenstein 3D, loose cartridge with overlay Evolution Dino Dudes, loose cartridge Flip Out, loose cartridge with manual Kasumi Ninja, loose cartridge with manual Trevor McFur, loose cartridge Raiden, loose cartridge Cybermorph, loose cartridge with overlay Iron Soldier 2 CD
  11. I'll take the Aliens vs Predators if you still have it. I'll send you a PM.
  12. I'll take NBA Jam if you still have it. Please PM me the details. Thanks!
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