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  1. I feel the same about having a truly retro gaming experience. At the least, a somewhat period-specific CRT TV is needed. After that essential is taken care of, decor, furniture, and even smell can help complete the experience. Good work with your setup!
  2. Dark Cavern Game 1 Score: 60000 Difficulty: A/B With another 20 minutes of practice I managed to improve my score a little.
  3. Dark Cavern Game 1 Score: 44000 Difficulty: A/B I never had nor played this game as a kid. My first time playing it was today, as a 41 year-old man. My 30 minutes of play today netted me some very short games. Those robots are difficult! Unlike normal games where you shoot something and then it's gone, you've got to shoot quickly and get away quickly for this game. After realizing the necessity of this tactic, the game was fun. Bonus Bio Info: Enduro I'm not a race car driver, but Enduro can be used to describe something about me because, as its name suggests, endurance is part of it. I also owned the game as a kid and played it quite a bit. I never became involved in the normal team sports (baseball, football, basketball, etc.) that other kids became involved in, but I did get into running - endurance-type running. I have fond memories of my dad and I running together and of him being at my races. Aside from just enjoying running for its own sake, I've competed in many 5Ks and 10Ks over the years as well as one marathon and two ultra-marathons.
  4. River Raid II Game 1 Score: 39350 Difficulty: A/B I decided to give the game another shot - and I'm glad I did. I improved my score quite a bit. Too bad there won't be more time for me this week to play this game though.
  5. River Raid II Game 1 Score: 29600 Difficulty: A/B My self-mandated 30 minutes of playing this very early morning only netted me a 500-point improvement from yesterday's score. This is still a fun game. I really enjoy games like this.
  6. River Raid II Game 1 Score: 24600 Difficulty: A/B I never had nor played this game as a kid. I never owned the first River Raid either - not that I remember. However, I had played the first River Raid plenty when using a friend's cartridge. The the first River Raid has legendary status for various reasons, this one is still good. In fact, it is very good. I really like that you can now fly over land, use torpedos, and both take off and land on a carrier. The programmer did a good job of making several things possible through just a joystick and one button. After about 10 minutes of playing this game I started to get the hang of it. I think I'll be able to improve upon this score soon.
  7. Spacechase Game 1 Score: 11200 Difficulty: A/A Another 20 minutes of practice and was able to bring my score up some. I might not spend any more time on it this week though.
  8. Spacechase Game 1 Score: 4900 Difficulty: A/A I never had nor played this game as a kid. Having just now played Space Jockey and Spacechase back-to-back, I have to say I like Spacechase a little better. I think I'm going to leave Space Jockey alone, but I may try this one again tomorrow and try to improve this score - which I should be able to do.
  9. Space Jockey Game 1 Score: 30025 and 6 lives Difficulty: A/A I did not have this game as a kid. I wasn't missing anything.
  10. Skiing Game 7 Bonus Game 7 Score: 0:24.36 Difficulty: B/B I had a little bit of improvement.
  11. Frostbite Game 1 Score: 8360 Difficulty: B/B With another 30 minutes of practice, I got a little bit better.
  12. Skiing Game 7 Bonus Game 7 Score: 0:24.79 Difficulty: B/B I did have this game as a kid. It's all about timing...
  13. Frostbite Game 1 Score: 6740 Difficulty: B/B I never had this one as a kid. This morning was my first time playing it. I need to get better.
  14. Beamrider Game 1 Score: 9480 - Sector 07 Difficulty: B/B Another 30 minutes of play/practice netted me a marginally better score - but still much room for improvement. I don't think I'll have enough time or skill this week to improve to the level I want to.
  15. Beamrider Game 1 Score: 9140 - Sector 06 Difficulty: B/B Another 30 minutes of play/practice netted me a better score - but still much room for improvement. I really like this game. I need to stop accidentally shooting the Yellow Rejuvenators though!
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