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  1. Your character will only grab ledges while falling if you leapt in the direction of the ledge.
  2. Is it this guy? http://www.retro-daze.org/Game%20Box%20Art/Atari/2600/Boxing_Unknown.jpg http://www.retro-daze.org/site/gameBoxart/dir/Atari%202600?page=2
  3. As you say, it does have a built in rectifier. Of course that doesn't keep it from working with DC. -edit- It actually explains why I had no problems using it BitD without having an original adapter for it, or even knowing what the polarity was supposed to be.
  4. It's been too long since I looked at that thing, apparently. I could swear that I'd used my Coleco Gemini's PS with it, but from all of the pictures I can find, The SVA II does seem to have a barrel plug instead of a phono. I'd pull mine out and check, but I'm not sure which box it's in.
  5. I've got a SVA II in a box around here somewhere, as I use my 7800 for 2600 games. As the.golden.ax said, it uses the same power supply as other 2600s as I recall. 9 volts DC, center pin(tip) positive, 500ma. 3.5mm(1/8") 'phono' plug. Higher output traditional heavy transformer 'wall warts' listed as capable of supplying 1 amp or more are generally not recommended as they may cause the 2600's regulator to dissipate more heat depending on the type of regulation present in the particular power supply.
  6. fluxit

    Rikki & Vikki

    Surely the Game & Watch version is next in the pipeline.
  7. Jinks: The trimming your toenails in another dimension simulator.
  8. Firmware updates, and it will also allow you to connect controllers to your computer as well.
  9. fluxit

    RetroN 77

    You need to provide us with more information so we can help you. What operating system and version are you using to set up the card, Mac OS, Windows, a flavor of Linux? What software or commands are you using to copy the image to the card? It is likely that not all cards will work, but at this point we don't know what you've done, so we can't judge if what is getting in your way is the sdcard itself.
  10. I'm sure that you're right. I must be occasionally trying to change directions at exactly the wrong time.
  11. fluxit

    RetroN 77

    Hi, My french is not good at all unfortunately. You need to flash this to your sdcard: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/281462-retron-77-community-build-image/ or this: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281462-retron-77-community-build-image/page-9?do=findComment&comment=4207318 A new version of Stella is coming to the Retron 77 without the limitations of the current version soon.
  12. fluxit

