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  1. I definitely understand that. My kids appreciate the video games at this point but who knows if they will still care at that point. My guess is probably not.
  2. I could never afford it and maybe this is the wrong time since you are selling but I just wanted to say that's an amazing collection you have there!
  3. Thanks! There's nothing like walking up on a sale and seeing Atari stuff. I can't turn it down haha.
  4. I was finally able to pull out most of my Atari collection and snap a few pictures. I love collecting for other systems as well but the biggest part of my collection is definitely Atari! I still want to grow my Jag and ST collection. I'd also love to add a Falcon and a Jaguar CD (Maybe I'll stumble upon a magical garage sale one of these days) but I'm pretty happy with my collection at this point!
  5. I purchased a Jaguar game from Sputnik2600 and I would definitely recommend buying from him. The game was packaged perfectly and it arrived faster than anticipated. It even included some cheat codes in the case. Top notch seller!
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