    Wii & Emulation

    Interesting. I find the dpad on the original Wiimote is slightly too small, but don't have a problem with the 1 and 2 buttons. =D
  13. Something I don't quite understand about the control is that if I need to hang off the side of a block in order to survive, the guy will instantly leap to his death with an accidental tap in that direction, but if the game is currently building on top of me, sometimes he responds so slowly as to have me crushed right in the middle of the block as though I'd given no control input at all. It seems consistently inconsistent on this point, sometimes allowing me to move as if in the clear, sometimes not at all.
  14. It seems to be difficult to consistently exceed 100, as the game likes to trap me on a small island in the center of the screen with a two block gap on each side and then it removes the entire island all at once. So cruel. Guess where I was before I jumped off.
  15. FWIW, I sometimes replace a pad that's lifted with a spiral of component lead. You can glue it down with a dab of UV cured solder resist, since most light will pass through the spiral.
  16. Understood, and not a big deal. Thanks for the response.
  17. Okay, I've read this, and it didn't really help at all. I tried reverting my desktop Stella to its default keymap, configuring it to the R77's settings, then modifying that to my preferred settings for the R77. I then copied the keymap line from the desktop stellarc to the R77's stellarc. This resulted in the R77 using the previous defaults(Fry key on BackSpace, instead of Esc for example,) but not as configured. I'm guessing that's a result of keymap being specific to the version of Stella in use. It does seem to indicate that the current community build does still read the keymap line, even if it will not write to it. Unfortunately I am stuck at this point. All I'm really trying to do, is to add SpaceBar to P0 fire, and Keypad 5 to Return to Launcher. This works well, but the change is not saved by Stella, even if you Ctrl-Q out of it, so I have to have leave a keyboard plugged into the R77 to reconfigure if I want to use the Wiimote. The default is to have the Wiimote's "+" button as fire, and no other usable buttons(other than the dpad) which is not desirable. It would be nice to also have Return as Reset, which works wonderfully when configured temporarily, as that would allow me to play and switch games using my Wiimote without touching the R77, although I guess that Return as Reset would disable P0 firebutton for the front-left joystick port, without a kernel mod if I understand correctly.
  18. Should the 'current' version of Stella on the R77 be capable of saving changes to keyboard mapping? Regardless, will it read a "keymap =" line in stellarc if one is added manually? If so, Is there a default version of the R77's "keymap =" available?
  19. General Stella question: I don't really understand how exactly "keymap" stores the key mapping. How does Stella parse it?
  20. According to 8bitdo.com, it is this one.
  21. I did a bit of 8bitdo bluetooth testing to complement yours. The only 8bitdo receiver that I have is the NES version. The only bluetooth input devices that I have are Wiimotes AFAICR. Attempt 1: On the Retron 77, I tried plugging the receiver through a famiclone adapter, into my 2600-daptor D9. The receiver did not power up, and was not detected. Note that the current firmware of the D9 requires a button to be pressed on the attached controller(most types) during detection. This wasn't possible with the bluetooth receiver, as there was no way to sync my Wiimote with the receiver unpowered, in order to press a button. Attempt 2: I tried my (wired)NES Advantage through the famiclone adapter into the D9 with a button pressed on the Advantage. This worked fine with the R77. I tried unplugging the Advantage and then hot-plugging the 8bitdo receiver into the D9. The receiver powered up, but with the led flashing green and red. It would not allow syncing with the Wiimote, and the Wiimote did not work. I tried a few times, but always the red and green flashing occurred. I replugged the Advantage without resetting the D9, and it still worked fine with the R77. Attempt 3: I tried plugging the 8bitdo receiver into the R77 using the receiver's usb port. I was able to sync my Wiimote, but the R77 ignored inputs from the Wiimote, and would not allow inputs from the Wiimote to be mapped using Stella's configuration. I decided to see what data I could gather on my PC about the situation. Plugging the 8bitdo receiver into my Mint Linux PC, I saw that the receiver was detected as an XBox 360 controller, and was apparently using xinput(or is it direct input, I get those confused.) Stella would allow me to navigate its directory listing with the Wiimote's dpad, but wouldn't allow me to map the dpad to a controller. MAME showed that the 8bitdo was mapping the dpad as a HAT, which Stella apparently wont allow you to use as a joystick. I plugged in a Wii Classic Controller, and Stella then allowed me to use the left analog stick as a joystick. Back on the Retron 77, the Wii Classic Controller did not make a difference in Stella, however. The problem may be that the 8bitdo receivers are being seen as Xbox360 controllers, as opposed to 'generic' USB controllers, and that the current R77 community build firmware(or the antiquated Stella version) still doesn't support Xbox360 controller type input. -edit- Note that my 8bitdo NES receiver's firmware is probably a couple of years out of date, though I doubt that affected my testing on the Retron 77.
  22. Just to be clear regarding the R77: both of the devices that you are talking about are Sega compatible with db9 connectors and are being plugged into the front ports of the Retron with Sega to Atari adapters, correct? That being the case, I'm not surprised, as I also have not been able to get anything other than basic Atari joysticks to work 100% without being connected somehow via USB.
  23. Well sure, but this is no ordinary Advantage. The return spring tension has been adjusted to my preference. The friction ball has been lubricated. I swapped out the stick's rubber dome pcb(the domes were long ago crushed) for one upon which I installed tac switches, giving nice feedback(but not clicky,) and reducing the throw by about a millimeter in each direction. It's a much more accurate and comfortable option now IMO than the basic NES controller. But I'm not much of a dpad person.
  24. Your review makes me feel better about the fact that my Barnyard Blaster cart has only been in the slot one time, since I don't have a light-gun. It would be nice to be able to play Crossbow with light-gun though. It's probably been more than 20 years now since I last played the Crossbow arcade machine.
  25. If you do change your mind, I'd also be interested in purchasing a couple of the NES adapters, assembled or not. My micro-switch converted Advantage would work great with R&V.
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